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VIDEO......Lady with Gigantic Backside Causes Commotion on the Street - END-TIME

FIRE: The spirit of lust is a stubborn spirit...

Many of the behaviours that shock the public are mostly motivated by negative influences, which the individual may not even know its source. People hear voices talking to them and asking them to dress like this or like that without knowing who is speaking to them. Some hear the voices of demons - evil spirits.

One of the most stubborn evil spirits to fight is 'the spirit of lust'.  When it is in operation, the victim thinks she is the 'happening babe' everyone is talking about. Demon of lust seek attention to draw men to a woman, so she can be diverted from her destiny.

This spirit controls people and influence them to do things that are strange and crazy. When a woman is under the influence of spirit of lust, such a lady would dress in a provocative manner to win the attention and admiration of men.  

But, unknown to many, these drama exposes many to the spirit of lust.  As women would soon start nursing the ambition to be like the lady they saw...in the end, moral values, decorum and respect for women and elderly dwindles.

We are living in exciting times - make no mistakes about that. Yet, the bible says it's just the beginning of things to come.

Sisters, your body belongs to the Lord if you are a christian, and Fat  or thin, you are to carry your body in honour, glorifying the Lord with it. Jesus love you so much that He wants to help you every point along the way. Give your heart to Christ today and begin to experience His love in your life.

Beloved, the time is short, Jesus is coming soon. Repent and serve the Lord.


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