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Trust God

HELP FOR THE FAT...........Return to heavenly Prescription

Divine Prescription for man!

Eat fruits and leaves - Genesis 1:29 God's prescription
Drink enough water
Exercise your body
Take enough rest
Stop worrying, rather pray!

When the wisdom of God is upon a person, it makes him to deal wisely in the affairs of life. Wisdom is a Spirit of God, which is described briefly in Proverbs 8: 1-21. Wisdom the bible says is better than rubies. Wisdom dwells with prudence, knowledge and understanding.

Success in life is a product of wisdom.  The blessing of God is a manifestation of the wisdom of God and when you walk in wisdom, you are walking in the blessings of God.  Wise people who enjoy good health watch their spiritual life and what they eat.

Your spiritual life - Sin and what you eat can bring down your health through sickness and disease.  Wise people do not just eat any junk they see, no matter how sweet and delicious it may be. They are not the type that keep testing food from one Restaurant to another - NO!

They stay in the love of God, guiding their emotions and appetite diligently and flee from every appearance of sin.  Sin, more than anything else can wear your body systems down and people who play with sin or around sin are not helping themselves - they are playing with fire!

Watch what you eat, take enough rest, drink plenty of water, exercise your body.  That Container carrying your soul and spirit, once it is brought down and weakened could terminate the person's earthly journey, take care of your body. Stop stressing yourself and worrying, worry is another killer that does not bring solution, but instead make matter worse. 

You should rather pray about the matter and commit it to God.  People who walk in the wisdom of God live longer. The sickness was in the family and he saw some of relatives die of it, including his mother. So, he knew there was the danger he would die like others and he started praying and asking God for the way out.

God brought him into contact with a man who told him to change his eating habits, if he wanted to live and not die of Cancer. The fellow asked him to study Genesis 1:29, the heavenly prescription of God for man in the beginning: 

 "And God said, "See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food".

He adviced him to drop all junk food, live simple and as God made man to live from creation...and to continue that way for some time.  The man accepted the advise, being desperate for solution and went on fruits and leaves.  

After a period of 6 - 7 months, the cancer had shrink ed down before it vanished. The man is still alive today and healthy at over 80 years of age!


If you are struggling with Fat or obesity and it is difficult for you to do the basic activities of life, consider changing your eating habit.  Fat kills and when you are unable to discipline your appetite and you discover you are blown up, then you must be drastic on yourself.

Do your exercises regularly, eat leaves and fruits, drink more water and rest when you need to. The wise eat to live, but the fool live to eat.



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