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CHRIST REDEEMED US FREE.......The rest (HOLINESS) depends on you!

Salvation is deliverance from the world, and from sin unto righteousness.  It is accepting what Christ did at the cross of Calvary and walking in all of its blessings.  Salvation is leaving the kingdom of darkness - the world and entering into the kingdom of God.
In salvation, God proved that He loved the world, by giving us Himself...He came in the person of Jesus Christ to die in order to save and deliver us from sin and reconcile us back to Himself.  So, God fulfilled His promise to give us a messiah, a redeemer and a Saviour - Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ fulfilled His part by enduring the shame, mockery and beating on the way to the cross and finally gave His life for our redemption.
By His death at the cross, Jesus Christ obtained FREE of charge, the folowing:
1.  Believers obtained forgiveness of sin
2. We were dead with him, when he died at the cross, were buried and raised with Him
3. He gave us the gift of righteousness, sanctified and redeemed us FREE
4. He  disarmed and defeated the enemy, Satan and gave us victory over him. 
5. He has justified us before God.
6. He took away our shame, reproach, poverty, sickness and all disease
Christ, having procured free of charge, our salvation, healing, deliverance, we are to live His life on earth - the life of holiness.  Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach, without living holy, and obeying His Word, a person is still in the world.
The blessings God promised to believers are received by faith and obedience. God commanded His children to be holy for He, our God is holy Lev. 19:1  Without holiness, no eyes shall see the Lord, without holiness, you cannot make a decree and it is established unto you, and without holiness, powers of darkness will still torment the person.
Without holiness, you cannot sit with Christ in heavenly places, far above principalities and powers, without holiness, you are still the captive of the devil, despite your confession.  This is why Jesus warned us about mere profession of faith, without works.  Such faith cannot deliver anyone, such faith is dead.
Without holiness, you cannot received the blessings promised believers in the bible.  Check all the blessings, they are tied to life of obedience to the word of God and His voice - Deuteronomy 28: 1-14.
Working out your salvation, is talking about your response to living the life of Christ.  He send the Holy Spirit, the spirit of God and the Spirit of Christ to dwell in us, to guide and help us live in victory, but how much of your life have you yielded to the Holy Spirit? 
Having procured your freedom, you are to live a life of holiness, through which you obtain the blessings of God and eternity.  Only His lifestyle will profit anyone that believes in His name.  The lifestyle of holiness is the answer, the master key for those who want to manifest His glory.
There is no alternative to holiness as faith cannot replace holiness...the ball is now in your courts.


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