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CONFESSION ......I Love s*x So Much, I Prefer It To Food

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A reporter got more than he bargained for at the Elegushi beach in the Victoria Island area of Lagos as he engaged a lady in a discussion.

To his disbelief the 26 years old lady, identified as Ella, boldly told the reporter that she loves s*x so much so that she enjoys it more than real food.

“See, I don’t need money from any guy. All I want is good, hot s*x! But the problem I have with most of you guys is that you are not bold enough to ask a girl you just met for s*x even though you all want it. 

The lady, whose ID revealed she is a marketer with a new generation bank, revealed that she likes going to the beach every evening to have a good rest and seek for men.

As if that was not enough, Ella threw the bombshell “I have s*x with my boss every day in his office, the chauffeur too every evening, but they can’t satisfy me at all.

She also acknowledged the fact that many would think it is abnormal, but she insisted that making love DAILY is good for her as she is now addicted to it.

FIRE:   This is a stubborn Marine spirit at work in the life of this person.  Jesus Christ will set her free if she is ready to be set free.  She must realize that it is not normal and I am afraid her next level may see her sinking deeper into prostitution and all sorts of filthiness. 

My kind advice to people with this kind of problem is to give their heart to Jesus Christ and dutifully study the word of God every day.  They should be actively involved in weekly church activities to avoid being alone at home, while at the same time learning daily from established believers in the church.

Then, go for deliverance and embrace holy and disciplined living, without which she may never be able to maintain her deliverance.

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