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HOW TO....... Get and retain plum jobs with Promotion + Starting Egg Distribution and Distributive Businesses!

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1. How to get and retain Plum jobs with Rapid Promotions.
2. How to start an Egg Distribution Business.
3. Distributive Businesses you can start with little capital. 


In many organizations, getting promotion and rising up to the management cadre could be daunting.  

This is especially so in professional organization, like firm of Chartered Accountants or Engineers, where many are qualified professional staff and so in terms of qualification and experience, most employees are at par, the only difference being in the area of experience and number of post-qualification projects and teams you have worked with.

People have challenges getting started on a new job, especially when there is no work experience or when the supervisor is impatient.  "I joined three weeks ago but have found it hard to get to grips with the work – says a lady, the systems and processes are very different from what I’m used to, no one has explained them to me properly, and I’ve made several mistakes. 

Last week my boss pulled me aside to say he needed to see an improvement, but I made another big error when he was out of the office yesterday that he doesn’t know about yet. I’m so disappointed it’s not working out and stressed up because of the many stupid mistakes I have made and it seem, as though I can’t face my boss.  I’ve had a really bad start in my new dream job, she continued and don’t know what to do. 

How can I turn it around?  
I am going to discuss how people should approach a new job or position and gradually gain mastery of the duties and functions expected of them on the job. Please follow me!

In most well structured organizations, competition is known to be keen and nothing could be so discouraging as being abandoned in a position for years. This would mean that most of your colleagues would rise to higher positions before that person and worse still, some of your subordinates would eventually boss you in the course of time.  So, there are many good reasons to seek rapid promotion in the workplace.  

So the guy that want to obtain promotion and move up the leadership cadre must therefore make conscious effort to achieve it, among them are:
1. Financial independence and progress
2. Career growth and development
3. Moving into leadership cadre with all the perks

The truth is that rapid promotion is not the bread for everybody.  It is given to people who have proved they understanding the purpose of the organization and its business.  They are ready to contribute to its progress with hard work, creativity and efficient service delivery.

Rapid promotion is meant for the employees that have distinguished themselves over time.  Imagine someone moving from an officer to full manager in a quoted company within a space of three years. It comes by doing the right things and achieving better result; knowing what to do and doing them well consistently. I have seen this happen to people again and again, so it can happen to you where you work, especially if it is a well structured organization.

Can I shock you, even in a smaller business, you can even move faster with strong entrepreneurial skills business foresight and the drive to succeed. Whenever these three factors are at work, you will see new opportunities, partnership and new products being developed to meet identified market needs. This, of course translates into high sales turnover, improved service delivery and huge market expansion. You can even become a General Manager within years with official car and house.

The under-listed steps and actions are carefully tested and tried pathway to rapid promotion.  These “sweet work attitudes” will enable you unleash your knowledge and skill to the right things that will produce result quickly. Understand them and internalize them, so you can produce good results consistently irrespective of the organization.  See our earlier articles for how the entrepreneurial worker operate.

Yes… if you are the promotion seeking Officer, here's what to do and do it consistently that it becomes your lifestyle.

When it comes to promotion and rising in a competitive environment, there is no short cut, the man that desire a promotion must examine himself, and appraise his skills and ability as well as the expectation of such height he wants to attain. In so doing, you will discover the sacrifices you need to make in your skill and ability in order to meet the merit standards of the position sought for.

So, basically, you start by: 

1. Knowing Yourself
Yes, it starts with you. Perhaps the most important part in the ‘promotion process’, you need to know what you want - and why you want it. If you’re aiming for the next rung up purely because you think you should, but the different work involved actually doesn’t appeal, it won’t be a match made in heaven - so think hard. But convince yourself, and you can convince others. Take an honest look at yourself - your achievements, credentials and skills. If you have confidence in your future role as well as your current job, it will show itself at all stages.

Develop Good Work Habits - Sense of Urgency Perhaps the fastest way to bring yourself to the attention of your superiors is to develop good work habits. You need to develop the habit and ability to get the job done fast and accurate. Getting the job done fast and having a sense of urgency is not only a profession al attitude, but it is a sure career success habit.   

2. Know your organization, its product, people and processes
Study your organization: This guy first step is to understand the organization in clear details, its history, structure, and products and culture. The culture will guide your behavior and conduct in the organization.  
Understand the purpose the organization is established to fulfill and the structures it has established to fulfill its mandate.  Understand their position in the industry and its major competitors. Understand the works your departments do and how it relates to the goals of the organization.

Study your department: Understudy your department and understand the work each unit of the department does.  Don’t be naive!.  Whatever it takes you to understand what everyone in your department is doing, it is a worthy investment for the man or woman that wants to lead one of the units and the department later in the future. Having known the duties and processes in your department, your next move is to take a look at your position classification and job description and note the different jobs that will be directed at you.
Study your Job description: Note the weight attached to each of the activities you should perform and ensure the action with higher weight receives your attention.  In a well structured organization, they will review your performance based on your job description, especially the important aspects of your job.

Then review the actual jobs flowing to your office daily and all its varieties and note the important ones.  Take time to understand their requirements and their time sensitivities.  Having known your duties and all its varieties, set your own response time for attending to documents (work) passed to your desk daily.  May be ten minutes whatever…make sure that nothing is left pending on your desk at close of business.  If you need to spend additional minutes to clear them, please do so.  

Treat all jobs assigned to you on a daily basis.  Whatever job get to your table should be processed and completed same day.  Have a register of the jobs you receive in your computer or manually and endeavour to treat all of them same day.  If there are issues with a particular work, report the matter to your boss and record it in a register for that purpose. Have a professional attitude to your work continually and you are on the way to becvoming a professional, you are ready for leadership.

3. Interview your boss carefully (Know Your Boss) 

You don't have the priviledge of choosing your own Boss.  If you had that option, I would have asked you to make sure you are working with a good man that has positive attitude and orientation.  But you don't have such a priviledge, the option you have left is to study your boss and intelligently interview him.

This is one of the greatest ways to win your boss. You work closely with him and carefully ask him some job related questions that will reveal what is critical and the jobs he does not want pending on his table or in the department.  This is purely job related and is done gradually as you have opportunity. Another way to know what is important to your boss is for you to treat all assignments quickly and return to him and observe his countenance and comments.

When you know the jobs that are time sensitive and process them without delay, you are working in tandem with your boss and he would be impressed with your services.  You also have to set your priority rating for such job as 'Top Most'. You will do yourself a lot of good by attending to those important and urgent matters as they come, bending over when you need to do so to ensure they are processed on time.

If you develop a reputation for speed, dependability and quality work, you will immediately stand out from the crowd in your unit. For many reasons, people respect those who get the job done quickly. When you develop a reputation as a competent professional who deliver job accurate and timely, the system will eventually reward you with time.

4.   Be a Team Player: Respect your boss and colleagues and support them with their work when necessary. This attitude brings favour and acceptance unto you. You must maintain a friendly attitude, no quarreling, bitterness or anger, let any of these not be found in you as you seek promotion and to lead the unit or department.

Team play is an important criteria in a small sized organization.  You must have the mindset to share and back-up your boss and subordinates freely and willingly.  A team player does not complain when there is need for put-in extra hours or days.  One of the things I always tried to do was to be available to help co workers and clients. Seek to help first. Helping others reach their goals will help you in the long run. Your customers and clients will come back to you and your reputation of being a team player will spread among your co-workers.

5.   Learn How to Make Money and influence the cashflow: Do a research on how best to win business and influence the cashflow and the bottomline.  This is very important , for with that, the senior management will soon know your name.

This is very important irrespective of the unit you find yourself.  Similar to this is the need to understand the products very well and also master how to market the products of your organization.  You cannot be a passive employee. Passive employees do not get to leadership position. You must have a hand in the cashflow and sales position of your organization. 

Get it settled in your heart that you must be in a position to influence the company’s income, to somehow increase revenues or cut costs and yet be the professional you are, in every sense, don’t allow errors in your report and be well organized and timely.

6.   Goal Getter - If you claim to be good and skillful when your boss says you are not good enough, beloved, you are deceiving yourself.  It means you are not good enough. You are not yet a goal getter and your best is not good enough.  

Positive thinking is the very first step towards success. Cultivate positive emotions because happy people are easily motivated and they perform better. Approach your job from a strategic standpoint. Know the impact of your job on the unit and the organization as a whole, so you adopt a strategic approach to delivering on your target.  This will allow you to reviews you steps after a while and then improve on areas of weakness.

7. Hard Work:  A successful career begins with hard work. Talent is good, but it’s just not enough to be talented if you don’t put much effort, you remain at the baseline.  Hard work is therefore that determination to do things in a better way, produce better results, even with little resources.  Hard work is that power to stay focused and committed to what you are doing until the set goal is achieved.
Complain Less-When you complain about a situation, you miss the possible positives that can come out of the situation. Also, the last thing you want to be known for is dragging around negativity everywhere you go. Learn to keep complaints to yourself or, even better, turn negatives into positives.

Be Reliable– I wanted a reputation of being someone that could get the job done as well as someone you could count on to help. Having that reputation will help you stand out when your superiors are contemplating on who to promote next. Calling off or constantly coming in late will not get you a positive reputation

8. Don't follow the Pack: - Do things differently and better.  Do not follow the pack who gossip and spend office time chatting and browsing the net.  Also avoid using office hours for your own work, it is ethically negative.  

Do you know why? You will reap your reward when it hurts most.  This is why many have started their own business after paid employment and failed woefully.  See yourself as the unit leader or even the owner of the business, so you are not contented by yesterday's result. Be eager to break new grounds every day - good is not good enough, the best is yet to come. so you are consistently seeking new opportunities and openings to grow the unit or business.   Press to the top (Best) and remain there, whether you are recognized and rewarded or not.

9. Positive Aggressiveness:- In your mind, Rome was built in a day, so what heights people think is impossible is leveled by your creative thoughts and imaginations till you reach the top and occupy. Winners are people who win again and again.  

10. Networking: -  You need a mixed bag of important people, for instance professional colleagues, leaders from different fields, experts, friend and relatives networking together to provide you with good advice and access to new opportunities that can help you achieve your goals in the short and long term.

11.  Extra Effort: - Put extra effort to make sure the unit is leading in productivity and efficiency. See the unit as your own unit and imagine you’re the unit head and daily work and function as one and it will surprise you how your thoughts and action will change positively.

In order to achieve your goals, you need to “be persistent like a bear”. This metaphor works quite well considering that a hungry, highly determined bear would do anything to get its prey whereas a lazy human wouldn’t try as hard before giving up.

12. Go to School, acquire new skills
If you don't have a Bachelor, get it. If you have, consider earning a Masters or PhD, but only if one of these qualifications will help you achieve your career goals. Don't just go back to school for the heck of it. Instead think about what programs will help you climb the corporate ladder.

Sometimes specialized professional designations or licenses can be far more important to getting a promotion than degrees, and sometimes you may just need to take some classes to improve your computer skills or accounting ability, for example. There are a wide range of education programs available that allow you to go to class in the evenings or on weekends, and there are also ample opportunities for accredited self-study and online learning.

What's more, your employer may reimburse you for certain tuition expenses, so it may be possible for you to expand your knowledge at no cost to yourself.
Learn a second/third language. Due to the increasing globalization of the world in general, more and more companies will be looking for people that know multiple languages. Learning more than one language also means you don't need a translator, which opens up international posts (such as a manager for an entire continent, as opposed to a state or small country).

Take on temporary projects. Temporary projects can be a great way to broaden your skills and network with people from other areas of the company. Many people feel uncomfortable volunteering for these assignments because they can be challenging and can force you out of your comfort zone. That's the point.
Volunteer. If you're not getting new skills at work, consider volunteering your spare time to a non-profit organization. Large, well-recognized non-profits almost always offer a wealth of opportunities to learn new things, and smaller organizations may also have suitable projects you could work on. Successful non-profits typically look to fill volunteer positions with people who are qualified to do the job, but with a little persistence you should be able to find an opportunity that uses your existing skills and helps you build new skills. Your community involvement can also be a plus toward your getting your promotion  

13. Leading a Unit or Department:  
If you are placed in a leadership position, create a positive and healthy work environment for your staff to express themselves while working. No matter how difficult the assignment may be, don’t  strifle their creativity, instead welcome new ideas and creative solutions.  Have an open and friendly environment. 

14. Seek out new skills. This point is very critical for managers and supervisors. You must continue to learn new skills and process when you are leading others. Its a disaster for a leader in a department to be behind your subordinates in jobs skills, approaches and methods. You must be current with THE latest industry news, processes and technologies. 
Even if you are not the leader, you need to continually acquire commensurate skills to do your job better than you are doing presently.  It's not enough to be great at your job; you also have to develop marketable skills that prepare you for more responsibility. 

No matter how good you are, make sure you’re not the smartest person in the office.  If that’s what you have, there is a problem, which you solve by developing one or two employees to a new level, so you can have a creative workforce that can deliver high quality result.  Managers, please surround yourself with creative and competent people and the result will blow your mind.


==================2nd Story=====================

Egg distribution is like any other business.  More over, the distributor today may or may not own a farm or have a shop to start the business.  He can choose between being a retailer and a distributor.  

Egg distribution was the business of farm owners and others egg making poultry businesses.  That is why Bud Brown, 81 years old chicken farmer excitedly posited that Perhaps the only thing better than cracking, cooking and savoring your own farm-fresh eggs is sharing a dozen or two with family and friends.

Bud Brown, an 81-year-old chicken farmer in Roseburg, Ore., regularly fills his pockets with enough “egg money” to pay for feed, supplements and miscellaneous expenses. He sells his free-range eggs at his U-pick farm, at local farmers’ markets and through community-supported agriculture programs. His real customer base, however, formed from word-of-mouth advertising.

“Everybody wants my eggs,” says Brown, decked out in his utilitarian farm garb-a thread-bare T-shirt, perfectly worn denim overalls, a green-and-black frayed-cotton flannel and holey muck boots covered in years of chicken-rearing experience. “Twenty-something years ago, I started out with a dozen layers for my family. As soon as my wife started telling her friends about my eggs, we were in business.”

Benefit and Uses of Egg:
Egg is high in cholesterol and this makes it a perfect diet for growing children. It can reduce risk of many diseases, it supplies quality protein to the body, it is rich in vitamin A and this helps healthy eyesight, it contains chlorine and this is used to build cell membranes which helps in producing molecules in the human brain.

The uses of eggs are numerous, we use eggs in baking different types of confectioneries like bread, cakes, meat-pie and so on. It is  used as cosmetics like shampoo, conditioners, soaps, cholesterol, face mask and lots more. It is also used as glue, the sticky quality of egg white clean some certain surfaces like leather. To make it clear, the demand for eggs in the Nigerian market is so high right now and will continue to be so.

Potentials of  Eggs Supply Business
One of the silent money-making businesses in Nigeria is the Egg Distribution Business, though lots of risk is involved but they are risk that can be curb. This business requires very little capital though with a lot of marketing and customer service skills. 

The nature of egg distribution makes it one of the businesses you do within your home. This is because, your retailers and other people should easily and happily come-in to make purchases till night. It should be sited at major street and road junction within your neighbourhood. From where you distribute to supermarkets and retails stores.

In Nigeria, reliable farms expects you to register with them and declare your buying capacity and regularity before you start lifting eggs on a regular basis. Your ability to buy from them regularly will endear you to them.

In this business, you are your own boss and you will decide how much profit you want to make in a week. Depending on any size of egg you choose to buy, you will gain profit of N100 on a crate of egg if you sell as a whole seller but if you choose to sell as retailer you can have profit of N300 on a crate. If you restrict yourself to selling just 100 crates of eggs weekly, that means you will realize profit of N10,000 weekly and this is just N40, 000 monthly.

This is how you determine your profit. Setting a target to sell 500 crates of egg per week will mean you will realize  100 x 500 = N50,000 weekly, multiply this per month, that is a whooping sum of N200,000 . When you remove cost of hiring a bus or fuelling 

One of the things that makes a business to stand out is the level of packaging put into it, you need to package your business to ward-off competition or to keep you at the front of the competition. Below is the list of basic things you need to know before you start Egg Distribution Business

Before You start:
Know Your Market, Know the Laws
The most important aspect to consider about the egg business is your market. Do you have buyers lined up before the chicks have feathered out? Do you live in a rural area where fresh eggs are a dime a dozen? Can you sell your wares at a local farmers’ market or through a network of big and small consumers like Bread and backeries, Eatery joints etc  

One of the advantage of this business is that it doesn’t require much capital and I for one, I’m a fan of the phrase ‘start small and grow with time’. It’s always better when you enter a particular business with a small capital and then grow bigger as the business is booming.

Characteristics of the Market: Please pay attention and learn from the experience of a young entrepreneur about the essential things to know about Egg distribution. 
1. You don't need a lot of money to start the business.
        With mere N50,000, you can start the business.

2. You greatest challenge is not money or the products{eggs}, but your ability to do the marketing in pivotal. I was amazed to find out that the demand for egg is huge. However, every distributor and retailer has a supplier already. For you to dislodge their existing supplier and etch yourself into their business book determines your success.

3. The business is dominated by women-mothers to be precise. 
Its awkward seeing the younger generation involved. These women are already in this business for years, thus they will teach you a lot if you become their son or daughter in your quest to succeed.

4. Getting more than 100 crates of egg delivered to you in Abuja or Lagos is not cheap.  For farm owners and bulk distributors, they prefer having 20 clients who buys from them regularly than having 3 or 5 major buyers. Reason, when they have about 20, at least 15 will be available on every sales day. 

5. Major egg suppliers comes from outside Lagos/Abuja.
The bulk of eggs consumed in Lagos comes from Ogun, Ondo and Oyo. Within Abuja, the quality and fairly priced eggs come from Nasarawa, Jos. The farms in Lagos are attached to notable merchants. Also, eggs sourced from outside Abuja/Lagos are cheaper.

6. Large size and poulette size eggs are demanded more than the small size.

7. There is a lot of work to be done to succeed. You may be:
          Are you going to be a retailer
          Are you going to be a wholesaler
          Are you going to combine the two?

Get Reliable Source(s) for Eggs: 
The reliable sources will include big poultry farms within your locality and neighbouring states or reliable big-time distributors around you.  In Egg business, you will notice there are big and small size eggs and reliable farms crate them separately, and they attract different prices.

The ideal steps to follow is identify  a reliable poultry Farm or farms that you’ll be buying the eggs from in bulk. A proper survey and investigation might be needed here so as to find a farm that is reliable and consistent. One of the things you might need to put into consideration before making decision here is selling price, size of the eggs and colour (Brown or White), distance from the farm or distributor to your location or warehouse.

Get Steady Buyers - Big and Small - 
This is where your marketing skills will come to play, you’ll need to locate people who will be ready to buy from you though most of the retailers already have someone they are buying from but you must do well to convince them to buy from you. 

Marketing of your egg distribution  should focus on the following target bread factories, pastry food makers, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, provision stores, fast food centres

Generally, Egg  marketing will do better with the following steps:
1. Put a  “farm-fresh eggs” sign in front of your shop/house/farm
2. putting a small signage at the end of your street stocked with 
        eggs every morning
3. Build a client base and their quantities as well as when each 
        client is supplied eggs regularly
4. Get a stand in a recognized farmers market 
5. selling through locally owned grocery stores or markets

Get a Store at Home or a Shop: 
You’ll need to get a shop in a strategic market place where it will be easily accessible for you customer. Most people in this business prefer to site their store close to their home, so they can continue selling to retailers, small buyers and local customers throughout the day to the night. 

In the alternative, you need a store in your house where you will store at least 500 to 1,000 crates to reduce the number of times you go to the Farm. Having set-up a small store with stacks to hold the eggs, you are ready to blast 

Empty Crates:  
The basic tool needed for this business is empty crates, it could be paper crates or plastic crates. You can buy crates of 100 pieces at N10,000 or N5,000 if you choose to buy the paper crates , the total number you will need to run your business now depends on you. Note that the paper crates are more protective to your eggs, it reduces the number of cracks you will realize from transferring your eggs, and it is cheaper as well but damages more quickly than the plastic ones.

Delivery Van:
Cost of acquiring a used vehicle constitutes almost 90% of your capital needed in this business. Once you are mobile, the only cost you will need to run this business for a start is N50,000, with this amount you can buy 100 crates of eggs. A crate of egg can cost N650 or less  from farm depending on the size you choose to buy, any balance left will be incurred on fueling your vehicle and other road expenses.

Pricing your Eggs? 
You may think your farm-fresh delights are worth a little more than the ordinary crate, but your customers will not be willing to pay quite that much.  The only your eggs can be priced higher is when you enter the market with big sized eggs.  The bigger ones cost more and the market demands for it even more than the small sized eggs. 

You may have to sell at the ruling market price or get slightly below it if possible in order to meet up with the competitive forces and still make your huge profits.

Delivering the Eggs
The safest means of transporting this type of goods is either a car or a bus, simply because this means of transportation comes with a space that can contain the eggs safely without falling off.

Your eggs should be delivered fresh. Fresh eggs count with customers.  You have to think about how you’re going to get those eggs to your customers fresh - the regulars and the new ones.”

First and foremost, you’ll want to ensure the product is clean and safe. Proper chicken husbandry, which includes keeping the nest boxes fresh and clean, results in eggs that require little washing,

Next, consider your packaging. And  you may wish to stamp your name and phone number on the package so customers know who to call when they run out of eggs. Farm-supply stores and online outlets sell unmarked cartons at reasonable prices.

Plain cartons with contact information ascribed on the lid promote repeat business. In Abuja for instance, the supermarket we patronize, some of the eggs are embossed with the farm's name and mobile number.

The business of Egg distribution requires hard work to win the business of big egg consumers that demand large quantities at regular interval. The easiest way to win them is through quality eggs, big in size and freshly delivered. Sometimes, little discounts hen you master the demand and supply equations right, then you are ready to harvest goodies from the business.  

Also, you must continue to market your eggs to new and different customer everyday.  This is why you need a van to move about with samples while marketing. Big sized eggs are usually easy to sell, no matter the number of crates you take out, chances are that you will sell all before long.


Under this option, you don’t have money to rent a shop or store, and so you will go mobile and turn your mobile (Phone) to be your store. You will work hard to get buyers, big and small, whom you will visit regularly to collect their orders and then deliver to them directly from the farm or your supplier.

For this business plan to work, you need a store in your house where you will store at least 50 to 500 crates to reduce the number of times you go to the Farm. Having set-up a small store with stacks to hold the eggs, you are ready to blast Now, here’s what to do:

• Go to a large chicken poultry farm in your area and source for these eggs at cheap prices.
• Get yourself a transport medium. You can buy a fairly used tricycle for a start in order to save costs. If you have a bus or a tricycle already, that will be better for you. 
• What you will do every day is to buy eggs from a poultry farm, package safely them in crates inside your distribution van and make supplies to your target customers like bread factories, pastry food makers, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, provision stores, fast food centres, households and the general public who need it.
• Sell at the ruling market price or get slightly below it if possible in order to meet up with the competitive forces and still make your huge profits.

Continue the process on daily basis and grow your capital base. When you must have saved enough money, you can set up a poultry farm where you will grow the Layers chicken for egg production once they mature in a few months time. 
This is when you will start reaping and enjoying the full profits in the business because you now produce the eggs yourself. Grow your customer base and make lots of money from your egg distribution business venture.

The business of Egg distribution requires hard work to win the business of big egg consumers that demand large quantities at regular interval. The easiest way to win them is through quality eggs, big in size and freshly delivered. Sometimes, little discounts hen you master the demand and supply equations right, then you are ready to harvest goodies from the business.  

Also, you must continue to market your eggs to new and different customer everyday.  This is why you need a van to move about with samples while marketing. Big sized eggs are usually easy to sell, no matter the number of crates you take out, chances are that you will sell all before long.



=============4th Story============================

DISTRIBUTIVE BUSINESS:......15 lucrative distribution businesses you can Start with Little Capital!

Image result for picture of  Nigerian warehouse full of goods


Many people started their businesses without much money and without knowing what to expect, the only thing they knew was that they wanted to survive on that business, take care of their family and other needs.

Many years ago, a friend of mine started with few Provision in a little store, then he expanded into a grocery store and as time went on, he divested all his funds from the grocery store business and invested into Generator repairs and servicing. I asked him why, and he told me he had studied it from a close neighbor of his and he was confident the business has a lot of turnover. 

He told me that almost every family in Lagos has one generator or another and even if they are not repairing too often, one can making a living by servicing them.  That assertion was true and within a few months, he got almost all the relevant generator parts in his shop.  He got some two apprentice boys to help him. He started looking for generator and standing Fan junks to display around the shop as a means of advertising his new business.

He got some un-serviceable generator junks into his shop and a 'New business' started.  He later realized that the un-serviceable junks were helpful in fixing a similar equipment either as a guide to how to fix the equipment or you can loose a part from it to repair a similar equipment.  This he told me explained why you see alot of broken down machines with Technicians of all kind.  They are valuable for repair works.

Before long, he bought a car and got married …all from generator service and repairs business and he is still doing that business till date.

Today, I am delighted to share with you some simple businesses you can use to launch yourself into distributorship business. I am sure you know that distributors are money men and women. Distributorship requires huge capital to start, in-terms of infrastructure like getting a warehouse and an office, distribution van(s) and cash to order the first set of Trailer load of goods from the producer.

INSIGHT - Before You start your own Business:
I will recommend the following to people interested in business, especially young entrepreneurs.

1. Choose a business you understand a little bit
2. Choose a business you love to do, so you have confidence to carry on.
3. If your desire is quick money, research for quick money business that may not be glamorous and key into it. For instance, the man selling Car as business is respected by many, even if it takes him two months to sell a single car, while the man Cooking Indomie with tea, soft drinks and snacks makes about N20,000 - N30,000 daily and nobody respects him.

4. Those man selling fruit - watermelon, Carrot and Cucumber at major bus-stops and markets especially take home close to N20,000 - N30,000 on a good day, yet you don’t know. But check them, they look fresh and robust.  I have monitored them. Location matters in this particular business.

5. When you start a business, please endure a little while to try out the business in different ways and methods before you go into another line of business. Exhaust all known options on a particular business before you move into another line, because anyone you enter, you will still learn and understand before you start making it.

6. Try to understand a business and the secret behind it.  Every business has a secret and until you understand the secret of a business, you cannot make big money from it yet.

7. Finally, before I introduce you to the businesses, learn fast on any business. Pay all your attention on the business, focus on it and understand its secrets - for there lies the key to your success.

Here’s the businesses: - 15 lucrative distribution businesses:

1. Homemade Catering Supplies Business
People all over the world love good food. Infact, last week, we saw from this blo many celebrities who lost it to food. They ended up becoming fat just because they could not control their appetite for good food.

Good food is a hot cake any day and you can start catering supplies business right from your kitchen. You decide to open a Restaurant when you have made enough money cooking and delivering to School, companies and big events. 
People love specially crafted meals, and since you already have a kitchen, you just need cooking supplies, packaging, and basic marketing materials to get started.  Be rest assured of good business once you get the cooking and price right. 

2. Casual wear business: You can start a second hand clothing business with N5,000 or more.  What is important is that you identify where bails of cloth are opened for sale, usually early in the market days. You get there on time and select quality clothes. 

You may choose to concentrate on children wears, but insists on the good quality clothes for children and make a name as one that stocks quality children second hand cloths.  You may also pick some good blouses for women and conclude your picking with few cheap children and women that is still good. Definition of good is one that is not worn out or turn. You can sell in the evenings at a popular bus-stop or around your house.

3. Palm oil or vegetable oil business:  If you want to seek high returns from investment, maybe you need to start it with N200, 000 as an authorized distributor by buying cheap in bulk and sell it to palm oil female traders. Depending on where you live, you will need to go the markets and arrange for market women who will buy from you.  

As a necessity, you may have to give them some discount if you intend to dislodge their regular supplier of the product, else it will take you time to penetrate the market. The market women are in charge of this business as you will only sell little at home. If you have money, then you can own a shop in na busy market right in front where almost everyone that comes to the market will see you, hen you can sell to the people and the market women at the same time.

4. Fan milk business: you can make money as a depot distributor if you have enough money to start. You can become a Fan milk retailer by buying what you have and selling it to high-speed routes during the dry and rainy season. 
This is a favourite with children and so, you need to ideally locate your trade around a neighbourhood that has schools, (Primary and Secondary). It is always in high demand because of people’s thirst.

5. Yoghurt business: You can start it with less than N10,000 or N20,000 by grilling the ingredient of yoghurt, packaging and selling as a retailer or distributor. This supposes that you have a deep freezer at home to store the product to a good extent before it is sold. The challenges of the business is not with producing Yoghurt, but with storing it and keeping fresh. The packing and taste must be gotten right, once this is done, you are in good business.  
6. Household business: If you understand what household business is, then you can do it by starting with any capital you have and grow into your big distribution business. With a small capital, your best bet will be to look for second household equipment - Furniture and other equipment, buy them cheaply, refurbish them and then resale for a big sum of money. 
In Abuja, people who do the second hand household business are into two categories; the carpenters that buy them and refurbish and the other guys who buy and resale it without doing anything to them.

7. Minerals business: I know it requires you a heavy investment for distribution business, but if you really have passion for business, you can do it by starting with less capital no matter what and grow into a big distribution company by replacing each time you sell. 
You need a cooler or small fridge or deep freezer. You can start at home, rent a shop or position your business at a busy market or Bus stop and serve the drinks chilled.

8. Bakery business: You can start it with N10,000 at home as a test and make N2000 or N3500 as quick turnover daily by labeling, packaging, marketing and distribution to bread sellers. Many working class has joined this business by buying from big bakers from their office and selling in their cars around their environment.  
There is so much to be learned from any business you may start that will help you in future. You can start from distributing bread and migrate into a baker in a matter of months or years, once you have understood the business and its secrets.

9. Sweet food business: If you sell sweet food products to high secondary students, big boys and girls you buy with just N5000 start-up capital, you make a fortune daily from this business. When you start this business, you will discover how much mothers buy sweet for their children. Don’t forget to have packets to sell as a whole to rich mothers who would want to buy a whole pack. You will surprise to discover you are making between N1,000 to N3,000 daily selling sweets.

10. Raw foodstuff business : You can start it with N50, 000 as a food distributor and make good profit daily only if you locate your warehouse at busy street or a market. One thing that will help you in this business is to locate your store in a fruit market, where fruit from other places will berth daily.  
Once that is done, then you must be on time to the market because fruit is an early morning market as traders buy early to return to their location within the city. Another factor is to be able to identify fruits that are fresh and others to be avoided as wrong judgement will lead to loss. You also need to understand the Market and know when to sell-off and avoid losses.

11. Pesticide and insecticide business: I think it is not lucrative, but it is profitable because people still use it. You can start it with N3000 or N5000 as a producer and market it to high popular marketers. We are researching on this Pesticides as we don’t have viable native alternative. Its just that people avoid it because of cost. Most local producers now combine it with air-freshner, liquid soap and bar soaps and disinfectants like izal and dettol production. Also, we have up to-date production process for Dettol. Please read it up.

12. Book Seller / Book Distributor: The business of selling or distributing book is very profitable.  This is the business where Bible sales and distribution is involved, professional books, scientific books, primary,secondary and University books.
If you have money, then you make adequate contact with Importers of books into Nigeria and get books directly from them.  But if you don’t have much money, then do market research on a niche group of people and their book needs, so that you buy those books your target people need and supply to them. This is what many big Bookshops do regularly.  They have people that demand for religious books, inspirational books and others regularly and deliver to them

13.Frozen fish Business: You can do it by starting with any capital you can afford as a distributor. It is best profit because some people in Nigeria can not afford cost meat for their home. If you live in Lagos, you would have noticed that Cold room business can be started without much. Once you have a deep freezer and a small generator, you are ready to do business and people are turning to fish today instead of meat.

14. Detergent and soap business: I guaranteed you can be a millionaire in less than a year if you are into this venture at a popular market as a distributor or a producer. Household and female trading consumers still hunt it everyday and every year. We have a comprehensive piece on this subject, please read it up.
15. Flour business: You can start this business with N50,000 or any other capital you can afford as a distributor or retailer and make good turnover because bakery business owners and puff-puff business still buy it for their business. 

Flour business can be done on a small scale level - as a retailer of flour, If on a small scale, you must open shop as a Flour businessman selling flour in bags as well as retail.  You can start with three or four bags, open one bags and pour out into different basin with different measures while the remaining two or three bags could be sold directly to customers. 

If you decide to enter the business, you have not done before, caution must be exercised by you. Start with little money and learn the ropes. Understand the business, the risks inherent, opportunities and threat as well as the secrets like where you buy the commodity cheapest, the time form such sales, the ways and means to sell the product and make profit.

How to package it, market and sell it and who are the people that needs the goods and those that buy it. If there are issues with any of the product(s), how is it resolved, who understands the product or service more than others?. There are many more deep secrets you need to know about the business before your millions begins to flow.  Without knowing these secrets, you will face challenges after your investment.

Beloved, there are many spirits speaking to people today, asking them to do the wrong things - Suicide, divorce, kill and destroy.  But the Spirit of God guides you to the right choices and tells you things to come. 

That Spirit of God comes into your life when you give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  

Will you accept Him today?

Say this Prayer: 
Lord Jesus I come to you as a sinner.
I am sorry for my sins, forgive me.
I believe you died for my sins, and was raised for my justification. 
Come into my heart be my Lord and Saviour, 
Give me the grace to serve You in truth and spirit. 
Thank You for saving my soul - I am born again!

His grace be with you all. 


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