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POLITICAL PASTORS?.........Arewa Pastors are Imposters - Christian elders

Arewa Pastors Group with President Buhari

National Christian Elders Forum(NCEF) has dismissed members of the Arewa Pastors’ Non Denominational Initiative for Peace in Nigeria led by Bishop John Richards as imposters.

It said pastors under the purported network portend “danger to all Christians in Nigeria especially when these impostors want the President to link them with the security agencies.”

The Christian elders said the pastors were self-seeking and not representing the interests of Christians in northern Nigeria as they paraded themselves.

The Arewa Pastors had paid a courtesy visit on President Muhammadu Buhari last week, who they said did not have an Islamist agenda since he has a Christian vice.

They also exonerated the President of any complicity in the killings across the nation, saying Christians and Muslims were equally affected.

They endorsed Buhari for a second term, saying he had done enough to be reelected.

But the Christian elders, in a statement by the chairman, Solomon Asemota (SAN), accused the Arewa Pastors of having sympathies for political Islam.

“This statement portrays ignorance of the meaning of jihad.  Muslims killed in jihads are martyrs while Christians and non-Islamists including traditional worshippers are the victims of conventional jihads.

“It is stealth jihad by Islamists in the establishment who have assembled impostors posing as Christian Pastors to promote political Islam by discrediting responsible Nigerians in their defense of Democracy and Rule of Law,” they said.

The group added: “This explains why no Christian should speak in defense of Islamism or political Islamism because of extreme ignorance on the subject.

“It is clear that this body of impostors of Christianity wants protection in their crusade against democracy in the promotion of Sharia in Nigeria.

“The same security that did not protect Leah Sharibu must protect them against Sharibu’s religion.

“In the face of the above fact, CAN is being gradually replaced by impostors before the present administration.”

FIRE:  Brethren, this is politics!  The politicians are experts in causing commotion, even in the house of God.  They needed endorsement, and so, a 'nascent' group has to come on stage to provide that endorsement from the North...Period.

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