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HOW NOT TO DENY CHRIST...........When there is Fear on Every side!

1. Salvation is a sure key to healing, deliverance, breakthroughs etc
2. But, these are not the essence of salvation!
3. Salvation is more than miracles, signs and wonders...It is the way to eternity!
4. When you shine the light you are...His Name is glorified!

Christianity is presented today as a solution to the different issues of life.  When you are sick and need healing, when you need a good husband/wife or when there is a stubborn strong man troubling your life.  

All that is correct of Christianity and the freedom Jesus purchased for us at the cross of Calvary. Jesus said in Mathew 11:28 come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, I will give you rest

But that is not the essence of salvation.  Salvation is the reconciliation of man to God for the purpose of restoring the fellowship for which God created man.  Salvation is the forgiveness of the sins of man, deliverance from sin and worldliness unto serving God.

Because of how people perceive the salvation, they see going to church and fellowship for the immediate gains of healing, breakthrough and physical prosperity that Jesus gives to His followers, so we have multitudes in the church today who are not committed in the house of God.  We have converts who are not interested in becoming members, not to talk of being disciples of Christ.

Some people are in church because they see a lot of crowd in the church and so for them, something must be happening there. So, they can visit two to three different churches in a month and continue that way without committing themselves in any of the churches.

Believers are called to a life of honesty, truth and service to God and man. The christian life of righteousness and holiness often attracts persecution and some unplanned hardship, arising mainly from people's reaction and anger at the degree of separation a person's life is from theirs.

Believers are strangers on earth, this is not our home, our home is in heaven.  So, everything is done to make a believer work-out his/her salvation according to God's word and standards. We are pilgrims here and our sojourn here is for a short time.

Sometimes, a christian is suffering lack in some areas of life, unfulfilled dreams in another area, which combines to put pressure on him or her and sometimes make such a person to doubt if he is actually serving God. When the problem continues for long, even neighbours will start asking where is your God, yet the child of God is not ashamed of the condition to the extend of refusing to serve his/her God.  This is an important mark of Sonship - Not being ashamed of God in difficult times!

Jesus said t His disciples "If any man will follow me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me" - Math 16:24.  This means there is a cross for each believer to carry and follow Jesus till that cross is removed by the power of God.  The irony of the matter is that what constitutes the cross is not well understood by many a believer and if that be the case, how do you know when you are following Christ aright and when you are on your own.

I wish to submit here that the cross a child of God would have to carry could manifest in different ways to different people, but surely, everyone would have a cross to carry. Some people's cross would be marrying a wrong wife or husband who would torment that Saint for almost all their lives, but he/she cannot divorce her or him - for God hates divorce...you have to continue to pray until God remembers that home and resolve the problem - That's a cross!

Some peoples cross would be poverty and hardship, which will prove too difficult to erase.  Seeming lack of favour that defiles every effort, you may have to carry on and follow the master till God answers you.  Some people may see childlessness as a problem that has defiled their efforts, prayer and deliverance.  

Yet for others, it could be loneliness.  You have done all you can to be accepted and appreciated by others, to no avail, you must still hold on to Christ till the right person comes your way.  You will not reject God or refuse His call because nobody loves you...NO!

Equally important to note is the fact that tough and threatening situations can also present a cross that we should carry as believers in Christ, A contractor has executed the job for which he got orders and his payment is being delayed.  The people in the office want bribe before they can process payment.  You need the money, but you do not want to pay bride...so they keep siting on your money.  You have to endure! 

I experienced it and till date, the company is still holding my hard earned money captive, they have refused to pay me with the excuse they are out of cash.  Other suppliers and contractor got all their bills paid, but they say I did not come to see any of them! - That's a cross!!

Here's another illustration - A professor took three ladies to his office and gave them an exam question paper to answer in his office, with books opened, the girls did a thorough job on the questions and later, they told some of their friends and the information leaked to the Student union and the School authorities.

The school commissioned an investigation into the leakage. Members of the committee knew the secretary of the professor to be a christian and a believer who always preach the word in the campus. so they decided to approach him to tell them the truth of the matter, since he would not lie. They encouraged him to appear before the committee and say all he knew about the matter.

The secretary sought the advice of fellow believers on the campus and they told him to be bold and speak the truth. His heart was troubles greatly because of the consequence of the truth on the professor, his boss.  He got home and told the wife what was happening in the school and the wife warned him to be wise.  She cautioned him to stay away from trouble, as according to her she does not want any problems.  She told him to be careful what he tells the committee.

He got to the committee the next morning and denied ever knowing any thing about the leakage, though he was in the office.  He saw the professor with some ladies, but did not see them writing the exam in his office or any such thing.  So the Professor was discharged as there was no case found against him.  

After the matter ended, one of the committee members came to the christian believer and say to him  'You use to preach and share Tracts to us here in the campus.  We came to you to hear the truth of a matter that happened in your presence and you denied it'.  From this time forward, you dare not share any tracts or preach to anyone in this campus.  The day you try to preach again, I will challenge you to your face...you are not geniune. 

That was the end of his preaching on the campus - what happened, he traded his cross for peace.  He ignored the cross of Christ and rather settled for peace and his job and the offender went unpunished. 

Many have denied Christ is situations like that one with serious consequences.  Some have offered their body to get a job, defiled their marriage to get promotion in the place of work, to the extent that people would start wondering if that man or woman is not a born again Christian.  -  What a way to deny Christ.

Many years ago, by best friend wife who functioned temporarily as a PA to a business mogul in the Insurance industry would confess to us that the way married women flock her boss office, even with their wedding rings on their finger is so humiliating to her as a married woman.  They want promotion, position of influence and money and with such greed, defiled their body and marriage with careless abandon!

Will you honour Christ in your office, position and condition?  That is also a cross you cannot ignore to carry.  Many tell lies because of the consequences of the truth, but that is not for a believer in Christ.  You are the light yourself, you cannot be darkness.  You are the light of the world, whenever the truth is needed, they will come tom you to hear the truth and nothing but the whole truth. May you never fail God or be found wanting in Jesus name!

Until you carry your cross clearly and unashamedly, God may not not be able to manifest His glory in your life.  People who are ashamed or fearful will hardly carry the glory of God.  Think about this today.

What is that condition that makes you feel ashamed. speak to it today and command the situation to turn in your favour as it will not stop you from serving the Lord or manifesting His glory.  Resist the condition and reduce the weight to zero, looking unto Christ and ignoring the problem till it reverses after your decree in Jesus name, if you can have faith to speak the word, it will surely come to pass shortly.


Friends, Jesus Christ is coming soon.  Prepare to meet your Lord and Saviour clothed with spotless garment. 


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