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This dress is gorgeous by all standards.  But yet it falls short of African woman and Christian expectation for a woman.  Women are to be well covered whether you are in Melbourne, Australia or Accra in Ghana.

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This is another welcome to Africans in Diaspora trying to connect with African dressing.  It can be done better.  Let your dress come below your knee level and you are the authentic African lady/woman in a foreign land.

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Ghana woman  closes road walking and twerking - 

This is a cultural fiasco - The sight of a woman with this kind of skimpy dressing will always bring comedy on the streets of Africa.  Such a woman is warned to keep-off the open markets.  She must not twerk to the busy open markets in this skimpy look, else she could be mobbed by 'Area Boys'.

But you know Accra is not Europe or America.  In those places, no one would even wink an eye over her drama, but see what the youths are doing in that picture.  

Women, try to be culturally compliant - and scenes like this will not occur!

Friends, Jesus Christ is coming soon.  Prepare to meet your Lord and Saviour clothed with spotless garment. 


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