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Trust God

I’M TIRED ,I’M 35YRS BUT NO MAN TO MARRY ME.....Your Time will come!

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“I am 35 years old and even though seeing other peoples wedding bring joy to my heart, I have gotten to that stage in life where I know now for sure this will never happen for me.

I have been hoping for many years, and it’s not that I don’t have suitors, I am far from unattractive,but I just can’t find that guy. No one is perfect I know this, but there are certain things I am looking for in a life partner I haven’t found yet.

I believe in being friends above everything else, the shared ideals (religious, life etc) and then a connection. The physical isn’t of great importance, but the men I am meeting these days I can’t even have a connection with and trust me I have tried. I have been in relationships in the past, but it’s always that I gave too little or I gave too much. I am tired it shouldn’t be this hard.

I have all but given up but I want to have kids desperately, but I don’t want to be a single mom (nothing against single mothers), my mom and grand mother were single mothers and I felt their struggle I wouldn’t want to go through that. 

I guess I am the one with the problem…

I am tired of hoping, praying, and wishing. I have come to accept this more than likely won’t happen for me, I see a lot of single girls are going through the same struggle, and it seems hopeless. I want to be married, to a man I love, a man with whom I can grow with.”

FIRE: For all the ladies in this situation, your time will surely come.  Pray the more and believe, doubting nothing!.  If you get desperate, the devil will give you a wrong guy....That's not what you want, I suppose!

Don't despair, the best is yet to come for you in Jesus Christ!

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