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HOLINESS, IS A MASTER KEY: ........Train your Mind to see, hear and Obey the Lord!


1. Holiness is the Master key that opens all doors in the spirit Deut 15;28:1-14.
2. Holiness is the master key to promotion.
3. Holiness is the master key to healing and deliverance
4. Holiness is the key to your fruitfulness
4. Holiness is also the pathway to heaven!


Holiness is the 'master key' that can open every door to a believer in the spirit.  Holiness is the life of God, it is also a command that God gave His children, He says 'Be ye holy for I your God Am Holy' - Leviticus 19:1, 20:7.

Holiness has been described as setting yourself aside for God and to do the will of God...No problem with that definition.  However, for the sake of simplicity - we can also look at holiness as Obeying God completely.  Doing those things that God say we should do because He is worthy of honour and you do not want to offend a God that is a consuming fire. Also doing those things the Lord wrote down for our benefit here because it is the pathway to heaven.  Without holiness, no eyes shall see the Lord - Heb 12:14

But a man would have to understand himself and be ready to embrace the word of God to do them with joy, not under compulsion.  Everything starts with knowledge and man should know who he is, who God is and who Satan is also.

God created man with spirit, soul and body.  A person is a spirit with a soul living in a body.  Our soul is the intermediary between the body and the spirit.  Our soul is the mind and sometimes taken as our heart.  Since there are three components of a man, whenever two comes into agreement, the third component will have to yield and the action will take place.

When a person gives his life to Jesus, you are born again, your spirit is regenerated, while the soul and body remain what they used to be, waiting to be renewed and cleansed by the word of God. 
Everything begins with the mind where all information are processed, adopted or discarded. Information are sent from the gateways - the eyes, ear into the heart, where they are processed and acted upon or discarded.

Part of the reason for this training is to bring the mind to the level of the new man inside of you, so they can be on the same page in many issues. 

In Math 5:28, Jesus said “whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.  The eyes see the beauty of the woman, alerts the soul and the soul agree with it....and you sin.  This analogy is to show the importance of the soul in the spiritual and physical conduct of a man.
To fulfill our calling here on earth and see the Lord in heaven, we must train the mind on how to follow Jesus.  We must also train the gateways to the follow Jesus Christ. This will subdue the flesh inside of us and release our mind for faithful service to God.

God expects us to do so, and we cannot fail Him.  We must train our mind/heart to be disciplined, to know the word of God, to think and meditate on the word, to be honest, to love righteousness and hate iniquity.
Abiding with Christ: 
The icing truth is that we must learn to abide in Jesus Christ and the simple approach I am sharing here has been proven effectual and simple.  Whatever you do, do it in the name of Jesus, with Jesus and by His name. In the morning, as you wake up from bed..
Thank You Jesus, to brush your teeth, Lord Jesus, I want to brush my teeth, I want to go to Ikeja, at Ikeja, Lord Jesus I am here at Ikeja, about to enter the shop/office, Lord Jesus help me achieve my purpose here today.  When you finish, Lord Jesus I have finished, I am ready to go home, lead me home safely. That way, you are abiding in Jesus.
Then, the next important step is to study and meditate on His Word daily, so that His Word would dwell in you strongly.  The advice is to memorize one scripture every day and you will be surprised at the end of the year, how many scriptures you have in your heart.
We must train our mind to be in tune with our regenerated spirit, to be strong in the Lord and know how to choose between good and evil, to do what is right always and to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.  This is not a gift, but something we must all develop.  Lack of strong will and disciplined mind have sent many Pastors, Ministers of Christ, brothers and sisters down.
Despite the anointing some of these people carry, many preachers have found themselves in hell fire because they could not control their body and keep it under check, others could not discipline their mind to turn away from greed, covetousness and fleshly lusts.
In Psalm 15:4b, the bible listed the requirements of those that will dwell in God’s holy hill, His tabernacle to include “He who swears to his own hurt and does not change”.  This is a disciplined heart ready to bear the consequences of his decision without murmuring.  He stands by his decision, no matter the cost.
Anointing or no anointing, a man without a strong character may not be able to follow Jesus and live a holy and blameless life in this wicked generation.
1.    The mind must know about the doctrine of suffering - serving the Lord involves suffering, persecution, self denial and sometimes hunger. 2 Cor 6:3-11, 2 Tim 2:3

2.    Unconditional surrender to the Lordship of our Lord Jesus  Phil 2:14-16, Phil 3:6-11.

3.    The mind must be trained to hate sin and love righteousness, to be separated from the world unto God,  1 Thes 4:3-7, 1 Cor 6:9-10, 15-20, 2 Cor6:14-28, 2 Cor 7:1

4.    The mind should be trained to love God with the whole man and to fear Him and walk in His ways Deut 10:12-13.

5.    The mind should be trained to accept the doctrine of self denial - Luke 14:26/  Jesus Himself relinquished is position in heaven to come to die on earth.

6.    The mind must be trained to understand that making spiritual progress starts with crucifying the flesh and dying daily to self Phil 3:12-14, Col 3:5-9, Gal 5:19-21.

7.    Kill your members/enemies on earth - fornication, anger, lies, guile etc.

8.    The mind must be aware of imminent judgement of God on the earth - Col 3:1-2, Eph 4:23-32, Col 3:10, 12-17.  To put on the new man.

9.    The mind must also know that perilous times are here - false prophets, profane people will increase, wickedness on the rise  Rom 1:28-32, 2 Peter 2:1-4,14.

10.    The mind must be trained in walk in the spirit, be ready to fight spiritual battles - Rom8:5-9, 2 Cor 10:3-6 - pulling down strongholds etc.

The multitude followed Jesus Christ, but only a few became disciples, only a few could hold on to Him and only a few could withstand the heat of following Him.  The Jews wanted to have Jesus and Moses at the same time, but Christ had nothing to do with that.
You cannot serve two masters, He said. Math 6:24, you cannot keep your tradition and rituals, while claiming to be followers of Christ, you cannot serve God and Mammon.  Divided mind is a major reason why many cannot serve God faithfully.
They end up professing Christ, but in conduct deny Him.  They will end up serving God with their lips, while their heart is far from God.- Math 15:8-9
There are conditions for following Jesus Christ: - Luke 14:25-33
1.    You must deny whatever you are and what you have.  Everything else must come second.

2.    Count the cost of following him before you venture into it - As Ruth did before following Naomi - not everyone can complete the raceit does not rebel

3.    You must carry your cross every day and follow Him.  Whether poor or rich, your holy and righteous obligations must be carried out.  Whether you are happy or sad, you must continue in good works, whether beaten or cheated, no excuse for falling back to evil...forward ever till the end

4.    A call to follow Jesus is a call to battle.  Believers are in the battle field and the enemy is busy looking for who to destroy, how to enter into peoples’ lives.  Before you gave your life to Christ, you were paying allegiance, so no troubles.  But the moment you declare your interest for Christ to serve God, the devil will let all hell loose against you.  Yes!

5.    You become his enemy and target of attacks.  He is ready to throw anything at you from loss of job to sickness, frustration to denial of rights.  You must be ready to fight back at the devil if you want to enter into eternal inheritance in Jesus.  If you are not ready for spiritual battles, to spend hours and days in prayer, then you better forget it.
6. The mind must know how to cooperate with the Spirit and body to fulfill the purpose of God.  This is important, so it does not rebel when it should be cooperating with you.  

Look at the example of Jesus Christ who came to give His life a ransom for many - Math 20:28, John 15:13.  The time came for Him to die, and suddenly the soul began to struggle over his death. The soul became sorrowful even unto death, resisting that he should not die - Math 26:38.  

The soul saw the death as a cup that could be removed from Him after all, with God all things are possible.  The soul thought that Jesus could talk it over with the Father....
Remember Jesus had to take his disciples to Gethsemane for prayer....serious prayers that the sweat from his body was like blood.  The soul was at war with the spirit and our Lord had to pray asking “ O My Father, if it was possible, let this cup pass away from me, nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will Math 26:39.
Because the matter was already settled before he left heaven to come to the earth, the Father did not answer Him. In Math 27:46, Jesus cried out with a loud voice....Eli, Eli Sabatani - meaning My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?  This is what the soul can do!
1.    Study, memorize the scriptures and saturate yourself with God’s truth -Psalm 119:11
2.    Meditate on the Word of God  daily - Psalm 1:1-3 Don’t meditate on the state of the nation, work or family problems, it could cause hypertension.  Meditate on the word, when faced with trouble, meditate on the promises of God - He will never forsake you  -Heb13:5 etc

3.    Do the Word - Math &:24-25.  Blessed are you when you do the word.  It is not enough to study, memorize and meditate, you must be a doer of the word.
4.    Engage yourself in consistent prayer life.  Talk to God daily and always, pray for yourself and others, your nation, the world, the work of God etc.

Praise God!


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