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Where to get Fruits and Food Fresh and Cheap .........In Abuja


Where ever you live in Abuja, there is most likely a village market, fruit market or weekly market where fruit and food items could be bought fresh and cheap.  Cheap food is one of the benefits residents of Abuja enjoy because of their proximity to farmers in nearby states of Kogi, Niger and Nasarawa.

Fireinthebone recommends the following fruits and foods market for you, if you need fresh fruits delivered sometimes same day and at fairly cheap prices.

1. Zuba Fruit market
Here is one of the biggest fruits market in Abuja because of its location - a somewhat boundry town of Abuja, it is easy for farmers from Kogi, Niger and other states.  The market is best in the morning and for many fruits sellers all over Abuja come to Zuba fruit market starting from 5.00am in the mornings till evening...all days of the week till Saturday night.
2.     Karmo market
According to Agatha Sesuwe, a vegetable seller at Karmo market, “the only item you might not find in this market are human parts.” Her assertion was of course hyperbolic, but it underlined the commercial appeal, in terms of variety of goods, at the market.
Commodities here are generally cheap. So, if you are not travelling out of the capital city during this Christmas period, Karmo market is the best bet to get assorted fruits, vegetables, tomatoes, including processed seasonings.
Karmo market is situated at a town of the same name in Abuja municipal Area Council (AMAC) around Kado area Abuja.
Karmo market sells on Tuesdays and Fridays, but comes to live more on Tuesdays.
3. Deidei Food Stuff market
This is another good market hidden between the Building materials market and the plank market in Dei-dei.  It has enough of Tomatoes and all kinds of foodstuff you need for big occasions etc at very good prices.  Whether you are in season or out of season, their prices are fairly stable and women around there patronize the market.
4. Kado Fish Market
The most thriving fish markets in Abuja is the Kado Fish Market, located along Gwagwa-Karmo road, Life Camp. It is popular for all kinds of fish products.
You cannot get fish anywhere cheaper because Kado Market is the first choice for many fish farmers to market their products and a meeting point for businessmen and women dealing in fish and products such as feeds, drugs.
The market takes care of the various demands of buyers in terms of variety of the products and type of fish desired. Another name for this market is Life Camp Market. There is a wide range of frozen foods and other food stuffs that you also can buy here.
5. Utako Market
The Utako Market is where you can get items very cheap. Utako market is the hub of yam, potatoes, plantain, onions and many other farm products. You may as well check out the “tokunbo” (second hand) furniture and electronics market inside the Utako Motor Park. You will be amazed at the kind of home interiors you will see at a very cheap price.
A problem here may be parking space because of the number of cars polling up at the place. You will find this market Off Obafemi Awolowo Way, behind ABM Plaza in Utako
6. Maraba Fruit Market
Varieties of fruits and vegetables sell at cheap prices here.
You can buy your Christmas tomatoes, pepper, onions in baskets, carrots, spring onions etc and there you can do sharing, so you don’t need to buy one whole basket.
This market is located at Maraba after Nyanya Junction.
7. Wuse Market
This is the biggest open market in Abuja. It offers a glimpse of the local life, with numerous stores and outlets selling everything from crafts, to textiles, jewelleries, housewares, electronics, domestic appliances, and fresh food items from all over the country.
Things are not that cheap here compared with the above mentioned markets but there is hardly anything you will not find here.
You can as well learn how to haggle here with the traders. On weekends, the market is very rowdy. Wuse market is located between Sani Abacha Way and Herbert Macaulay Way in Wuse II, and is opened from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm daily.
8. Gosa market
This market is after Kuje but before airport. The market opens only on Fridays. Items such as meat are cheap here.
9. Garki International Market
The Garki International market is another popular market that is situated in Garki 2. It is a little bigger than Wuse market in land area and prices of commodities are relatively cheaper here.
This is where you can buy confectioneries and clothing items at a very affordable rate for your Xmas outings. Just like Wuse Market, you can visit the market around 8am and leave by 6pm.
10. Deidei market:
This is located in Dei-dei area of Abuja after Kubwa if you are taking the expressway. This is another fruit market. You can buy tomatoes, pepper, onions in baskets and at fairly good rates.
This market does not have a market day or time. Just that going early makes you buy cheaper since sellers would be hasty to sell off perishable goods.
11.     Kabusa Market
This one is located around the Lokogoma axis of Abuja and it is a Saturday market. You can get your Christmas bags of rice, beans, onions etc at a cheap rate here.
The only problem you may have is the untarred road leading to the market which is always at its worst during the rainy season. There are no rains now, so no qualms.
12. Garki Model Market
Garki Model Market is a more modernised market and the crowd control is better.
The market has about 2400 shops and stalls of various sizes in addition to other facilities such as clinic, banking facility, cold rooms, restaurants, fire station, police station etc.
Garki II Ultra-Modern Market covers an area of 12.3 hectares of land situated in Garki 2 District, off Ahmadu Bello Way.
The entire market premises are well drained and landscaped, with drainages and pedestrian walkways adorned with beautiful trees, flowers, shrubs and grasses to provide natural atmosphere. Frozen foods, cow and goat meat are sold here. So if you are looking for where to do get Christmas food stuff without the stress and traffic of the open market, this is the place to be.

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Will you accept Him today?

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Thank You for saving my soul - I am born again!

His grace be with you all. 


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