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Trust God

BEING ALONE WITH THE GOD........A Winning Strategy for Kingdom 'High Flyers'




There is a winning strategy God wants every believer to embrace - The art of being alone with Him in a quite place or a mountain.

Believers are familiar 'quite time' - a time of study and meditation on the scriptures in a quite place, with a ready heart to receive deeper revelation on the Word from the Holy Spirit.  To be alone with God is to separate yourself from your daily activities and seek the face of God in prayer and fasting.

This is usually a solemn moment.  It is a serious business, and you have gone to that place to pray...and fast for God's mercy and intervention on any matter of concern to you.

You have decided to leave the comfort and noise of your home to devout your time to praying to God for days, and there is no restrictions, so you can take one or more issues to God for solution and divine direction and you shall never be be ashamed.  Whenever an issue becomes a problem, remember to be 'Alone with God' and table the matter before Him.

The bible has assured us that those that wait upon the Lord shall not be ashamed.  Each time we seek God in a special way, we are sure of seeing Him and this 'Alone with God' is not an exception. At such times, God is moved with compassion to speak to us and to answer our prayer request.  

I said "to speak to us" - Yes, God is happy to tell us things we did not know and which the cares of life, troubles and problems beclouding us will not allow us to hear, even if He speaks to us.  But when we withdraw yourself from daily activities to seek His face and help, we can be sure to hear Him clearly.

Also, when we go out there to seek the Lord's intervention in any problem and we wait believing and trusting Him to help us, He is always faithful to answer our prayers. Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; those who wait for the Lord shall inherit the land; they shall not be ashamed. 

What do you do at the Mountain:
1. Pray to God, presenting your petition and request to Him for answers
2. Study the Word of God and meditate on the word
3. Praise and worship God unrestricted
4. Keep vigil at Night (Praying and if possible fasting)
5. Praying in Tongues always and interceding for others

Waiting on the Lord also helps us to cultivate good fruits such as patience, perseverance, and endurance. It also draws us closer to our Savior. Waiting upon God is a process and like everything the often we practice it, the better we get into waiting and getting results from our Maker.  

Each time we seek God in a quite place outside our home, we come back home refreshed and exuberant - Why?  The Lord has touched us and has also answered our petitions and we have evidence - faith concerning the matter. 

Angelic countenance:
The countenance you come back with after fasting and praying, waiting on the Lord for days is that of an 'angel' as one man of God said the other day. His lovely wife, his helper of destiny always encourage him to keep his monthly visit to the mountain to wait upon the Lord, because according to her "When you come back from being with the God, you are like an angel, kinder, gentler, more loving and forbearing; you come back as a different person and I cannot describe it.  Brethren, that lovely woman is also spirit-filled and correct!

You cannot encounter God and remain the same.  Each time Moses would come back from being with God on the mountain, his faces glitters.

The people of South Korea:
The story of South Korea is another point of reference, where churches encourage members to go and be with the Lord in prayer and fasting on a mountain as often as they can.  This has become a practice in that wonderful country today with almost all the churches having a prayer mountain and the people go the mountain to be alone with God whenever it is convenient for them and today, the people and their nation is well blessed by God.

God raised a committed leader from among them to set the pace and establish the country on the path of prosperity, a feat that has continued till this day - Why is this?  The South Korean people spend quality time alone with God weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.  They made God their priority and God has delivered the nation from poverty and its economy moved from third world to first world economy with better standard of living than many developed countries.

Helps us to build Trust in God:
Trusting in the Lord, not in your own understanding - (Proverbs 3:5-6.) is key to our freedom in life and one of the virtues we develop by going to the mountain is Trust in God and His word.  For me it has never failed.  Each time I go to the mountain , I return home with answered prayers and many children of God will not even return home till they have Rhema.

You leave the mountain with inner joy of your prayer answered and divine direction released to you by the Almighty God and often and whenever the problem becomes unbearable, you know what to do.  You run to God and not man in a secret or quite place alone for answers.

In the issue of trusting God and His word, previous trust is important to establish a trust decision during a crisis. Seeking God's intervention is easier to obtain when you are alone with Him in prayer and fasting, and praying until the desired solution appear.  

Through prayer, men has made God to change His mind as in the case of Hezekiah. God hears our desperate prayers, David and Hezekiah did not have to wait long for answers

Strength is Released to us:
We are strengthened in many areas of our weakness.  Spending time with God gives us victory over Satan and his evil plans against us as we pray and fast concerning any matter, our Father answers us and the plans of the evil one is destroyed.  

Along with victory, God's power is also released to us in the measure that gives us supernatural boldness.  Whenever we spend time with the Lord in fellowship, He endues us with power to do exploit in life and ministry.

Wait on the Lord!

Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?


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