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Christian marriage is "LOVE SOLD-OUT".........Where will Adultery come from?

Avoiding Adultery In Marriage!

Single mothers in the church should come out of their 'guilt and pain'

Friends, We are living in perilous times, and there is no assurance of a better, more loving global environment.  The devil is not happy with a successful Christian home.  

A Christian marriage is practically heaven on earth.  The husband is ready and willing to do any thing to assist the wife, including house chores. The couple make sure they are always around each other and the issue of adultery is almost seen as abomination.

This is why the remaining partner finds it difficult to remarry.  Re-marry to who?  Who can fit into the shoes of the departed loved one...NONE.  When that happens, the remaining partner may not live for too long due to loneliness.

Believers are becoming unequally yoked with the world and copying everything they see and this is not helping their faith.  Many years back, a man brought his sick wife to the hospital on his way to work.  On his return, the woman had passed on.  

This huge giant of a man suddenly collapsed to the ground on hearing that his wife was dead.  The reaction shocked everyone in the hospital. Effort was made to revive him and by the time he stood on his feet, he was crying bitterly, lamenting and questioning why God should take his wife at that time.  

He told people that the late wife as everything to him.  She was not just a loving mother of his children, but a caring wife that God gave him, that has help him and transformed his life.  This rich and wealthy man was crying openly before everyone in the hospital.  What do we have today?

Christian marriage is love sold out, heaven on earth!

In a Christian home, you have two believers living together and building a home with Jesus at the head and the Holy Spirit. Both couple are spirit-filled and do their best to remain Spirit filled all the time. Fear of God, love for God and man, honesty and care are routine.

Do you know that nobody comes in-between them? No Boss, No job schedule or friend comes in-between them.  The work schedule might be tight, but they know how to make provision for their love without problem.  They are too close that their sons or daughters cannot come in-between them and this is real.

Do you know the wife comes out to welcome the husband when she is at home, it is not the children that welcomes the husband...NO!  The wife comes out to welcome her husband, except she is in the kitchen.  Where the gate is not too far from the house, it is the wife that comes out to open the gate for him to drive in.  The children are there, but they know their mother will be happy to welcome her love.

Even after the children has come, the man will continue to help the wife as before, not minding that children has come...so also the wife.

They are heaven minded and there is no secret between the two.  Stories like the man doing a project in the village that the wife does not know does not exist.  For such marriages, there is no surprises on either side because the man knows how much the wife earns, and the wife know how much the husband earn...the financial plans and projects etc.

Normally, there is no lack in such a family and the blessings of God is always evident in the house.  There is always prosperity in the house of the righteous.

We must tell the young people the truth about marriage.  When there is love, you hardly count errors. They must do away with the works of darkness and put on the armour of light.  

The filthiness of this generation is the cause of irreconcilable differences and divorce. No one wants to be a sheep in the house, they prefer to walk like a 'goat'.  The woman and the man drinking alcohol and getting high - for what? This is the reason for the wanton dishonesty, rioting, drunkenness, strife and envying that fills such a home.  

Adultery or infidelity is the single most important of divorce all over the world and married people know how hard it is to rebuild trust destroyed through infidelity.  It is very hard for that your lovely husband to truely trust you again, when he discovers that you are cheating on him.  

The matter is made worse if the woman continues in that wicked path after the initial suspicion of the husband.  Adultery in marriage usually lead to serious problems, it is a sin that easily lead to other sins and God is against it. The bible said God Himself will judge the adulterer.

Adultery  leads to emotional pain, fight, separation and untimely death.  Careful believers are very sensitive to friendships, play and jokes that are not necessary. Marriage means you have settled-down with someone for life, so worldly plays and joke that wipe-up emotion towards another person is avoided.

Immediately after marriage, the number of your friends should gradually start reducing so you have time for the family and make new friends with people of like minds. I see alot of young people married, yet there is no behaviour change, no attitude change in the office and with old friends.  It should not be that way.

It is important to say that both couple should make a vow of chastity with God, so that the Holy Ghost will help you each time strong temptations come.  

Care must be taken in relation to Ex-lovers and friends after marriage, because if you continue keeping close contacts, pictures and other information...it shows you still have affection with such a friend and your spouse could start suspecting you.

There is nothing as foolish as a woman keeping the information of a former guy, who did not marry her.  The guy did not consider you good enough to marry, another man comes and marries you, only for you to remain attached to the Ex-lover - That is utter foolishness, It is capable of destroying the home. 

A believer would have discharged all Ex-lovers upon repentance before entering into marriage. The following simple guide will help people that fear God avoid tension in the house, so they can enjoy their marriage.

For single mothers in the church that wish to get married, I will encourage them to get busy with the work of God in church. They should join a group or groups and be active in the group activities, while praying for a godly man. Single mothers should stop condemning themselves. 'Get out of your woundedness' and pursue the things of God - for it is in this pursuit that a godly man will discover you...and the fact that you have a baby will not matter!

Simple and Effective Guide:

1. Do not get too intimate with the opposite sex outside your spouse ...your spouse should be that close confidant, with whom you discuss intimate matters. Any married person that discusses his/her family issues with friends and colleagues will sure destroy the marriage before long.

2. Avoid secret meetings with the opposite sex, and where it is necessary, go with your spouse.

3. Avoid unnecessary familiarity and play with friends and colleagues.  Stop asking friends very intimate questions about their relationship or spouse and discourage such questions politely.

4. Avoid unnecessary body contact and hugging and giving pecks after marriage - Keep your heart and body pure.

5. Avoid accusing your spouse in the presence of a third party - Friends and colleagues, because once they discover you are not happy in marriage, the mischievous ones among them will see it as an opportunity to show you fake love and care, the kind you are lacking at home.

6. If you must discuss your marital issue with a close brother in the Lord or Sister, Pastor, make sure the person is of your same sex.  Don't discuss with your Pastor, except on a counseling day, when their team is with them. 

7. Be proud of our spouse always, when he or she is there or not.  Let your friends and relatives know you love your spouse.  Say 'I love you' to our spouse always -Do you know why?  Love grows with nourishment.  If your nourish and appreciate your love affairs regularly, the faster it grows.

8. Avoid collecting unsolicited gifts and favours from the opposite sex.  Avoid free ride to and from the office by the same person every day. If the favour continue for long, intimacy could develop that could bring a fall, after all the man is not a father Christmas.

9. Don't lust for evil things in your heart. Trust in the Lord for your promotion and work hard.  Don't try to promote yourself by compromising your faith and marriage.

10. Never you think that the other man or woman is better than your spouse.  That is an error that promote adultery.

11. Direct all your sexual fantasy and emotions towards your spouse and no body else.  Be contempt with what is your own.

12. Men especially, should avoid turning back to re-examine a lady's appearance or beauty/figure as such act registers the picture in his memory, which the devil will use later to tempt him to fall.

13. Make God fearing people your friends.  A single sister with a single sister, married woman with married woman.  Married women should be careful in discussing her marriage with a divorcee.


Beloved, there is no temptation that you cannot overcome if you are determined. Ensure your sexual drive is moderated and effectively under your control, else...No amount of precaution will help you.

You should be in firm control of your body, and bring it under subjection to the word of God, otherwise the end-time spirit of seduction and lust could sweep the person away into avoidable error.

Married women, please be weary of mischievous men, who compliment women and tell them sweet nothing compliments in the office, and in the neighbourhood.  Gently ask them to compliment their own wife.

Beloved, Jesus is coming soon...Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. 

Believe the word of God and His son Jesus Christ, receive Him JESUS into your heart as Lord and Saviour and the Spirit of God to do the impossible enters into your life.  Jesus will give you a new life, victory and eternal life. 

Will you accept Him today?

Say this Prayer: 

Lord Jesus I come to you as a sinner.
I am sorry for my sins, forgive me.
I believe you died for my sins, and was raised for my justification. 
Come into my heart be my Lord and Saviour, 
Give me the grace to serve You in truth and spirit. 
Thank You for saving my soul - I am born again!

His grace be with you all. 


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