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Trust God

Righteous man's Obedience.......And fulfillment of God's Plan

Ref:  Mathew 1: 1-25

  • Joseph was a just man, Mary a prayerful virgin
  • Mathew, the Tax Collector rose to become the Author of Mathew
  • Joseph and Mary live in marital fidelity till the birth of Christ 
  • They chose to honour God at the expense of their reputation and pleasure


This is the story of Joseph and Mary's faithfulness to God in bringing the plan of God to a success.  It also marks the beginning of a systematic review of all the books of the New Testament, in the hope that the Holy Spirit will guide our study and open our eyes of understanding to the scriptures.

Mathew is the 40th book of the Bible with 28 Chapters and 1,071 verses. It was authored by Mathew, also called Levi, the Tax collector, son of Alphaeus and one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ.  Mathew was believed to have preached the gospel in Judea for close to 15 years before taking the gospel to Ethiopia and beyond. Apostle Mathew was one of the Apostles that did not suffer Martyrdom.

Mathew started with the history of Jesus Christ being the Son of David, the Son of Abraham because Abraham was the first from whose family it was predicted that Messiah should spring (Genesis 22:18) and David was the last to receive the same promise.  Jesus was born 4,200 years after Abraham (42 generations) to show the faithfulness of God and the fact that 1,000 years is like a day for God.

Before we look into the obedience and faithfulness of Joseph, let us note that from verse 18, the bible began to tell the story of Jesus birth and the events and circumstances surrounding it.  We can see that the events leading to his birth and even after, showed that his personality was hidden and He himself never exposed Himself until the time came that He should be manifested for all to see.

Because of these happenings, many did not believe Him when it was revealed because they were ignorant of the many prophesies that went out on Him before conception and birth (Isaiah 7:14, 9:6-7, 61:1-3, Zechariah 9:9, Isaiah 40:9, 42:1 etc).  

The people that were aware of the prophesies could not believe Him because of their canal thinking. They had thought the Messiah would come with mighty earthly army and power to liberate Israel from her enemies.  But they were wrong, Christ came not with earthly security and heavily armed body guards, rather He can with heavenly angels who guided and ministered to Him.

From verse 18, the story of Christ's birth began to unfold. He was born to Joseph, a just man and Mary, a prayerful young virgin.  This is a perfect combination for a child with strong heavenly mandate on his head - a righteous and holy couple.

The bible already described Joseph as a just man, but Mary's attributes can be deduced from her interaction with angel Gabriel sent from God to her in Galilee (Luke 1:16-31).  She understood the language of the angel, but only wondered how it would come to pass, giving that she knew no man yet.  When the angel answered and said to her "The power of the Holy Ghost shall come upon her", she also understood and responded by saying " Be it unto me according to thy word"

Mary was not just a virgin in Israel, she was a lover of God, who followed the things of God fervently. She knew there was the God of Israel, who leads His people and sends angels with Words and instruction to them.  She knew of the promised Messiah, and the law and kept herself pure in the heart.  Mary was not the only virgin in Israel during her time, but for her to find favour with God, means she had a heart for God, fervent in the spirit and humble. 

The same can be said of Joseph her husband, who discovered she was pregnant and thought it wise and prudent not to disgrace her, but to put her away quietly - To return her to her parents without a quarrel. But while he was still pondering on these things, the angel of the Lord appeared unto him to explain the 'riddle' - That Mary was carrying the promised Messiah, Son of God whose name shall be called JESUS, for He shall save His people from their sins.

The bible recorded that Joseph afterwards cancelled the plan to return her back to the parents. He took her back and she lived with him till she brought forth her first born son JESUS. This young man Joseph demonstrated that the ability to obey God does not depend on age, but reverence.  He further demonstrated discipline, fidelity and self-control expected of a just man.  

Joseph and Mary understood the implication of what God was doing with them and the reason God choose them in the whole Israel and they both of them refrained from marital relationship until Jesus was born. It is important for believers who want God to use them to diligently seek to know God and His ways and live a holy and God fearing life, maintaining purity of heart and good works. 

Joseph obedience meant that many people who lived in the days of Jesus, who did not know about the prophesies about Him, never knew that Jesus was not the biological son of Joseph. Thus Joseph helped to conceal the identity of the Son of God until it was time for His manifestation.  

This secrecy was endorsed by Christ Himself when He stopped the demons from talking because they knew who He was. He often told the disciples to keep his identity secret as it was part of the plan of God - For had they known Him, they would not have crucified Him and that would have delayed the redemption plans of God. 

Thus, Joseph showed how a righteous man can cooperate with the plan of God and facilitate its fulfillment.  He took back his wife without any noise and hid the paternity of the child Jesus Christ, he and his wife Mary, restrained themselves from marital affairs till the birth of JESUS, thus preferring God's plan at the expense of their reputation and pleasure.
Beloved, purify yourselves and you will become a vessel in the hands of the Almighty God.  He is no respecter of persons.  it is written that in every nation and age, he that feareth the Lord and do righteously is accepted (Acts 10:35).  God is looking for vessel even today.  People who would fear Him and work righteously in a corrupt and sinful world like ours.
In what area of areas is God asking you to cooperate in the fulfillment of His plan, it could be in bringing up your children in the way of the Lord, which is a hard task today due to the influence of internet, cable TV and high capacity phones.

Many men of God work tirelessly everyday in the church and in Prayer, without  carrying their wife and children along. Some say they don't want to be distracted, so they lead prayer and evangelism meetings, teaching and encouraging people to amend their way and become better Christians, but their children at home, nobody is motivating them to change.  The congregation change and children of the Pastor remain the same....  Is that right?

So, lets all decide to be counted on the Lord's side today.  Let us forsake idols, lust and corruption, occultism, witchcraft and pursuit of money and power in this world, and turn to God with all our heart, so that God can use us mightily.

Beloved, the time is short, Jesus is coming soon.  Prepare to meet your Saviour and the time to prepare is NOW.  Give your heart to the Lord today, if you have not done that before,  Don't wait for another day!

If you do so, He will deliver you from your situation and give you divine direction and at the end of life, eternal life.

His grace be with you all.  


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