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Trust God

GOD IS GENEROUS.............Be Diligent and your labour will be rewarded!

Serving God is so rewarding for man, both in the present and in the time to come.  Why is that - Because God is God!  Creator of all things and with whom nothing is impossible.  In Hebrew 11, made it clear that God is the rewarder of those that diligently serve Him.

So, diligence is required to receive reward for our services.  Diligence can simply be said to mean, 'serving God on His own terms'.  Diligence means to run the race according to the rules and not for us to serve God as we like...NO! 

If we are not diligent receive instructions from Him and run with it, or if we decide to serve Him on our own terms, our services are not accepted and no reward will proceed from the heavenly storehouse to us.  Serving God diligently and faithfully brings several blessings like protection from untimely death, healing, deliverance and fruitfulness in every area of life.

When you serve God with a perfect heart, then your soul will be secured in Him.  Perfect heart means that you are doing those things which please the Lord always and you are thinking what the Lord is thinking.  He wants people to go out and win souls, and you are also think and so the same thing. Good!

In 2 Chronicles 25:2, the bible recorded that  Amaziah served God with an imperfect heart. And because his heart was not perfect with God, he did those things which were right in the sight of the LORD, but not with a perfect heart.

And Amaziah said to the man of God, But what shall we do for the hundred talents which I have given to the army of Israel? And the man of God answered, The LORD is able to give thee much more than this.

Amaziah was the King of Judah and in order to protect the people from the idolatrous Edomites, he needed to raise an army. He managed to enlist 300,000 men of Judah for the fight, but felt as if he still needed more help. Israel was a divided kingdom. Amaziah agreed to pay to the ten tribes of the King of Israel 100 Shekels of Silver if they could muster another 100,000 men to join with Judah in the battle.

The people of Israel had also become idolatrous. God sent a "Man of God" to Amaziah and commanded him to send the Israelite army back home. If he allowed them to join him in the battle, they would lose. Amaziah obeyed God. But after God gave Amaziah the victory over the idolatrous Edmonites, he brought their very same idols back to the land of Judah and began to worship them! What a bewitchment!

As believers, I wonder how many times we do the same? We know that the wages of sin is death and yet we persist in doing the very things that we know as sin. Many of us are believers, but the old man is still very strong in our lives as to determine what we do from time, especially on things that affect our emotion...we are still lusting.

One thing that is important with serving God is diligence. We should endeavour to be in the will of  God always.  Sometimes you never understand certain aspects of the will of God, yet, you are expected to follow through, resting in His ability to save and deliver you from trouble.

A Pastor once had an interesting encounter he never thought has anything to do with the will of God, but alas, God was in the midst of it all.  This Pastor's wife was a medical doctor.  Over the years, the Pastor had built up his faith  and had enjoyed divine health.  But one day he took ill and his wife insisted he should go for medical checkup.  After much resistance, he agreed and was confined to a hospital bed.

While on the bed, he observed a man was keenly looking at him studying the bible and he asked if the man was a christian.  He said he used to be. Used to be?  What happened?  The man revealed that he was an evangelist who was committed to the things of the gospel, but fell into sin.  He could not forgive himself and the devil capitalized on this and kept telling him, he would never restored to faith again, given that he had crucified Christ a second time.  He believed the lies of the devil and backslided and contacted a terminal illness and was now waiting to die.

The Pastor immediately swung into action and showed him scriptures that God would forgive him if he could confess his sins. He did and reconciled with God.  He became happy and joyful as all the gilt and fear were gone.  The following day, the pastor's medical report showed he was healthy and free to go home.  Just before he left the hospital, he asked for the evangelist and was told he died  that night.  It was then that the Pastor realized that God had sent him to the hospital bed in order for him to restore a backslider...so the backslider could come home.

You will be faithful and diligent, and your service will count for you in the future.


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