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REPENTANCE......Your first step in the faith, Fruits of Repentance beautifies you!


  • Repentance means to “turn from sin.” 
  • Regretting sin and turning from Sin is repentance
  • Repentance also means “to change one’s mind.” in a positive direction 

Repentance is a personal decision to change from your old ways of doing things, to the godly and kingdom way.  It flows from a convicted heart that has received the light of God's word.  The Bible tells us that true repentance will result in a change of actions.

Repentance is the first step in establishing a relationship with God and to walk in ways that are pleasing to Him as His child.  To be born again is the key to unlocking the promises of God, but if after a person is born again, he does not bring forth fruits worthy of repentance, it means he never had genuine repentance.

Repentance is a departure from living according to your wisdom and lustful desires, to living according to the word of God. A life of obedience to the word of God and doing His will. Repentance is a commitment to put off the ‘old man’ inside of you and put on the new man, created after the image of Christ.

John the Baptist, the forerunner of Christ, started preaching repentance to the Jews, asking them to turn away from idols and other gods.  He explained repentance to mean turning away from selfishness to a love-life of sharing what they have with their neighbours. “He answered and said unto them ‘He that has two coats, let him impart to him that has none; and he that has food (Meat), let him do likewise”.

To another group of people, he told them to repent and “stop exacting more than that which appointed to them”.  They should stop exploiting people based on their position in the office or in society.  They could have been tax collectors or administrative officers in public service who collect more money from people, who have no choice than to pay. He says to them ‘stop extorting people’.

To yet another group of people – Soldiers this time around, he cautioned them to “Do no violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages” - Luke 3:7-14. 

From the message of John the Baptist, it is clear that repentance is to 360 degree turn around from selfishness and greed, oppression and wickedness to being a loving, caring, compassionate and law abiding citizen.  This is why I wrote in my introduction, that in Christ, we do not live unto ourselves, but rather according to how God wants us to live.

Fruits of Repentance:

As new baby in the Lord, there are some basic things you need to know and do quickly, many of which require child-like humility include:

1.      Letting your friends know you are now a new creature in Christ

2.      Destroying things of Idol in your possession.

3.      Returning everything borrowed from people that are still in your hands

4.      Pay off all indebtedness

5.      Return stolen items and proceeds of cheating and fraud (If any)

6.      Reconcile with people who offended you and those you offended

7.      Burn Satanic books and materials that are not pleasing to God.

Let Your Friends Know
From the first day you gave your life to Christ, you are expected to announce the good news to your friends and relatives, you should be excited enough to announce it to your friends on the social media also, how Jesus ‘arrested’ your heart. Then following through, you should be separated from idols, as you have no business with worshiping of idols or doing anything with idols.

You have become the temple of the Holy Ghost and therefore you must not serve God in the flesh, you ought to serve the Lord in the spirit, for God is a Spirit and those that will serve Him will serve in spirit and truth.

Things of Idols:
Starting from your first day as a believer, you must be separated from every idol.  God forbids His children from worshiping other gods, or any image etc.  In Exo 20:3-6, God told the Jews not to have other gods before Him, neither shall they bow down before any image. As a child of God, you are the temple of God and the Holy Spirit of God lives in you, therefore you should have no relationship with the kingdom of darkness. In Deut 12:30b, God says”do not inquire” after other gods even for curiosity. 

You are not to visit herbalists’ or use their charms for protection.  Therefore, destroy every witchcraft materials in your possession (pots and charms) – 1 John 5:21.

Stolen items must be returned: - This is called Restitution.  Whatever you have in your possession that does not belong to you should be returned to its owner.  If you have defrauded anyone in the past, return to that person, whatsoever you took from him with sincere apology, and ask him to forgive you. (Exo 20:17, 22:14, Luke 19:8, Math 5:23-24).  You should prayerfully restore to people anything you have taken from them with deceit and fraudulent means.  Remember that Zacchaeus returned to people fourfold whatever he wrongfully took from them and that was why Jesus visited him. 

When you confess your faults and amend your ways, God is happy with you.  He will give you more grace to live holy.  Don’t cover your sins, be open to God and man and your life will move forward in Jesus Christ name.

Converted materials: - Anything borrowed from friends and relatives that are still in your possession should be returned.  Outstanding debts you have refused to pay to the people that gave you money for business or other things should be repaid.  Check your shelf for borrowed items from friends, colleagues, bookshops etc that has been forgotten in your shelf, you have a duty to identify them and return them to their owners.

All outstanding Debts:  All indebtedness should be settled without delay, especially when you have the means to settle them immediately.  They should be repaid as soon as possible. Salvation does not discharge you from legitimate obligations and commitments to people and the society.
Books on Occultism, witchcraft and pornography  - After your salvation, everything that is unbecoming of a child of God should be destroyed,  whether they are clothes that expose sensitive parts of your body, or those that cling so tight to your body, images of human idols, obscene pictures and similar things.  Search your house for books on how to practice witchcraft, occultism, fortune telling etc.  Also, pornographic materials in CDs, DVDs. Handsets computers should be destroyed.  If you leave them, they will become a contact point for the demons to enter your life after deliverance

Images and pictures on your phone that does not glorify God, books on magic, witchcraft and occultic materials must be burnt, so you can break from such things.

FIRE:  Jesus Christ is coming soon, receive Him as your Lord and Saviour and stop worrying about the future.  He lives and reigns over all the earth, acquaint yourself with Him, receive His Word and He will take good care of you.  If you have not given your heart to Jesus, do so NOW.  Don't wait another day, it may be too late!

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