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Trust God

LOVING YOUR WIFE IS TO:..........Support her at Home and if you don't know - She will teach you!

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  • Women are powerful, though they are called weaker sex
  • A woman at home ordinarily controls at least 60% of all decisions indirectly
  • A woman that submits to her husband will enjoy her marriage
  • A woman should not act the man at home, else the home is deformed and the children will have no good role models from such a home.
  • A woman that competes with the husband will one day look outside - infidelity!
  • The worst women for a believer is a woman in darkness - A marine agent etc.

The bible calls women the weaker sex, yet they control the Men in almost all generations and races.  The wife is the chief Controlling Officer at home, the husband cannot ignore, though he may be the President or Governor.

A godly woman, humble and faithful is a blessing from God.

Men keeps dreaming of owning the world, while the women will busy themselves thinking about touring the world and catching fun everywhere they go. They believe in what they can get and enjoy and for them, life is for enjoyment.

If her life will be enjoy after marriage, you the husband should be ready to help her with some of the house chores, especially when the children are born into the home.  If you allow her to keep the 'night vigil' alone, you are looking for her trouble.

Image result for Man helping his wife in the Kitchen Image result for Man helping his wife in the Kitchen
They are helping out in the Kitchen - Senior men are not exempted

Whether she is a Bishop or Rev Sister, a woman is a woman - she want to see your tangible support at home, even if your money bought all the things at home.

This is not about women's sexuality, but how they are and the little things that matters to women.  I have carefully avoided the bedroom aspect, which is the man's duty above all other duties.  It is your duty to be 'strong' and to make the demand, otherwise...

The men can continue to think and worry about life, while the women just go on enjoying their moments with funny, crazy and sometimes unthinkable desires and games. They have mastered the diplomacy to subtly and tactfully 'arrest' and control men, without exception.

Control over men:

Image result for crazy things women do
File: Did you refuse my suggestions...or is it Orders? - No your highness!

One of their upper most desires is to have a man under their control, emotionally and if possible physically.  If you do not respect, and do the bidding of your wife, the marriage will soon end.  They want to be given all the attention in the house and always.

Help them to Look elegant always - so their wardrobes is never full!
The woman cares so much about their appearance and hitting the right fashion rhythm all the time. They also like to show their natural beauty for people to admire and for single women, they spend most of their years trying to look good all-day-long.


There are some naughty girls and wait for this...Naughty women also.

If the man is too difficult as a husband, they will have to return to their early years and seduce him to submission.  Stubborn guys who think they have no need for a woman MUST be seduced to fall in love and also 'fall into their line' of control.

Would you please help me?
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This is a call to duty, you dare not refuse!

If you refuse to help her back the baby, then get ready for a fight later; you this difficult man, she will say in her heart! At this moment, all your requests to her are scrutinized thoroughly or rejected outright. 

They love helping hands and I think every man should learn to help their wives.  It's a tonic they cannot explain how happy it makes them. Try writing your wife's project papers for her and see how she will return the affection.

Big Girls syndrome:

Image result for woman trying to slap a man

The big girls sometimes forget themselves and raise their hands on their partners, lovers etc, even in the public.  This can happen when she is in absolute control of the man financially.

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They play pranks also.... The prank playing women live longer as they usually take life easy.  The fat women also, are known to take life easy, one step at a time and do less worrying and eventually live longer than their husbands and contemporaries.

Show Girls:
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Some of the women are 'show girls', age and status not withstanding.  A show girl will show it in her appearance.  They don't care how you describe their dressing - seductive, scanty - it's all your business.


Let me conclude that there is nothing wrong with all these desires when you are married and it is done with love. The man and his wife has become one.  Young men getting into marriage should not be shocked by these funny and sometimes crazy desires of women. Understand them and learn to cope!

The woman must never plot a coup at home against the husband, to overthrow him. It kills the love and bring monumental chaos into the marriage.  

God made man the head and the woman, his help mate.  Any other arrangement contrary to this is abnormal.

Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?


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