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Trust God

Near Fatal Somersault...........Women, play within your age and physical limits!

An excited woman dancing fiercely in a  dance contest almost lost her life, when she attempted a dangerous somersault on stage to earn more ratings from the crowd as well as the judges.

It was a fierce contest of plus-size ladies who danced painstakingly to win a prize on an organised stage that had loud music playing and a sizable crowd watching.

One of the dancers attempted a daring stunt that almost threw her off the stage as she was pushed to edge. It took the intervention of other dancers and one of the organizers to help her to her feet.

FIRE: - This kind of acrobatic dance is not ideal for women...May be young girls and surely boys.  The desire to impress and win is an ever present danger a grown-up woman cannot afford.

A grown up woman participating in this kind of dance is acting foolishly. How do you expose your body like a baby in the guise of dance and income for children in the background to see and cheer - Sisters and mothers, respect your body, age and your Lord in your conduct.

No christian woman should be seen doing things like this because it is one dance that is capable of dishonouring your body, which you don't want to do. This is an avoidable mishap - Women be careful.

Learn to carry your body in dignity and honour, which is your reasonable service and acceptable to God.

Friends, Jesus Christ is coming soon.  Prepare to meet your Lord and Saviour clothed with spotless garment. 


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