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WAR AGAINST WITCHCRAFT............Seven Instances that destroys a Witch!

When Jesus Christ cried out "It is Finished" on the cross of Calvary, He meant that all that is needed to give you a worthy life, healthy and successful life is complete. 

His death on the cross is complete victory over Satan, deliverance from all sickness, sin and adversity. After His death, He also gave us the authority and power over the works of darkness, to destroy every shade of darkness around us. Luke 10:19

The Lord sent us the Holy Spirit, the spirit of God to be with us, help and guide us in all things and into all spiritual battles we may face.  The beauty of the Holy Spirit is awesome that, by His coming, we shall receive power to stand for Christ and do exploits and the Spirit will tell us things, battles, journeys and other things to come. Acts 1:4-8

We also know from the scriptures that we have spiritual weapons to fight the enemy - who is a spirit. These spiritual weapons include -  The name of Jesus Christ, His blood, Fire of God, Holy Ghost fire, the Word of God etc. 

So, fear not - There is no enemy you cannot confront with Christ in you. Your duty as a born again christian is to remain connected to Christ and then grow in faith and trust. Develop your spiritual life and be strong to stand their attacks and destroy their works.

However, for people wanting to know how to kill a stubborn witch, tormenting your life, here are the few instances by experience that can utterly kill a witch and terminate their wickedness.

Those instances include the following:

1. A witch can be killed by God when their time is up

2. An aggrieved servant of God with spiritual authority and in right standing with God. The anointing that bring down healing and deliverance is the same anointing that kills.  When that man of God cries against such a witch or wizard and asks God to take him/her away, it is a matter of days.

3. Witches can also be killed when they fall into 'spiritual error' - For instance a witch or wizard whose time is up may decide to use another person life in exchange, but if that person is a believer, he can counter the attack on his life, and the witch nor wizard would die.

4. A Witch can be killed when the animal, bird or creeping things - lizard or cockroaches are he or she transformed into is killed while the witch is in the animal.  Once, I was visiting Lagos and as I was praying before bed, I heard a voice that I might kill a witch in this compound.  I wondered within me how this will happen.  

Then at night, I woke up to pray and after a while I turned to see a Wall-gecko starring at me.  When I look deeply into this wall-gecko, i saw her like a woman, then I spoke to her saying, In the name of Jesus, I will kill you, this wall-gecko and burn you to ashes. Immediately I took my bathroom silpers to strike on it, the wall-gecko disappeared.  If you wake up in the night and see cockroaches gathered around a spot in your room, or a lizard starring at you and you can quickly kill that lizard - if the spirit of the witch is there, that witch must surely die.

5. They can also be killed by the decree of a satanic agent at the level of ruler of darkness.

6. Witches can be killed by the orders from the Powers & Principalities or Satan himself for disobedience, disloyalty or creating problem for those above them. 

7. When the Holy Spirit, leading you in battles tells you what to do, the steps to take in a particular situation and you do so.  

There are few other instances like when an aggrieved witch reveals their secret to you over a situation.  For instance, A woman was tormented by her husband , who was a wizard and one day one of the witches got angry at the level of suffering of this woman she decided to help her. 

She told her the leaves she should get from the bush and what to use the leaves to prepare...that soon after, she shall be well.  The woman did as the witch told her and within three days, her sickness was gone and her husband died without being sick at all.



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