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WHO IS THE GOD OF .....Your father-in-the-Lord - How to know who!

Who is he?  -  Mathew 7:21-23
  • Many are saying the God of my Pastor is my God in ignorance
  • Satan is not afraid of your preaching the word, he is afraid of your submitting to the Lordship of Christ.
  • With Satan, you can even preach righteousness, as long as you submit to him and he is the source of your power and miracles, he is okay.
  • We are in the End-time and many fake prophets are already in operation
  • Believers should discern the spirit at work in the life of a man and ministry.


Many of the believers in Africa have already become familiar with the saying 'God of my father-in-the-Lord.  The question is - Who is he?

I feel compelled to tell children of God that you cannot be under the covering of a man anointed by the devil and hope to enter heaven.  This is a great delusion that is happening today.

Whether the man is a bishop or prophet, you must ask God to reveal the Pastor or Prophet to you, if you are not sure whether he is of God.  No matter the miracle happening anywhere, if God is not there, He is not there. I know that for the poor and hopeless, prophesy, deliverance and prosperity has almost become the reason for being a Christian, but it is more than that.

Jesus died to bring you out of the kingdom of darkness into the marvelous light of the gospel of Christ, unto eternal.  But if you remain under the spiritual authority of an agent of Satan, your salvation is in vain.

We are living in a world of deception, when many things are turned upside down and nothing seem to be constant, except the word of God.  Believers has fallen in love with prophesy so much that they can pay any amount to have a one-on-one discussion with a 'Prophet', without minding where the power behind the prophesy is coming from.

The truth remains that many of today's prophesy is not coming from God.  When it comes from God, no special effort is required for things to happen, you don't need to pay so much money to see the prophet.  I have been opportuned to meet many men of God in Nigeria, I mean the leading lights and fathers of faith in Nigeria and there was no consultation fee needed for me to see or meet with them.

The work of God  - God's works must of necessity flow from His throne. God's throne is established upon authority as all things has been created by the authority of God. This is why Heb1:3b says that God upholds all things by His word, which is of His authority.  The bible did not say that God upholds all things by His power.  God's authority represents God Himself, while God's power represents God's works.

In the whole universe, only God is authority and so, sin against the authority of God is a sin against God Himself.  All other authority is appointed by God.  Rebellion against God's authority is a serious sin that is hard to forgive...that was the sin of Satan, which caused his down fall.  

So, in the service to God, we must not violate the authority of God because once we fall into such an error, then rebellion is in place, and that is the principle of Satan.  This is why it is possible for us to think we are serving God, when in actual fact it is the devil we are serving.  There is the possibility that we can stand in principle on Satan's side, while standing on Christ side in doctrine.

Satan is not afraid of your preaching - A man can be preaching the word of God with accuracy and charisma, while the power behind his miracles is from Satan.  A man can be teaching faith and preaching faith with human skill, but in actual fact, he is not even born again.  A man can prophesy and perform miracles while preaching the word of God, but the power with which he is prophesying is from darkness, so he gives you accurate prophesy and you are seduced to think he is a man of God, meanwhile he is not of God at all.

Power of Confession - When you say, The God of a man of God is your God, make sure he is serving the Almighty God, God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, otherwise you are submitting to a strange god.

This error means that if the Pastor/prophet is secretly serving Satan without you knowing, then you are saying ignorantly saying that Satan and his demons are your god...God forbid. 

Test every spirit - Believers must be careful to discern the spirit at work in a man's life and his ministry.  Jesus said "Not all the people calling Me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven.  It is only those who do the will of His Father.  He further explained that on that day, they will say to Him, did we not perform miracles in your name, did we not cast out demons in your name and many mighty miracles...all in your name.  Then the Lord will answer and say to them I know you not, you workers of iniquity - Mathew 7:21-23.

This is the era of deception.  The devil is using miracles , signs and wonder to deceive people inside the church of God.  

Revelation - I was meditating on this matter recently when the Lord impressed it in my heart that many believers are saying the God that man of God is their God ignorantly.  They are making a serious confession, without knowing who the god of the said man of God is.  A person can be preaching the word of God and prophesying and performing miracles with the power of the devil.

It is my prayer that many of those people saying the God of Bishop Trump, the God of Prophet  Putin or Pastor UKMay are their God, should diligently inquire from the Lord , who the Pastor is and the source of his powers.  Test the spirit at work in the life of the men and women of God.  

Conclusion - May you never be deceived or seduced by oratory, prophesy, signs and wonders to annul your salvation through your confession.

Beloved, the kingdom of heaven is at hand, repent and serve the Lord.


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