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Trust God

VALUE YOUR SALVATION............Else, You can lose it - YES!

Value your salvation, guide it wittingly!

The salvation of your soul is very precious.
It was bought with a price - The blood of Jesus.
Its your priceless Gift you must learn to cherish and guide.

God created heaven and earth and gave authority over the earth to man (Adam), telling him to have dominion over it.  However, Adam did not understand the importance of the dominion God gave him, and so could not guide it wittingly. 

His wife, Eve cared little about the dominion and so the devil came with deceit unto the woman and deceived her to eat the forbidden fruit.  The fall of the woman paved way for the easy fall of the man and the dominion was gone.  The devil, that crafty serpent was now in control with the dominion over the world and man became his slave as it were.  

God had to send His Son, Jesus Christ to wrestle the 'Dominion mandate' from the devil, so that whosoever believes in Christ are separated from the grip of the devil and can exercise authority over Satan and his agents.

The devil rules a person until he or she repents and accepts Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour and continues in the Lord, subjecting himself or herself to the word and teachings of Christ.  Such a person must also reject the devil and his agents and all the things they offer people today as alternative to what God promised us.

When a person reject Satan in spirit and truth, then Jesus becomes the master of his life.  This can be done effectively when you can identify the agents of Satan offering people alternative teachings, doctrines and products and services that is meant to be an alternative to what God offers. For instance, in Nigeria and probably Africa, we have:

  1. Herbalists - Offering traditional medicine with roots and herbs garbed with incantations.
  2. Native Doctors - Offering cure to different demonic attacks without Christ being involved
  3. Goddess Priests - Mostly women providing solution to spiritual attacks without Christ
  4. Witchcraft agents, Sorcerers, Occultists, Fake Pastors and Prophets.
  5. Fortune Tellers, Psalmists etc.

A believer in Christ have no business consulting these people and other secret societies for help whatsoever, because when you accept their solution and what they offer, you have also accepted Satan and remain under his dominion and the salvation prayer and confession becomes of no effect to you.  The person that subjects himself wholly to Jesus authority is free from Satan's dominion.

People who live outside of Christ think they are living their own life and doing their own thing, but this is not true because without Christ, you belong to the sinful side and under the automatic and subtle control of the devil.  This is why some people say they just feel like dressing this way or that way, not knowing the voice advising them is of the devil.

If we remain in Christ, we have power to exercise discretion and to reject to wrong voice and sensual promptings the devil will throw at us.  We can boldly say no to drinking alcohol, clubbing or smoking.  You can say no to strange voice and dictates of the devil because of the victory of Jesus Christ, thus we have victory over sin and over Satan.

If we abandon Jesus Christ directly or indirectly, we return to the control of Satan and if a person dies in that state, he or she goes to hell. Some rich and comfortable don't even bother to go to church.  Some of them ask "what are they going to teach them?. I am comfortable here, what do I want again that will take me to church and which is going to preach anyway - This is wrong.  Everyone living need God and must praise and worship Him.

Some people are unable to attend church meetings and participate actively in the house of God because of their good jobs.  With time, such believers find alternative and 'productive or healthy' activity to don on Sunday morning.  Such believers are toying with their precious salvation and taking their freedom from Satan for granted and with time, they begin to experience prayerlessness and lack of power  to resist temptations.

Without fear of God, resistance to sin becomes zero and the enemy enters back into that life and his or condition becomes complex.  This is the reality of many who are still going to church once a month and engaging in many sinful acts and choices without the ability to stop themselves. The secret rot sets in gradually and soon the emptiness they will experience may have to be filled with sinful options and their salvation is gone.

This is the salvation story.  A person can lose it and people unfortunate lose their salvation if they abandon Jesus  Christ and continue to sin.  That will not be your portion child of God!

Beloved, the time is short, Jesus is coming soon.  Prepare to meet your Saviour and the time to prepare is NOW.  Give your heart to the Lord today, if you have not done that before,  Don't wait for another day! If you do, He will grant you deliverance from limitations and give you divine direction which will reduce your struggles in life.

Say this Prayer: Lord Jesus I come to you as a sinner. I believe you died for my sins, and was raised for my justification. Forgive my sins, come into my heart be my Lord and Saviour, give me the grace to serve you faithfully. Thank You Jesus - I am born again!

His grace be with you all in Jesus Christ name.  

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