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Men pursue, but your job is to be in a position to be pursued and ultimately ready for marriage.

Making the right decision

Finding or choosing the right man for marriage may be the most important decision you ever make in your life, and one that will determine your happiness in the years to come.

Marriage is meant to be for ever or till death do you part. The implication of this fact is that if a person is not well grounded in the Word of God concerning marriage, worldly wisdom may distract the marriage and that will spell danger for the marriage.

Some guidelines to help...
There are no golden rules on how to find a husband or 'get' a Christian guy to marry.  It may help to read Genesis 24 through carefully. It deals with someone who was looking for a bride for a young man and gives us some good principles to follow.
  • Look for a Christian husband that suits you. Do not marry a man who is not a Christian. Marry someone you are faith compatible with. Dating non Christians is dangerous. Read Genesis 24:3-4 as well as 2 Corinthians 6:14-15.

  • Pray that the Lord will show you the right guy to marry and please marry someone you can live with.  You cannot live with every body, no matter how kind you may be.(Genesis 24:12).

  • Be patient for the right man.  Remember that men becomes scares when a woman is looking for a husband - Because, there may be men everywhere, but few are husbands.  Few are ready to settle down at that moment you need them.  You need God's help when it comes to marriage, your flesh will always like to interfere. (Genesis 24:7).

  • Regarding character -  Your best bet is to be open to your future husband, so he knows who you are.  Many responsible men will show themselves to an open minded lady.  Remember that we know no man by the flesh.  Seek God's help in revealing who the man is in the spirit - Is he a wizard, occultist or even herbalist in suit?  The Holy Spirit will reveal to you. (Genesis 24:17-22).

  • When you desire a godly man, seek companion with godly brothers and make sure you are born again, else you cannot cope with one when you see him.  If you are not sure of your salvation, then that is where to start as godly men love Jesus are generally contempted with the blessings of God on their lives.  

Prepare yourself & ask God to help you

If you pray to God to help you, then be prepared to accept God's choice.  Many times, God's choice is not flashy and wonderful on the surface, but you can be sure of the future of such marriage as well as its fruitfulness.

Here are 20 ways to position yourself to be pursued for marriage:
  1. Know yourself, your strengths, weakness, and what you bring to the table.
  2. Be settled in a career or calling. Finish school or the certificate that you need. )
  3. Get counseling on any areas that need inner healing.
  4. Identify spiritual issues and get deliverance if need be.
  5. Ask from old christian mothers what can help you become a better future wife.
  6. Live by yourself for a season and learn to become the CEO of a home (cooking, cleaning, budgeting, etc.).
  7. Be comfortable about your looks and who you are. If you are not work on them.
  8. Learn how to hear the voice of God.
  9. Learn how to pray.
  10. Learn how to serve.
  11. Admit you want a husband. Acting like you don’t care repels what you want.
  12. Be cheerful, smile, and laugh. Life is beautiful.
  13. Be a woman of peace. Men are attracted to peace and stability.
  14. Learn to be consistent in your emotions. Men do not like drama.
  15. Travel and expand your world view. You will have something to talk about beyond shoes and bags.
  16. Spend time with some older married women.
  17. When guys approach you, DON’T PLAY HARD TO GET if you are interested. Respond with kindness.
  18. Spend time around children.
  19. Be confident.
  20. Be GRATEFUL. Gratefulness is a doorway to increase in our lives!


It is important that the lady that's looking for a godly man should be genuinely born again and spirit filled, so you can live with a godly man.  They are quite but highly disciplined.

You Must be Born Again and living right, doing the right things, having the right priorities and praying the right prayers.


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