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ERA OF SEDUCTION:.......... Display of Vanity reduces your Value, leads to Slavery!

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Why put Vanity on Display?

Counsel good for the Youths:

I comment on some of these pictures when I see them is because our ladies like to copy everything they see, without weighing the implication on themselves and the society.

Today, we see decent ladies, some married women putting on the 'dresses that can only be referred to as Indecent' just because they want to look smart, without considering the integrity of the person and who she is.  This is not good enough!


Attention seeking dressing attracts the wrong people to you. 

A lady that dress like the lady in the pic is not doing herself any good.  She is sending invitation to the wrong people, who will end up distracting her.  She could easily be possessed by contrary spirits of lust, spirit husband and spirit of prostitution.  When such happens, such a lady is hard to recover back to the Lord.


1. It distracts young girls and give them a false sense of themselves.

2. It attracts all kinds of 'Ants' around such girl that has never worked in favour of their education or other serious pursuits in life.

3. These ants, vultures etc when they gather around the unfortunate girl milks and devours her to her root, promising her good life, that they themselves do not have. 

4. Vanity confuses young boys and men.

5. When the girls cannot discipline themselves about the attention this vanity bring to them, they are easily possessed by the spirit of lust and...willingly begins to advertise their body and seeking undue attention, which leads to street life or free lifestyle.

The spiritual implication of a free lifestyle:

  • Cunning lifestyle - Flattering with her lips - Proverbs 2:16
  • Forsaking Parental guidance - Proverbs 2:17
  • Forgets the Word of God and His covenants - Proverbs 2:17
  • Free lifestyle leads others to hell Proverbs 2:18
  • It destroys men utterly - Proverbs 2:19
  • It shortens the life of the Lady - Proverbs 2:18
  • The lady lacks the moral fibre to bring up decent children in the future.

6. The next thing that happens to them is Terrible - PROSTITUTION.

7. Prostitution tends towards poverty as the girl is unable to do any other thing in life, other than waiting for men.  She lives off men in utter dependence.

8. Prostitution leads to Modern Day Slavery - Where a woman is asked to do anything for money and she must do it, if she will feed and survive.

9. Prostitution be-littles a person and brings shame and disgrace.

10. For people who may not know, the gland that controls thinking and meditation in the human brain - is the same gland that control sexual activities. So whenever a person thinks, dwells and have sex always. His thinking faculty is impaired in other areas of life - this explains why Prostitutes can hardly do any other work.

Sisters, all the desire and dreams of pleasure in this life will come to an end one day, and the question is "Where will you spend eternity - in heaven or hell"? This is the time to work-out your salvation...Now is the acceptable time.

Give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?


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