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Trust God

CONTINUE IN PRAYER......Reap Miraculous (Jobs, Business Success, Healing and Prophesy)


The ability to prayer is one of the important skills and knowledge that a believer needs.  Talking to God in prayer deepens our relationship with Him and as we praise, worship, pray to Him daily, using the Word in the scriptures, we know Him the more and the reality of our salvation becomes more real to us.

A believer's prayer life is build on the Word of God and continuous prayer, greater power with God. There is hardly any greatness to be achieved in the work of God without a fervent prayer life.

Through prayer, strongholds are pulled down in our lives and the lives of others. Through prayer, we wage spiritual war against the powers of darkness and their agents and also, through prayer, we bring Jesus into the scene and miracles take place. Prayer is the power that draw the hand of God down, it is through prayer we invite God into our churches, homes and individual situations.  If we refuse to pray, God will not have the legal ground to act on our behalf.

Through prayer we reverse, alter and change contrary decrees in the realm of the spirit, including curses, spells and divination made against our lives by the agents of the devil.  A believer who depends on God for direction and help is a prayer giant.

The bible is full of prayer giants whose prayer life was instrumental to their success as men and women of God.  We can see the story of Elijah in James 5:17, 18 to show that every believer can become  powerful in their prayer life.  Elijah was a man like any of us, and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain; and it did not rain because he was a prayer warrior in the will of God.

Efficacy of Prayer - Even though God wanted to punish the people of Israel, He needed a man of prayer to declare His decision to the people and to follow through to the destruction of prophets of Baal and restoration of the people unto the true God.  Look at it this way, God needed a prayer warrior to pray earnestly and fervently for God not to bring rain, otherwise rain was already ordained to fall in its season.

God is a righteous God and would not stop rain from falling without an earnest prayer to that effect.  This means that Elijah would have gone to God in prayer with legal justifications for the rain not to fall in its season in the whole nation of Israel and causing the death of many people and animals.

Again, he prayed for rain to fall and the heaven gave rain and nourishment returned to the earth. This is a classical example of a prayer giant being a mighty  instrument in the hand of God.

All the blessings and provision the Lord has made for us are received by faith through our prayer.  As needs vary, so the type of prayer required vary.  Jesus taught his followers to ask and they shall receive, seek and they will find answers and knock and the doors will be opened to them.

We are today looking at few problems of life like and how to deal with them in prayer:

  1. Praying for Employment
  2. Praying for Business patronage and favour
  3. Praying for Job Interview success
  4. Divine favour and godly relationships.

Beloved, the time is short, Jesus is coming soon.  Prepare to meet your Saviour and the time to prepare is NOW.  Give your heart to the Lord today, if you have not done that before,  Don't wait for another day! If you do, He will grant you deliverance from limitations and give you divine direction which will reduce your struggles in life.

His grace be with you all in Jesus Christ name.  

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