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How Faulty Foundation destroys MINISTRY - Pastor caught in the Church!

Pastor Caught with 2 female church members
What wrong foundation could do to a Pastor...

One of the two 'deadly' things for a Pastor or Prophet to 'touch' are WOMEN AND MONEY.   

You do not touch God's money if you want to prosper in ministry and secondly, you must be careful with women...You dare not go near an apple that is not yours, either to look, touch or examine, if you do that, you are practically finished.  

The witches in the church will wait for you at the Pastor's Church to 'waste' you slowly. Imagine what will happen, when you have a faulty foundation as a Pastor.  You have not broken your fallow grounds, destroyed through prayers  the evil deeds of your fore-fathers that could speak against you in the future, then the devil can stage any drama with such a Pastor at any time. 

Who would imagine that the Pastor will find two women in his own church for this shameful act.  But it is the spirit living inside the Pastor that brought these women to him and arranged the whole show in order to disgrace him.  

It's just the Dragon inside the women being attracted by the dragon inside the man, and the unthinkable becomes easy.
What is a faulty foundation?
It is the secret act of your fore-fathers with heavy consequence on your life that you do not know...or that you refuse to do anything about. Things like evil dedication, Murders, secret covenants and other acts of wickedness done by your parents without your knowledge.

The bible says If the foundation be destroyed, what shall the righteous do...He/she would have to pray, pray and pray until God repairs that foundation for him.  God repairs foundation through our prayers and He delivers us the sins and errors of our fore-fathers.

If the Pastor was dedicated to a marine spirit while he was young without him knowing, or it could be someone told him and he say it does  not matter, he is born again and washed  by the blood of Jesus, that may be true, but a marine spirit is holding on the the covenant his parents entered with the spirit and the spirit is claiming that the Pastor is his own.  Until the evil dedication is destroyed, he will not be free from the torment of that evil spirit.

Pastors and indeed children of God should make inquiries about their foundation in order to pray and destroy evil secret covenants, evil dedication that could work against them in the future.  For a Pastor to desire to sleep with other men's wife, he is under the influence of a strong marine spirit, which will normally want to disgrace him for opting to serve God instead of serving the Queen of the Coast - a marine demon.

For him to consider doing this drama within the Church premises - in his office is another indication that the demon has gained total control of him and it is the demon that is directing him on what he should do.  When that happens, disgrace is nearby for such a child of God.  The reason is simple, the demon will demand such a thing at wrong places and wrong times to disgrace the person.

This is why many people masturbate in the open today, at the parks, buses, offices and other places.  They are helpless, the spirit of lust, spirit of woman has taken over their thinking and sometimes attitude and they cannot help themselves.  They need our prayers because this is not normal.  This drama is very unfortunate.  

The women involved in this shameful act will not even bother themselves.  They were agents used by the devil to fulfill its desire of disgracing a Pastor.  When the devil give his agents assignment to carry out, it does not matter whether such a woman or man is married, they must do what their master, the devil has assigned them.  They are not even remorseful.

The looser in all these is the Pastor who has been disgraced and probably that will terminate his ministry, at least in Cameroon. Children of God must be careful, continually assess the spirit speaking to them.  When you hear strange voices, you are not sure is not the Holy Spirit, go for deliverance.

Deliverance is a prayer program set aside to address uncommon spiritual problems, no child of God should ignore, reject or castigate deliverance.  The video clip you are about to watch is work of powers under the water, coordinated by witchcraft spirit targeted at destroying anything that is associated with God.


A Cameroonian pastor was allegedly caught red-handed having a threesome with 2 married members of his church.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the said pastor and the women were paraded naked and as can be the seen in the video, their faces have swollen up which shows that they were beaten when they were caught.

The bodies are also dirty with mud all over them. They were taken by the security probably to avoid being lynched by the angry mob who continued to boo and jeer them. It's such a shame that the pastor will stoop so low to have sex with married women and members of the church.  Sad

Watch the video.

THIS IS TERRIBLE - No child of God should be ignorant of evil dedication and secret covenants made by parents and guardians especially in Africa.  A person dedicated to idols, marine spirit or even witchcraft spirit can hardly walk in holiness until such a covenant is broken through deliverance prayers.
The evil spirit will be sending wrong people to them, wrong wife to marry, wrong friends and associates - all these people would be attracted to the person by the same spirit claiming the person to be his own.  A declaration for God by such a person is a declaration of war with all darkness - It's a terrible battle to fight.
Yet, the solution is deliverance and HOLINESS. 
Please let us pray for the Pastor involved that God will show him mercy and restore him.


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