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Trust God

VIDEO.........WOMAN SHOWS HER BIG REAR BACK - Indecent dressing!

Indecent Dressing!

Women has become so daring these days.  This lady came out so skimpy for one purpose - To show her big rear back.  When they asked her about it she simply said "I blew it up"

Christian Sisters should avoid behaviours like this.  Its time to turn to God and holiness!

We are living in exciting times - make no mistakes about that. Yet, the bible says it's just the beginning of things to come.

Sisters, your body belongs to the Lord if you are a christian, and Fat  or thin, you are to carry your body in honour, glorifying the Lord with it. Jesus love you so much that He wants to help you every point along the way. Give your heart to Christ today and begin to experience His love in your life.

Beloved, the time is short, Jesus is coming soon.

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand...believe the word of God and His son Jesus Christ, receive Him JESUS into your heart as Lord and Saviour.


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