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END-TIME WISDOM.........Man on a Mission to Probe God as Nasa launches first Solar Probe - To 'touch the sun'

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Nasa has launched a probe that will get closer to the sun than any other spacecraft before it.

The Parker solar probe, a robotic spacecraft the size of a small car, launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida on Sunday, embarking on a seven-year mission during which it will fly into the sun's corona – the outermost part of its atmosphere – within 3.8m miles (6.1m km) of its surface.

Scientists are aiming to collect data about the inner workings of the highly magnetised corona, to better understand the causes of solar wind.

The launch had been delayed by a last-minute technical problem on Saturday

FIRE:   This Nasa's Parker probe sets off on quest for closeup view of the sun, is the first and closest of any equipment that will approach the sun to probe it. Knowledge has increased as the Lord predicted.  Is this not the spirit of Babel at work?  Can man probe the sun?, Will the mission succeed?  Time will tell - In six months time per plan!

Beloved, there are many spirits speaking to people today, asking them to do the wrong things - Suicide, divorce, kill and destroy.  But the Spirit of God guides you to the right choices and tells you things to come. That Spirit of God comes into your life when you give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?

Say this Prayer: 
Lord Jesus I come to you as a sinner.
I am sorry for my sins, forgive me.
I believe you died for my sins, and was raised for my justification. 
Come into my heart be my Lord and Saviour, 
Give me the grace to serve You in truth and spirit. 
Thank You for saving my soul - I am born again!

His grace be with you all. 


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