INTERNET PHOTO-SHOPPING - And why Graphic Artists should desist from it!

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The social game called 'Photoshopping' is difficult to describe.  In the name of graphic creations, young graphic artists take a lady or young man and photo shoppes it into the picture of a popular leader, and the lady becomes a star instantly, at least on Facebook.

Photoshopping is part of fake news, that has become a popular topic lately.  Anything that is manipulated or doctored is fake.  Half-truth remains a lie. So,  people should realize that fake news goes further than just words. Photos manipulated to give a different impression is nothing but lies and as such fake.

I once saw a friend in a picture shaking hands with Obama, and funny enough, he just returned from a trip to the US. And I asked how easy and cheap it was to shake hands with a sitting president, Obama for that matter. The guy said I should forget those Americans, who know how to make fast money from tourists. They simply snapped him and photoshopped him to Obama, while he was still standing there.

Last year, when the president was hospitalized in London, pictures emerged that some non-politicians took with the sick President in London.  However, with time it became clear they were shopped

First, it was Tuface Idibia, the popular musician sitting with Buhari.

Thanks to Photoshop, 2face finally meetsBuhari

Later, a Facebook user has Photoshopped herself into the pictures, with some hilarious poses.  
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Here says in her caption: "Just in on Buhari visit: "Am officially in London on a visit to Buhari with Saraki and Dogara and in a special way.  Buhari welcome me by asking me to sit on his legs, as his heart is so full of excitement.

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This is how magazine captured it then: 

Amid heightened tensions between the NFL and President Donald Trump, an image of one of the league’s players burning the American flag is circulating around the internet. It’s fake.

The “photograph,” which has made its way across Facebook and Twitter, shows Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett enthusiastically burning the flag in a locker room as his teammates and head coach Pete Carroll happily look on. The picture is Photoshopped.  The majority of the scene in the image is real, as evidenced by this tweet from the Seattle Seahawks’ official Twitter account in January 2016:

An American football player was incorrectly portrayed as burning the American flag causing patriotic and racial tension.

Dangers of Photoshopping

Wrong and Fake Impressions - When a Photo editors smooth women’s skin, make their bodies curvier and their stomachs flatter. Women are not the only victims of Photoshop; men are made to look more muscular and their flaws are refined. This promotes unrealistic body image to people everywhere, however, teenagers are especially affected when they strive to look like their favourite celebrities.

The graphic creation is very popular in the Advertising industry, Printing and stationery industries, but today graphics artists can use their skill to draw any picture or manipulate any picture to express a point.

Photo-shopping is another signs of the times we live in, the end-times.  A closer look will reveal the difference.  
At another time, they merge two peoples picture to get one person to misrepresent the person concerned. 

Nigerian President:

Image result for That photo shopped image of a lady sitting on the lap of Buhari

Society is Encouraging it?

Many young people find themselves manipulating their own photos, hoping for more likes and comments from their followers. Facetune, for example, is a “selfie editing app” marketed to children ages four and up. The app’s description states, “every photo could use a touch up” and “instantly share your edited photos with your friends and family through social media.” This app is the number one photo/video app in 127 countries. This demonstrates that people all over the world strive to show off the most perfect version of themselves, even if it means paying to alter their body, skin and more.

We can credit this epidemic of photoshop to celebrities, social media influences and magazine photo editors who choose to promote an unrealistic body image. When teens see successful and popular people with perfect skin, bodies and hair, they often begin to feel bad about themselves. When they start to compare themselves to people in magazines and advertisements, they fail to realize that these people have flaws of their own– flaws that have been digitally removed.

These “perfect” images are a very real danger to young and un-informed girls, especially in the West, with their culture of 'slim fit' and eating healthy.  When the girls have to deliberately starve themselves of food to look like another person.  The society is thus, encouraging fake lifestyle among girls. The result is teens eating disorders, depression and low self-esteem.


They used computer graphics to blow up the teacher's image and make it look real, meanwhile, it's not real.  The reality of all these includes pollution of the mind.  This is because anything that seeks to blow up the body of a woman is evil to society.  If the adventure works out, other women, by their nature will go for it, no matter the risk involved.  The society is worse for it.

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                  This is her real picture!

Photo Shopping is evil, as you can see, this woman is doing her business, but graphic guys are busy duplicating her picture and entertaining themselves with it.  A number of celebrities have taken a stand against Photoshop, but the good news is that some companies have run ad campaigns with no editing done on their models. These revolutionary brands include Aerie, Seventeen Magazine and Dove. 

These are inspiring reactions which itself, inspires confidence in young women and men, and it shows there is the hope of a better future in that area. After Aerie started a two-year campaign where the brand pledged not to Photoshop their models, sales spiked.

If more celebrities and companies refused to retouch their photos, young people, models and others would feel more confident in their own skin. The reality is that Photoshop affects the self-esteem and health of young men and women and it needs to be stopped.  It is promoting lies and fake lifestyles. As they did with Nigerian President, so they did to former US President:

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Negative Effects of Photoshop on Society

Fake News

Fake news along with altered photos have impacted society in such a way that it caused protests and allegedly swayed elections.

Body Image

What should you look like? The endless images of models have an influence on how individuals dress and look. Many people around the world are concerned about self-image and these airbrushed photos can have the wrong influence. These edited and photoshopped pictures give a wrong impression of the person involved.  See an example above. 


Friends all these drama and lie upon lies that people tell is a sin.  God hates sin and God is not a respecter of person.  If you are a child of God, do not deceive people for any gains. If people don't see anything wrong in deceiving others, then there is a problem.  Every such act is lies and no child of God is permeated to tell lies.  Photoshopping may look harmless, like a child's play.  But watch this, that is how the spirit of lies enter into a person.


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