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WARNING.......Your Neighbour's Wife is not your Mutual Friend - Run from Evil!

Cartoon of a frisky female neighbor beckoning a man through a side window. couple embracing on stairs 


The days are evil and yet people do things the Lord expressly said we should not do do as though it does not matter.  Some harden their heart to ignore the word of God, preferring rather to do their own thing - Whatever pleases them.

There are consequences for every action a man takes, and some of the consequences are not pleasant to hear.  One of such things is lusting after your neighbour's wife, no matter how she admires you. 

They will tell you that most of the infidelity problems involving people working or living together in the same office or compound, happened by accident. But it is not true. Evil thoughts, adultery and its like are thoughts that come first from the heart and nurtured into action.

God is not mocked in all these, whatsoever a man sow, the same shall he reap.
I don't know what brings you and your neighbour together, but I know that it is only people who lack integrity and fear of God that can attempt relationship with their neighbour's wife.

If they call you handsome man, or you are gainfully employed with alot of cash to spear, stay away from your neighbour's wife for your own good.  There is a reason for your gifts and talents.  There is a reason why you are tall and handsome, it is to glorify of God and not to serve the devil.

The danger of of  sleeping with another man's wife is real. 

Temptation is part of our daily experiences of life and without hesitation, the solution for lusting after the opposite sex in your office, church or in your compound is TAKE YOUR EYES OFF YOUR THE OPPOSITE SEX THAT IS NOT YOURS SPOUSE.  No bonding, No eye Passes etc.

We know some women could behave like Pontiphar's wife, but you, the man will bear the brunt of sleeping with another man's wife, as nobody will ask the woman whether she was the one that seduced you. 

You probably know how it goes: Gazing can quickly devolve into gawking, and soon enough you could find yourself checking for her, desiring to hear her voice or have her share a drink with you.  Take your eyes off! 


Some wicked women seduce young bachelors for fun or money to the destruction of such a young men, in some rare cases, occultic strong men seeking blood will deliberately starve their wives of sex for a long time, so she can be tempted to seek pleasure outside the marriage.  This is a trap set deliberately to catch the woman, or the man or both of them.  

Once, a beautiful woman seeking counsel narrated how every man that sleeps with her dies. I asked where the husband was and she said 'at home'. So why are you sleeping outside, when your husband is at home? - Nothing!  But three men had died from sleeping with her.  Men, beware.

Here is the story of Brother Wisdom - I've been good friends for 11 years with a couple who live in my condo complex. I've looked after their home while they vacationed, and they've done the same for me. I've also played golf and tennis with the husband, Tunde*, many times. 

Recently his wife, Carol, asked me to come over because their garbage disposal wasn't working and Ted was out of town. It was an easy fix, and she thanked me. As I started to leave, she asked me why I had never made a pass at her. "Because you're married," I said. "Married, yes," she replied, "but not dead." Then she let her robe fall open. Shocked, I told her that wasn't right and hightailed it out of there. I haven't spoken to her since. But should I tell her husband? Or pretend it never happened? 

Here is Brother Jackson's story:

My neighbour’s wife has kids but she’s quite young. For sometime I have being on leave, each time she’s always asking when I’m resuming I keep telling her soon. One morning she came to my house that she needed my help to do something online and I noticed she was not wearing a bra and as if she wanted me to notice it going by her body movement. Last week she brought her laptop that she wanted me to check it for her and that she was going to pick it up the next morning. So while checking the laptop I noticed there were some pictures on the desktop. 

Out of curiosity I opened one of the pictures and noticed it was her nude pictures. So I opened another one and still the same. When she came the next day I told her the laptop was fine. Then she asked me the she hopes I didn’t look at her pictures ooo. I was mute and said what pictures? She laughed and asked me if I liked what I saw? Honestly I was shocked. I told her no that I needed to do something that she should please excuse me for now. The husband is a good neighbor and I just feel very guilty and angry. I just moved in the compound 9 months ago and all these is happening. 

How do I stop all this nonsense?


Frequent interaction creates bond, Avoid it strictly. 

If the interaction is between female and male neighbours, care must be taken to keep it at friendship level..If you gone pass interaction to forming bond, there is likelihood for intimacy.

Put some personal restrictions in place that guides your relationship with women  - married or single according to the word of God.

Do not allow unneccessary closeness, intimate conversations whatsoever with your neighbour's wife

Do not allow her into your house for any purpose when you are the only one at home. If the need for interaction arises at such time, close your door and meet her outside

Avoid giving her lift to work every morning - before you know it she will start discussing restricted topics with you and bonding would start unknowingly.
If you both work in the same office or close bye, you must not take her out for lunch NEVER. Remember that little things means alot to women.

Uncle -  Why should you be Bonding with another Man's Wife?

A bond is when two people have a connection. Being attracted to each other and sharing common values and interests. It is also happen, when two people feel some mutual affection for each other and there seem to be love and care between you.

Bonding is having a strong longing and passion for someone and that person knows about it in one way or another.  It starts with Lusting through constant and regular interaction.

This is a friendship progressing from the ordinary to one that you begin to miss each other, their voice, manners, jokes and laughter.  Bonding is required in marriage and never between a man and his neighbour's wife. If such feeling is allow to grow, then you people are cutting for trouble.


These are real life stories of what happened. Men and Brethren, please desist from looking at another man's wife, no matter the eyes she makes to you. No matter how wonderful she presents herself to you or the manner of help she is ready to provide to you, you must not touch her.  If you touch her, remember the bible says 'can a man put a burning coal on his chest or bossom without being burnt?

You read the case of brother Tunde attached here and the case of Joseph in the bible. They both had to flee from the woman to avoid compromising with her. Temptation is part of life and if a christian cannot be tempted, then he or she have not even started off as a believer.

Four real life cases has been presented here as they occurred and were recorded to warn men in such a relationship right now to repent, separate yourself from such evil before God and before man before it is too late.

REAL LIFE STORY - 1 : Man kills neighbour for sleeping with his wife

A 40 year old man has been killed by his neighbour in Soy village, Uasin Gishu County in an incident believed to have been triggered by a suspected love rivalry.

The man was killed after the suspect caught the father of nine in the act with his wife in their matrimonial home.

The man of the house is said to have come home from a funeral at 10PM on Friday night and allegedly caught his wife and a man he has always known as a good neighbour in the act.

The deceased is said to have been beaten to death by the said agitated husband.  Neighbours say they could not save the man as they were too late.

The body of the deceased was taken to the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, while the suspect is being held at the Matunda Police Station.

Real Life Story-2:  Man killed for having sex with neighbour's wife in Nakuru

A man was beaten to death in Nakuru after he was allegedly found having sex with his neighbour’s wife. The assailant found Justus Kipkemoi, a casual labourer, inside his bedroom on Friday and beat him senseless on Friday. According to police and area residents, Kipkemoi was cornered by his neighbour in a compromising position with his wife. 

The man and his wife are being held at Menengai Police Station. It is alleged Kipkemoi sneaked into his neighbour’s house at Kasarani in Kampi Ya Moto in the morning after the man had left for work. A witness, Elijah Chemoywa, said the assailant pretended to have left for work and returned after an hour when he found the two in his bedroom. He said the man was shocked to find his neighbour in bed with his wife and a fight ensued where Kipkemoi was seriously beaten. 

He was rushed to Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital where he succumbed to the injuries. But the woman told police that the deceased had requested for tea and took him inside, denying her husband’s allegations. Confirming the incident, Rongai OCPD Joseph Mwamburi said they were holding the 28-year-old suspect and he will be arraigned in court once they conclude investigations. 

Their landlord James Maina said the deceased’s wife informed them of the confrontation but the attacker had locked the room from inside, hence complicating efforts to save Kipkemoi. He said Kipkemoi sustained serious injuries at the back of his head and blood was oozing from the mouth and was rushed to hospital. “The fact that the assailant’s wife fled and hid inside a maize plantation while nude clearly reveals what had transpired moments before the husband arrived unannounced,” said Maina. Rosemary Lopenyo said she was asleep in her adjacent house when she heard commotion but did not go out until police officers from Menengai arrived at the scene. “When police arrived, they found Kipkemoi with severe head and neck injuries. I was shocked. He died a painful death,” she said.

STORY 3:- Man Hacks Neighbour to Death for Sleeping with his Wife

There was heightened tension yesterday at Abinse town, in Guma local government area of Benue state, when a middle aged man, Benjamin Fakande allegedly hacked his neighbour, one Jacob Unumbe,  to death after he caught the deceased in bed with his wife. 

Saturday Vanguard gathered from an eyewitness that Benjamin had been suspecting and accusing his wife of infidelity but when he confronted her on the issue, she denied and threatened to quit the marriage. ”The man had been accusing his wife of infidelity, but when the rumour became rife for several weeks, the man decided to spy on the wife until he got proof that she was actually having an affair outside her matrimonial home with the deceased. ”He was forced to confront the deceased whom he cautioned to stay away from his wife because he was destroying his marriage, or be prepared to face the consequence of his inglorious acts. 

”But from all indications, the duo continued in the immoral act because the rumours were all over the place and this further enraged Benjamin who also pleaded with family members to prevail on his wife, but that did not also yield anything positive. ”Unfortunately Benjamin caught them in one of their escapades in a neighbour’s house. At that point, the man became confused and grabbed a big stick and chased after the two of them. ”He eventually caught up with Jacob and hacked him down, inflicting severe injuries on his head after which he left him in his pool of blood.” 

According to the witness, the cry of Mrs. Fakande attracted the attention of neighbours who got to the scene of the attack and rushed the victim to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Saturday Vanguard gathered that the death of Jacob Unumbe angered his family members who threatened reprisal attack on his killer but for the quick intervention of the Divisional Police Office in Gbajimba, which arrest the suspect and ensured the restoration of peace in the community. 

STORY 4 - A man who slept with his neighbour's wife narrowly escaped death.

But for divine intervention, a middle aged man identified as Chukwuka, would have been sent to the grave beyond by an angry husband, Emmanuel Udoh, after being caught having sex with Udoh's wife on his matrimonial bed.

According to information, the incident happened in the Ajegunle based area of Lagos State, when Udoh allegedly caught Chukwuka red handed on his wife, Gift, a mother of two kids, inside his bedroom.

The story has it that Udoh and Chukwuka, himself a married man with a kid, are next door neighbours at their Ojo Road residence buy unknown to him, the randy man was secretly sleeping with Udoh's wife though other tenants knew what was going on but refused to tell the husband so that the two would not clash.

But on the fateful day, Udoh was late in coming and Chukwuka had sneaked into his neighbour's apartment to have a tryst with the woman and when he came back, he was hinted by some other tenants what was going on in his apartment.
Udoh was said to have tiptoed to his apartment and peeped through the window to see the most shocking sight of his life: his neighbour was humping on his wife.

The enraged Udoh was said to have rushed to the door and tried to force it open to catch the two adulterers in his room but they managed to escape naked through the window before Udoh could lay hold on his machete under his bed.
A neighbour who identified himself as Joseph Enang, disclosed that it was God that saved Chukwuka and Gift as Udoh who is from Akwa Ibom, could have sent them to their graves.

“When Udoh picked his cutlass and came out looking for both Gift and Chukwuka, they were nowhere to be found.

Udoh bit his hand and swore that if any of them returns to the premises, blood would flow. He called his wife’s elder brother, telling him to order his sister, Gift back home or he would not see her alive. He narrated what happened to her brother.

The neighbours were aware of the adulterous behaviour of the duo. Chukwuka is also married and blessed with one boy. His wife had quarrelled with him over his relationship with Gift but he would not listen.

He lied that there was nothing between them but just good neighborliness. People in the compound knew what was going on and later told the man secretly and that was why he told the wife he was going to an emergency party at Ikorodu and may not return on time. Unknown to the wife and his secret lover, he had set a trap for them," Ennang said.


The Lord made it clear to all and sundry to desist from the wife and properties of our neighbours and I plead with young and handsome men to run away from these amorous women that prey on young men for love and fun.  They are evil and a serious death trap.  They are destiny hunters and destiny killers - PLEASE RUN!

Beloved, I don't know what you are doing in the secret, but the bible made us to understand that whosoever covereth his sin shall not prosper. Search yourself and repent of every secret sin and focus on the race to eternity with Christ.  

If you have not given your heart to Jesus Christ, please do so today, don't wait another day.  The fire of God burning in your bones shall not go down in Jesus Christ name.

Friends, Let prepare - Jesus Christ is coming back soon!  One day death will come and the question is "Where will you spent eternity - in heaven or hell". This is the time to work out your salvation...Now is the acceptable time.



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