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Trust God

Watch your Desires .........Bum Shot gone wrong brings unnecessary Trouble!

Surgery fake ass:

We all make mistakes in life, but lets be careful with our desires.  

The desire to look like someone else must be resisted always.  This desire has led many ladies into untold trouble.  Some bleach their body to look more pretty, other wear long hair and long nails etc.

A christian lady should be wise and resist every voice telling them to modify their body and look like someone else.  It is never the voice of God.

This is what the spirit of lust can do when a woman allow herself to be used.  Meanwhile, you are already beautiful the way you are.  What is the need to seek a different look in the name of fashion and getting attention of men.

See the result of faulty surgery on the woman - Near deformity.  Tiny legs with all the fat in her body now starched on her buttocks and thigh area.

This is an avoidable trouble.

Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?

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