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NEED A MIRACLE?..........Learn how to Position yourself for Miracles



Anybody who have visited the President of his country or a high ranking officer of the Military will understand that people plan for such a visit, be it a courtesy call or an official invitation.  That is the mindset required when you want to receive a miracle from the Lord Jesus Christ. 

In the Exodus 19:9-21, God told Moses to go down and prepare the people for His visitation.  He was to sanctify the people on the first day, they wash their clothes on the second day and on the third, the Lord will come into their midst, upon Mount Sinai.

That was the pre-visit preparation, when the Almighty eventually comes down upon Mount Sinai, the people must also be in-check, so that they do not break through unto the Lord on the mountain, to gaze and many of them perish.

Awaiting for a miracle is actually expecting divine visitation and it required all the preparation and discipline you can gather. Though the examples in the bible should be enough, we will touch on more aspects to this waiting game.is enough.  

Many of us are at our best when we have reached our own end. When all our every effort has failed and we are tired of trying, at that moment we are ready to give God a chance to help us and change the situation.  If in as much as we are still trying and doing our own, in the hope of an alternative way to victory, the Holy Ghost may never have full access in the person's life.

Let us look at the biblical examples:

Hannah stopped Eating - 1 Samuel 1:1-19, Hannah first took food away from her mouth and fasted and prayed before the Lord at Shiloh.  Realize that Hannah prayed so much that the Priest Eli observed her mouth and notice she was not speaking anything audible.  

She made a vow  -  She took her matter to the Lord with a Vow to return the son to the Lord all the days f the boy's life.  God will always fulfil His own side of any agreement, so when your vow is in the will of the Lord for you, He will answer the prayer and expect us to fulfil our own portion

She Positioned herself in the Church, not at Home - The meeting at Shilor was an annual convention of some sort, but more to than, it is the Lord Himself that called the meeting at Shiloh every year.  So Hannah took advantage of a solemn assembly to present her case before the Almighty God, inside the house of God...She did not sit at home to do the fasting and praying for the opening of her womb.  

Sisters who are looking up to the Lord to conceive should take some of these processes serious.

I desire and every once in a while, take issue to the Almighty in prayer at a remote mountain, states away from where I am leaving in Nigeria. I want to confess that there has never been a time when I went to be "Alone with God' without divine revelation and instructions that precedes solution to my prayer.

Additionally, prepare your heart to receive the miracle.  Faith begins from the heart. 

1 – Make sure your heart is open and free to receive:
You have prayed with faith in your mind, then begin to visualize your answer.  See yourself carrying your baby because God has already decreed against barrenness in Exodus 23:25-27.  It says there shall nothing cast its young or be barren in the kingdom.

After months of asking in prayer, you could proceed to seek for the solution if you were not seeking before.  You are allowed to ask, seek and knock - three levels of prayer.  There is also the seven levels of prayer when the matter to be broken proceeded from a prophetic pronouncement.

2 – Seeking:
You can then begin to seek for the same thing in the hope that God will direct your path to where you will get it.  When you are looking for job for instance, after praying and seeking God's help for a job, you are duty-bound to begin to apply for jobs in the area of your skill, believing that God will help you.

3 – Knocking:
The knocking stage is the aggressive praying time.  A sister was removed from her position in the office and sent to a less important section as a way to punish her.  When the burst settled, she started daily night vigil and continued in the night vigil for approximately one year...and she was restored back to her originasl job and position, and additionally promoted.

When you knock aggressively unto the door of the Almighty God, He will answer and turn your sorrows to joy.

4 – Maintain an attitude of Gratitude:
Give the Almighty God continual praise and worship.  Show Him you love Him and depending on Him alone. Thank Him for answered prayers and continue thanking Him till you take hold of your answer.


When Abraham was waiting for his son Isaac, from his story in the bible, it is easy to discern that he was always reminding the Lord about his promised blessing.  It was this persistence that the devil saw and decided to tempt him, using his wife.  Just imagine a woman that has no rival or competitor causing her anxiety coming up to her husband and asking him to sleep with her maid, so they can have a son, even after God had promised them for years.

Reject Satanic Alternatives - So, while praying and believing God for anything, let it be sealed that solution should be the Lord's way.  Close your ears to every advise of the devil, no matter who is the person making you the proposal.  There was a time when Satan entered Peter and spoke to Jesus through Peter, asking Him never to go to Jerusalem to be killed...Jesus of course rebuked the devil in Peter and he left Peter alone.

Don't be Afraid - Still on caution, while waiting, do not be afraid, no matter the turn of events, remember the Lord has promised to stay with you till the end of time.  Saul became afraid of the turnout of events when Samuel did not come within the seven days he said he would come.  

The people saw their enemies surrounding them and scattered.  Saul became perplexed, afraid and eventually asked that the sacrifice be brought to him, and he actually offered the sacrifice, which in itself is a strange fire unto the Lord - for the Lord did not demand it from him, but God did not kill him because he was the King of Israel.  However, that was the reason his kingdom was brought to an end in Israel.

Friends, all the talk about economy, poverty and miracles will continue till Christ come. The question is "Where will you spent eternity - in heaven or hell". This is the time to work out your salvation...Now is the acceptable time.


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