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SHOCKING.......Accused Nigerian Pastor denied Bail for Almost a Year in South Africa!

trafficking court pastor

Timothy Omotoso, Charismatic Nigerian Pastor, and his three co-accused, on Wednesday, made another brief appearance in the Port Elizabeth Magistrates Court, South Africa.

Omotoso, 59, wearing one of his flamboyant suits and carrying his bible, stood in the dock alongside co-accused, Zukiswa Sitho, 28, Lusanda Solani, 36, and Nobubele Mlindi, 31.

Mlindi was added as a co-accused last month on charges of trafficking in persons and exploitation for sexual purposes.

State advocate, Zelda Swanepoel, said the matter had previously been postponed for the centralisation of the case to be finalised, as well as to have the charge of racketeering added, by the National Prosecuting Authority.

Swanepoel said they were expecting to have feedback by next week, but that the matter had been further complicated with the addition of Mlindi. She then asked that the matter be postponed to May, 15.

Swanepoel also said the application to the supreme court of appeal, lodged by Omotoso’s new defence attorney, Peter Daubermann, had been declined. Daubermann had approached the court to have Magistrate Thandeka Mashiyi’s dismissal of Omotoso’s bail application overturned.

Omotoso has been in custody, awaiting trial, for nearly a year. He was arrested in dramatic fashion at Port Elizabeth International Airport by the SAPS Tactical Response Team on April, 20, 2017. The three co-accused are out on bail of R2 000 each.

Daubermann raised his objection to the repeated postponements.

“Sooner or later we will have to finalise the issue of centralisation. The state keeps making promises. It seems the national department is working at a snail’s pace.”

Daubermann added that under the circumstances, the defence agreed to the further postponement.

The case was then postponed to May 15, for centralisation and finalisation of charges, with Mashiyi ordering that it was to be the final postponement.

FIRE: - South Africa that should have a better legal system in Africa is again found wanting in the most basic of fundamental right laws.  An accused Nigerian preacher is denied bail for almost a year, and kept in detention - while his  co-accused South African citizens were granted bail for just R2,000 rands...What a shame!

In Ghana there, our closest African brothers with almost everything similar to Nigeria will deliberately jail a Nigerian offender for 90, 150 and 180 years for minor offenses, yet we are African brothers in the same ECOWAS with free movement of people and goods allowed among member nations.

I don't think there is a foreigner suffering any of these injustices in Nigeria and I challenge anyone with such information to forward it to me.  A country or legal system that does not know how to treat human beings, created in the image of God has a long way to go.

What is wrong with the black man? 

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