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OVERCOMING BARRENNESS..... Carry your baby (Solution for Inability to conceive, Low Count etc)

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File - American woman with 17 children born at once!

  1. Barrenness is a major cause of separation and divorce.
  2. Low Sperm Count makes conception difficult.
  3. Weak Erection frustrates the women in marriage.
  4. We will help you overcome the "challenge" with a love seed of $150.00 or more

1.Phil 1:6 - The Lord who started His good work of joining me and my souse together will complete it with children
2.Exodus 23:25 - The Lord shall take sickness and every reproach away from me.
3.Exodus 23:26 - My womb is fruitful and I shall conceive and have my children.
4.Psalm 116:1-2 The Lord has heard my supplication and answered my prayers.

Many great people has been brought low in marriage due to inability to have children and the struggle is still ongoing till now. I watch wonderful children of God talk about their experiences in marriage, the many years they waited before the only child was conceived and the pain and reproach associated with such experience.

The good news is that there are vitamins and herbal supplements that adequately address these challenges without side effect.  

One of the major causes of inability to conceive for many women is the problem of 'Weak erection' and 'Low Sperm Count'. This is one of the knotty marital problem that is caused by stress, working long hours, frequent travelling by the man and other related issues.  

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The inability of the man to satisfy his wife in bed has serious implications for the joy at home, other than having children. It is one of the reasons for infidelity among young couples, especially when the lady is not patient.  If she cannot wait for her husband to "recover his strength from stress", then there is a problem and men should take their wives complaints seriously.  

There are quality vitamins and herbal supplements that can adequately resolve these challenges in weeks, but you have to understand what you are dealing with and then address it once and for all.  

These supplements combine vitamins, minerals, proteins, and natural oil extract from various sources into a unique body "Nourisher", capable of removing toxins  from the body, nourish the cells, bridging dietary gaps and restoring the body's natural conditions of strength and vitality.

The result is a vibrant, energetic and sickness free body with strong immune defensive system.

We have experience with some of these supplements and thus want to share our finding to the extent that it will bring relief to families and restore the joy of many.  

In this exclusive Family Wellness bonanza will help families to overcome the following:
  1. Difficulty in conception
  2. Low or Zero sperm count, leading to inability to impregnate a woman
  3. Weak erection and its attendant frustration for both male and female. 
For your love gift of $150 which includes Postage, we will send you tested variety of vitamins and herbal supplements that will reverse the above conditions within one month. 


You will be responsible for ensuring you are free from bacteria infections.   For instance, men experiencing low sperm count know that three things are involved:
  1. The quantity of the sperm produced
  2. The Mobility of the sperm and 
  3. The durability of the sperm - How long can the sperm be alive in the woman's body.
These adverse condition are caused by bacteria infection.  They should be treated and resolved, so the vitamins can do the work of restoration.

Make your love gift payment at any of the following accounts:

Bank Information:                               

1. Guaranty Trust Bank, Abuja
Account Name:  Living God Charismatic Revival Ministry
Account No:       0111133261

2. Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria
Account Number:   0000359922

Beneficiary Bank a/c 3582088704001

3. Zenith Bank Nigeria Plc
    Account No. 2000252670

Email:  -  fireintheboneng@gmail.com

And we will send the vitamins and supplements to you anywhere in the world.

Beloved, the time is short, Jesus is coming soon.  Prepare to meet your Saviour and the time to prepare is NOW.  Give your heart to the Lord today, if you have not done that before,  Don't wait for another day! If you do, He will grant you deliverance from limitations and give you divine direction which will reduce your struggles in life.

His grace be with you all. 


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