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Trust God

NO DIVORCE.......Pastor Ties Bride and Groom with rope for better for worse!

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         I Rebuke divorce for both of you!

Dangerous Times are here!

Events happening around the world shows that perilous times are here with us. People in the church and other are just doing their own things. 

Many has become hardened about the word of God, preferring worldly ways and pleasure rather than obeying the word of God.

This is nothing short of heavy confusion, the word of God and the fear of God is the solution. Love and mutual respect, virtues etc are the solution.

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       The World has entered the church.....please pray for your Pastors!

Friends, all the talk about marriage, divorce and parenting will end one day and the question is "Where will you spent eternity - in heaven or hell". This is the time to work out your salvation...Now is the acceptable time.

All you need to do is to Repent of your sins and sinful ways, believe the word of God and His Son Jesus Christ.  Will you accept Him today?


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