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AMERICA'S BIGGEST WOMAN......Returns to find love again after a jilt!

rSusanne Eman, 36, from Arizona was jilted by her fiancé after losing almost half her body weight, but she has once again found love and hopes to become America's largest woman
Susanne Eman, 39

A woman who once tipped the scales at 800 pounds but who was jilted by her fiancé after losing almost half her body weight has found love again and is once again hoping to become America's largest bride.

Susanne Eman, 39, from Arizona had slimmed down to 450 pounds in 2013 ahead of her scheduled wedding to chef Parker Clack.

Susanne has revealed that she's found love again with Nick Abbate and has also regained 150lbs

The couple met online and Abbate enjoys nothing more than preparing mammoth meals for his partner. 'She likes to eat,' he said
Found Love again in 2015
Despite making over $90,000 a year as a Big Beautiful Woman (BBW), the 'gainer' had checked into a slimming clinic after her children revealed they were worried about her health 
Makes about $90,000 as a Beautiful Big Woman

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Beloved, Life goes on despite challenges, troubles and trials.  

Explainable failures and uncommon triumphs happen without notice, but in all things....Remember to give thanks to the Almighty God for everything.


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