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Trust God

BIG BUM - Craze of the End-Time Woman.........Attention seekers nightmare!

                           Bum lift gone wrong, leaves a MONSTER. 

Terrible Seduction...Why is Vanity being celebrated this end-time?

Bum enlargement (Vanity) is an instrument in the hands of marine spirit to seduce men and pollute the world.  Whenever there is heavy pollution, there will also be rising cases of immorality and perversion, as can be seen today.  If you visit recreation parks and beaches today, you will be shocked what people do in those places.

Men are moved by what they see and the women are doing everything to lure men to themselves.  The desire to look gorgeous and attractive is turning women into strangers in our midst.

The process of fat transfer that changes their body arrangement could go wrong and has actually gone wrong severally, leaving many women dead - more than 20 now and others deformed.

How do you explain the 'basket' bum the lady above is now left with, and she will have to manage throughout her life, yet so many women are longing to extend their buttocks size.

The risk is real and dangerous, but the influence of spirit of lust and seduction will not allow them to see the dangers of their risky desire.

Ladies - Don't let your beauty deceive you. Beauty is transient - it disappears with time and you are left alone with a MONSTER to carry through your life.

Friends, Jesus Christ is coming soon.  Prepare to meet your Lord and Saviour clothed with spotless garment. 


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