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Former Judge Who Violated Her Probation Gets..... Sent Back To Jail!

Video for Former Judge Who Violated Her Probation Gets Sent Back To Jail & Tells The Judge In Court He Can't Do That! "You Are Not Able To Just Make The Law"

Former Judge Leticia Astacio was sent back to jail by Judge Stephen Aronson during a court appearance after she allegedly violated probation by not wearing an alcohol-motoring device. 

Court documents allege that Astacio refused to be hooked back up to the device while at the probation office on Monday.  She told the probation officer that she would not pay for the device. 

Astacio said she did not cut off the bracelet, but rather it was cut off after she refused to pay. Citing case law, Astacio said she could not be forced to pay for the system. "I think that is a valid argument," said Maurer, who added that terms of her probation did require her to wear the system. 

FIRE:  The devil is very wicked - I think this is a case of a Judge being tormented by spirit of alcohol.  The devil has no respect for your qualification or wealth.

What she need is a simple command that will cast out the spirit of drunkenness from her.  How can a Judge be so tormented with drunkenness that an alcohol monitoring device has to be attached to her body?

It is wisdom to know what to do at the right time, when you are in trouble.

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