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Trust God


He/she is gentle and believing God for all things.  

He is always asking for God's mercy since the race is not to the swift 

A life of fellowship with God through His word daily

A heart that love God and His business, a liberal and humble heart 

We are all children before God, babies in the things of the spirit and seeking to know our Lord and Savior the more.  We are ever learning because God cannot be understood, you cannot know Him enough because His depth is beyond knowledge and human comprehension.

There are some children that know their parents more and such good and obedient children would enjoy more patronage from their parents and enjoy easy life of abundance.  Whatever their parents have is theirs.  As it is with earthly parents and their children, so it is with our heavenly Father.

If we would understand our God and walk in His ways and do His will, we become His Son/daughters indeed and our needs will be met easily by our heavenly Father.  Heaven would know our name and when we pray, our prayer will bring our Master Jesus Christ into the scene without stress and signs and wonders, miracle and victory would be our lot all the time. 

When we make the Word of the Lord our standard, we prove our Sonship and the eyes of our Lord will be upon us for good, for protection and all heavenly blessing.

Here are simple ways and actions that will keep us focused on Christ in our journey here on earth.

    Belief-You must believe the gospel and the Word of God at all times. You were created by the Word and the word in your heart and mouth is power in your hand.  So you must study the word daily, obey it and walk in the light you receive from the Word  ( 1 John 1:7 ) – the scripture says  that if we walk in the light of the word of God, as \he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ His son cleanses us from all sin.

    Faithfulness – a believer must be faithful to every word and commitment you make to anyone, whether you brethren or others.  Know that we are the light of the world, we are covenant children of God who must live above board. Unfaithfulness in your relationship with fellow man will sell you off for the devil to afflict you.

   Covenant: - Remember and pay attention to covenants and never enter into covenants you do not understand.  In the house of your God, you are a covnant child of God who will bound to live by the covenants that God has ordained between Him and His children and in your relationship with brethren and other people, let not your word fall to the ground,  THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK AND BE COMMITTED TO WHAT YOU HAVE AGREED TO, OTHERWISE YOU ARE NOT DIFFERENT. 

    Be a man of integrity who keeps his word and mean what he says. There is the reality of life and we should walk in that reality blameless.  Speak the truth always and every time and remain on the side of truth as a child of God and the light of the world – these are some of the realities of a life that pleases God.

   Walk by Faith in Newness of life and not by sight. Faith is believing and seeing what you have believed.  Faith is speaking  what does not exist as though it is existing and seeing it being established by the Almighty God. It is faith that established your dominion on earth and the only ingredient that pleases God.  This so because, God Himself is God of faith who created heaven and earth by faith.  He spoke the Word of faith and the things were established, so without faith, you cannot please Him and your dominion will be far.

    When you live by faith, your feeling and what is happening in the present will not matter much, rather you are saying what you want to see and not what you are seeing. You cannot be moved by the mischief of satan and his agents because you know that things will surely happen for you.  You will be celebrating even when they things you are suffering, but you know more than they do know that your God can never put you to shame and so, you are not moved by their antics. But the absence of faith means fear, anxiety and struggle, fight and all manner of self defense etc.

   Do everything within your power to have faith in God and His powerful works….believe in His Word and promises and apply the word in your daily living.

   Study the Bible and pray daily – I cannot over emphasize the studying the Word daily and meditating on it to receive instructions from God. When you are study the word, you are studying God Himself and He will take care of you. He will transform your life, desire and taste etc from worldly to heavenly. You must know that once your desires change to heavenly, you will become a stranger to your friends and relatives and if care is not taken, persecution may start from the very house of your birth.

   You may not know, some of them may be in darkness and your being in light and walking in that light is contrary to them and the dictates of their master - the devil.  Be ready and well prepared for righteousness persecution which will surely happen if and when you rise up to be identified with Jesus Christ.  You cannot escape it or avoid if you really want to live holy, in light and please God.
    Pray Daily – Prayer is communicating with your Heavenly Father daily to greet and praise Him and tell Him about your life and challenges you are facing and then to receive His answers and solutions.  If you are His own, prayer and the name of Jesus cannot depart from your mouth every day. Through prayer, you cast  all your burden and care unto Him and  then relax, for He is able to do all things, to turn your sorrow to joy.  You must leave the problems at His feat and await His answers and solution. You must also believe his Word and promises and claim them as they apply to you from time to time. 1 John 16:23-26, 1 Peter 5:7.

1   Keep your mind stayed on God – Isaiah 26:3 and grow in grace and all godly virtues of grace and God. 1 Peter 2:4-10.  You have the power to stop the devil from attacking you or your family Luke 10:19 – Behold I giver unto you power.  You can stop the devil from tormenting you or afflicting your body or even afflicting you with poverty.  You must grow in the spirit and exercise the power of God in you. With your mind stayed in God, you have power and you are empowered to rule in their midst  - Psalm 106.

   Recognize your weaknesses and pray to God to help you – for He is all powerful and the only helper of mankind. Work on those weaknesses to change them to strength, remember that God has given the power of choice and that we control our body, appetite and taste and not that those things control us. You are in charge in Jesus name!.

  Confess the Lord Jesus Christ daily as your Lord and personal savior. Enthrone Him I your life and make Him all and all in your life.

   Remember to confess your errors and sin, when you fall into sin and cry to God for forgiveness and restoration. This means that you must be sensitive to the prompting of the Holy on you to reveal some wrong doings or errors you might have commited unknowingly.  Remember to repent of your sins daily and always, confess every error and wrong doing to God, your heavenly Father daily as they occur and be determined to sin no more.

   Avoid Temptation and shun evil companions.  Make friends with children of God and strive to be a blessing to all men you encounter.

   Seek God continually, seek His opinion on everything you plan to do in life.  Let the Lord Jesus Christ guide you through life, so that your stress and struggle will reduce.  Fellowship with children of God in your local assembly always and at all times and go to church with expectation to meet with your God and be blessed.  Don’t miss services, for you don’t know the day of your blessing.


Beloved, lets not take the grace of God for granted and continue to sin willfully, for the bible said in Hebrew 10:28-29 says that those who despised Moses’ law died without mercy  under two or three witnesses, of how much people that despise the suffering and sacrifice of the blood of Jesus shed for their redemption and the Spirit of grace and continued in their sinful ways…..Think about it!

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the LIving God, let everyone “doing his own thing” repent today, for the end draweth nearer and nearer by the day.  Let us repent and give their heart to Jesus and serve Him in spirit and truth.

Finally, May the God of peace, be with you.


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