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MARRIAGE.......Interesting Reasons to marry Uniform women, They need love too!

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A few days ago, a female Nigerian soldier became an Internet sensation when she posted on her Facebook page, reasons why men should not be afraid to ask them out and date them.

The lady who is apparently single and searching, said, among other things, that a female soldier would never allow anybody to take her man for granted as she will always fight for him and that no one can harass him and get away from it.

She is not far from the truth as uniform women also need love and a real man would not be afraid to approach them and ask for their hands.

They are human beings too and the fact that they are in uniform does not make them immune to things of the heart.

They could present a strong, aggressive, hostile or forceful front but deep down, they could be as meek as doves.

This is one pretty female soldier any man would long to have

Most men feel that women who are in the Military forces, especially the Army, Airforce or Navy would be so hard to get because of their backgrounds and training.

You may not be too far from the truth by the way because they are made to look combative and confrontational but then, that is just the hazard of their jobs.

A very good reason to date or marry a uniform woman is the fact that no one would have the guts to 'look for your trouble' without thinking twice.

Woe betide the man or woman who would dare cross your path because your woman would rise up to the occasion and if she cannot deal with the situation on her own, be rest assured that she would involve her colleagues who would teach the 'bagger' a lesson or two.

If you live in a rented apartment and your wife is a soldier, then your landlord will treat you as one of the privileged few who are untouchables. In fact, you can owe the rent and other bills for years without paying and he will not do a damn thing unless he wants to spend some days in the guardroom.

Other tenants would never raise their voices whenever you cough because they know what awaits them if they dare try. You can play your music as loud as you want and no one would utter a word.

You will have the toilet and bathroom to yourself and no one would trouble you. Remember, the fear of your wife is the beginning of wisdom.

If you are dating a female soldier, be it in the Army, Navy or Airforce, you will be free from harassment from all those ladies who will not let you rest. What you need to do is just take her to your regular hangouts and introduce her as your girlfriend and see if anyone would come close to you.

Your soldier wife can act as your debt collector whenever anyone is bold enough to borrow money from you and refuse to pay.

All you need do is go with her whenever you want to visit your debtor. To be double sure, you should let one or two of her male colleagues, especially the ones we call 'korofos', accompany you guys on such a visit and the person will be the one to remind you that he is owing you and had been trying to call you to know when to bring your money to you.

If you are going out with a soldier, your propensity to misbehave will be minimized if not totally nipped in the bud. You will 'borrow yourself brain' if ever the thought of cheating comes to your mind.

You will think twice before doing so because you do not know what lies in stock for you if you decide to misbehave.

Dating a female soldier has a way of putting a man in control because once her male colleagues get to know that you are the 'one', you will become their responsibility and they will be watching out for you if you dare misbehave, especially if that intruder is a bloody 'civilian.'

You will have to explain, not only to your woman but to her friends and colleagues as well what you were doing at a joint with another woman and if your explanation does not hold water, you will not know what else will follow.

Uniform ladies are very good to have if members of your family like intimidating you. Just tag her along when you go for that family meeting and see how everyone would be quiet when it is your time to speak.

But make sure she in her full uniform when going for the meeting in case there are those who do not know her.

If you drive on Lagos roads with the mad Danfo drivers and 'My car' owners, and you are not yet married, please seek out a female soldier and date her. If any useless driver decides to play smart on the road, don't just come down screaming and shouting.

Female soldiers need love just like other women 

They will know you can do nothing. Just double cross them, making sure they do not have an escape route, calmly bring out your phone like a boss, put a call to your darling and tell her to come with at least four 'rednecks'.

Do not accept any apology from the insolent driver or yield to any plea by other road users. Just wait for your sweetheart to come with her colleagues and see how people will respect you.

Another very important reason to date a female soldier is if you encounter policemen on the road, those killjoys who do not give respect to anyone.

Remember that policemen and soldiers are like cats and dogs, so even if they do not look for your trouble, go out of your way to look for their own and do it in a way that they will take you to their station and if they roughen you up and lock you up in a cell, that even makes the matter better.  Source:Pulse

Friends, marriage is a sweet experience to be desired, but after life, where will you spend eternity?  Desire and pursue eternity in heaven which is available through Jesus Christ, so please take the counsel below very serious.

Beloved, there are many spirits speaking to people today, asking them to do the wrong things - Suicide, divorce, kill and destroy.  But the Spirit of God guides you to the right choices and tells you things to come. That Spirit of God comes into your life when you give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?

Say this Prayer: 

Lord Jesus I come to you as a sinner.
I am sorry for my sins, forgive me.
I believe you died for my sins, and was raised for my justification. 
Come into my heart be my Lord and Saviour, 
Give me the grace to serve You in truth and spirit. 
Thank You for saving my soul - I am born again!

His grace be with you all. 


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