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SOUTHERN BAPTIST BELIEVERS......Fruit of the Spirit - Love - Saves Marriages!

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  • Love is at the centre of all godly relationships!
  • God is absent from any gathering where there is no love


Love is a commonly used word. However its meaning is deeper than many think and can handle.  Any wonder why the bible say God is Love - Who can handle God?  Theologically, we have four types of love - Eros, Storge, Philos, and Agape. These are not my area of interest today.

However, I am looking at  God's kind of love - the Agape love.  This is the love that come from the Holy Spirit.  Agape love is described as the highest, purest, and noblest form of love. It is the unconditional love, the love that will do anything for another regardless of cost. This is the form of love produced by the Holy Spirit...and the Holy Spirit is God.

This love is unique according to Galatians 5:22, “The fruit of the Holy Spirit is love.” So, it is clear that the Holy Spirit is the one who produces genuine love in the heart. 

In our christian walk, Agape Love is key to fulfilling destiny because faith works through love, and God is love.  We are to love the Lord our God first with all our heart, spirit, soul and strength.  We are also to love our neighbour as ourselves, our enemies, and bless them that curse us, do good to them that hate us, and pray for them which despitefully use us, and persecute us.

So, you see that love is a higher calling of our faith in Christ.  God knows there will be people who will despitefully use you, curse and persecute you, but He says, love them as well.  This is why love is the acid test of our salvation.  

The question therefore is "Have you matured in the faith enough to forgive people willingly, without waiting to hear - I'm sorry ma, sir? Have you known the Lord so much to forebear peoples offense - I mean, when someone deliberately hurts you"?.  

Have you matured enough to accommodate a difficult neighbour, causing you to weep secretly? Do you love God enough to give Him first place in your life, to go out there and talk to people about Jesus? Love is a test of our faith, and shows - whether we know the Lord or not. Love is a proof of spiritual maturity and strength.

What is divine love?
Divine love can be defined as a sincere feeling of affection and care towards a person that is not motivated by what you hope to get in return.  It is loving people as they are, it is loving people unconditionally - Not when they greet you, or when they obey your instructions or carryout your orders.

This is the love God commended to all believers, that will make them perfect as their Father in heaven. This is the love full of charity - good doing and kindness towards others. This is the love that fulfills the Law and proves we are sons/daughters of the Most High God. This is the love you are commanded to exhibit in John 13:34 and finally, this is the love you cannot exhibit by your own strength, but by the Holy Spirit.

Responses of Love:
We knew love from God.  We understand that giving is a major part of response to love because, God loved us and gave His son Jesus to die for our sins. Jesus loved us so much as to endure persecution and suffering till death on the cross to redeem us.  God's love is always till the end of times, He does not stop on the way, no matter the challenges.

The love that will respond to God and people positively and extended to neighbours and our enemies, to the extend of praying and blessing them can curse us, can only come from God as a fruit.  Being a fruit of the Spirit, we will practice this kindness and giving without murmuring or complaining, neither  will we stop being kind on the way due to challenges.

This is the love that comes from the Holy Spirit that is not motivated by reward, it makes it possible for you to love your friends, brothers, relatives and the Needy without expecting anything in return. That is the love that will make a rich man invest in the lives of poor people, elderly, sick people who have nothing to give in return.

Christ Teachings:
When Jesus was teaching the multitude on the Mount, he knew that many of them were showing one form of love or another to people around them, but mostly to their friends and relatives.  Identified enemies were never in the picture - That is a man for you - Man is weak at love because we love hoping to receive love back from the people we love, that okay, but it does not make us any better, compared with unbelievers.

Another point to be noted in Christ teaching is that God knows that believers will have enemy and persecutors and others that will despitefully use us, yet for us to show we are connected with God as sons and daughters, we should deliberately show love, mercy and kindness to our enemies and those that hate us and many times when we do this, the enemies are shocked and sometimes become at peace with us.

Christ was simply telling us that there is a better love than the love in the world, that better love from from the Holy Spirit - It gives librarily to all and continually.  It overlooks peoples errors and weaknesses, conquering selfishness and fear in the process.  

The body of Christ need this kind of love at this time, more than ever before.  It is this love as a seed of the Holy Ghost that makes a sister or brother to put on bowels of mercy, kindness, and meekness.  It makes the very rich in the house of God to distribute to the needy brethren in love and yet be humble to serve under a poor man in a group in the church of God.

The world need this seed of love inside of them to rescue many who need to forgive others to stay alive. Love is needed to rescue many from their revenge and suicide missions planned against their enemies - those who cheated and deceived them.  This will reduce the countless cases of suicide and mass killing the world is experiencing - all because of lack of love.

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Our relationship with friends, relatives, spouses and neighbours determine happiness and misery people go through in life. Without the love from above, such relationships will could end in sorrow instead of joy. What you will see is greed, selfishness and impatience.  This is the cause of loneliness and many divorce cases today.  

Though people may hate us, despice us and treat us badly, God expects us to respond in love, knowing that our hope of reward in all things is unto Him. Without love in the church of God, the church is divided and prayers are hindered.  Without love at home, deception will rule supreme - You will see the husband deceiving the wife and the wife deceiving the husband, children deceiving their parents and the whole house is full of lies.  When these lies are exposed later in life, then anger, bitterness and mistrust will trouble the home.

Practical ways to show love to people:
1. Love without Dissimulation - Detest evil and do good.  Do good from your heart
2. Love with brotherly affection - Be quick to honour others. Never cheat, lie or defraud people in business or relationship.
3. Practice hospitality - Be willing and happy to entertain strangers and friends alike.  Give whenever you have, share more with people, while remaining humble, giving all praise to the Almighty God
4. Love without hypocrisy, deceiving yourself, love with pure heart fervently.
5. Love not in word, but in deeds - Be Patient with people, kind,courteous,humble and generous. Do not judge others, love in sincerity, never boastful - always abiding in truth and having the fear of God.
6. Love without fear - 1 John 4:18

Beloved, there are three things that will last in this earth - faith, hope and love, but the greatest of them is LOVE.  So, love your neighbour as yourself, children and parents.  It is a proof that you love the Lord and live in obedience to His word. 

We are not to live alone.  Our joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure are the result of our relationship with God and man.  The earlier we discover how to live in harmony with others, the earlier the problems of other people matter to us, the happier we become.  Love is a command you can obey, it is the only thing you owe me  and your community.  It is your only profession!

FIRE:  Jesus Christ is coming soon, receive Him as your Lord and Saviour and stop worrying about the future.  He lives and reigns over all the earth, acquaint yourself with Him, receive His Word and He will take good care of you.  If you have not given your heart to Jesus, do so NOW.  Don't wait another day, it may be too late!

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