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REASONS FOR INDECENT DRESSING.......To Church, Office, School by Women!

Subtle Act of Manipulation - Wickedness


Indecent dressing has become a powerful Arm-twisting strategy in the hand of desperate and unbelieving business and career women in today business world. These ladies will dress to emotionally subdue the man at the other end of the negotiation table.

Depending on the man and his maturity level, many times the women win the challenge and the man will be wondering what happened to him - The woman had manipulated him with her flesh projected in a provocative manner and eyes contact. 

Women wearing 'see-through' dresses or spotted open dresses that reveal her treasures has an evil plan.  They are not mad, they have evil intentions to manipulate men with their flesh to obtain favour or money.  

The evil devastates the society, especially children and the youths, who would probably think it is okay to dress that way, especially when they see their senior sister dressing that way. In our societies today, we have little children who do not even have clothes the go beyond their knee, because their mothers wear skimpy dress and buy same for the children.

When you see a corporate lady with indecent dressing, she is going for interview, marketing or there is an issue to discuss with the boss, so she prepares to seduce and weaken the defenses of the man, who will just be smiling when he see her 'killer dressing'.

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Every form of indecent appearance is targeting men to weaken their bargaining power and lure into immoral acts sometimes when they did not harbour such plans.  Indecent dressing is a clear evil used by witches to manipulate the opposite sex and obtain what they want. It works for them as long as men are involved in the negotiation, otherwise if there is no man, their indecent dressing is useless.

In the life of children of God, indecent dressing and similar issues bothers new converts and those who are still babies in the Lord, who will always defend their lustful desire to dress and look like the rest of the world.

One thing about indecent dressing is that it attracts attention; whether it is a negative or positive one, the bottom line is that it attracts attention. People must stare and automatically, such a person is noticed. So, when a girl who feels insecure wants to be noticed, she resorts to indecent dressing. Indecent dressing portrays our society and institution as immoral; if it’s in the church, it portrays the pastor as weak and not spiritually sound. 

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This is very manipulative, very dangerous!

An indecent dress is a dressing that looks inappropriate for the woman or for the occasion.  Perception and societal values play a major role in deciding what is indecent.  Women whose dress reveal sensitive parts of their body are considered indecent, the same goes to ladies whose dress 'project-out' their sensitive parts.

There are many reasons why ladies and women dress indecently to church, office and other places.  Some are as follow:

Parents and adults must dress well and honourably as an example for younger generations.  One believer who was stopped by the ushers at the gate of the church for dressing indecently, immediately stop attending that church because she was not ready to change her dressing.  According to her, “I wore a mini gown, which highlighted my hips and boobs and the ‘old-fashioned’ usher refused to allow me enter the church. Since then, I decided to join another church that won’t judge me based on my dressing, but my heart. Besides, the Lord sees the heart, not the body; so, why should anybody judge me”?

Causes - Though there are several dangers of indecent dressing, countless ladies and women dress that way daily for the purposes known to them. Some of the reasons why young girls come out in indecent dresses include lack of self-esteem

Self esteem - When a young girl feels inadequate, lacking in self-confidence, she will do anything to draw attention to herself and wearing indecent clothes could be her way of doing that. They forget that for every action, there is a reaction; and that is why we have series of cases like rape. Most young women have fallen victims to rape because of the provocative dresses they put on. I believe that, indecent dressing debases womanhood because it tends to expose parts of the woman’s body that forms her treasure. 

The pride of women lies in hidden and protected treasure; but when a girl exposes it to the public, it reduces her worth in the sight of everyone in society and it makes the man to lose respect in her; there won’t be anything left for the man to explore. Any man that will come after her will only be doing so out of lust, and just to devour what she has displayed for him. Even if you are decent but decide to wear indecent clothes, people will insult you.

Attention seeking - Women loved to be admired and this is main reason for scanty dressing. When a lady has a fan in the place she is going, she will like to dress well to the admiration of her fan/lover etc.

To make themselves happy - Many times, women think they can be happier when they dress to please themselves.  Many times married women and mothers dress like babies or young girls, they derive so much joy from dressing like a girl.

Single Parentage - When  a young lady is a single parent that has to cater for her child or children, the challenges is usually too much for her and she may be forced by such circumstance to continually seek patronage from men, colleagues and others.  Her dressing will always be sensual and sexy to attract men to her side. The unfortunate part of this matter is that often times, they are possessed by spiritual husband, which causes them to dress the more sexy, despite their age and what society would say.

Peer Pressure -  This is the most common one because young girls who are not properly grounded at home can be very gullible.  They want to belong, they don’t want to be laughed at or ignored; so once they see other girls doing it, getting away with it and attracting the opposite sex, they believe it’s the way forward. I have seen young girls who would rather starve, or not pay for exams or even medicals, than miss out on the newest skimpy skirt or cleavage showing tops, just to feel accepted by others who are neck deep in it. If a young girl does not follow this trend, they are called “old fashioned”, “old school”.

Exposure -  Old and mature ladies do not worry about what you say about their dressing.  For them, their dressing is their business.  Ladies who regard themselves as international ladies, well exposed careless also.

Parental Care -  A lot of parents pride themselves on the fact that they can afford the best things in life for their kids, which is very good.  But they have to be careful what they expose their kids to at an early age.  For instance, some parents need to realize that at a certain age there are some places that their young daughters should not go, and there are some friends they cannot be extremely close to. This might sound harsh but trust me, the saying, “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”, is very strong.

Family Upbringing - : This mostly is caused by the way the child is raised and what she is exposed to at an early age.  As we know, the biggest influence on kids is television, internet, mobile phones and other devices that are available for mass communication today.  Most parents don’t bother to control what their kids are watching and learning. 

Influence of Internet - What people see on the internet and social media platforms becomes an attraction especially for women.  They soon copy and wear the same style of clothes and hair do.

Availability of skimpy dresses in the market - It will shock you that many of the short and skimpy skirts are in the market for the youths to purchase freely.  The moment a fashion design is released, the pattern is copies and reproduced and thrown into the market for children and adults to buy.  There is no regulation of what kind of clothes comes into the Nigeria and who can buy them or not. Nigeria government do not bother with controlling the kind of clothes traders bring into the market.  

Wrong Exposure - Some ladies and women desperate for a partner dress to kill.  They don't even care that some young girls may copy their unacceptable styles and before you realize it, there is wide spread pollution in the society.

Wide spread corruption in the society - When the society is sick, its products become rotten.  In those days, morals were even more of importance than the bible verses,but nowadays, due to poverty and hardship, even parents are encouraging their children into prostitution.  Others know what their sons and daughters are doing to make a living that is evil, but they keep a blind eyes.

Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell"? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?


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