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CHRISTIAN COURTSHIP (IN PICTURES?).......Finally, I caught him!

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Hadjia - Make sure......you will respect Sani for ever!

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The Obamas are DISQUALIFIED!

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Sister Gloria........You are welcome!

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Beloved - Selection is based purely on the lady's face expression.  A woman should marry a man she can respect and bow to.  If  your man is not worthy for you to call him your 'King', 'Lord' and 'Sweetheart'.....The marriage will have problem when the man begins to demand the respect of a wife.

Many homes are torn apart by rivalry.  Some women compete with their husbands in all fronts, qualification, finance, connection, and even cooking at home or eating outside.  It is that bad for some folks, and so there is constant argument and disagreement over 'nothing'...and the children are watching.  This is usually the work of the devil, when a door is opened by one of the partners unknowingly, God forbid it for you. 

Take my advice serious:
Please, two 'hard' people should not live together!
The opinion of highly emotional people should be respected.
Highly emotional people cannot stand betrayal, could lead to untimely death!
A godly and submissive woman will win any marital battle.

Sarah called Abraham 'Lord' because of her love and respect for the man. Every daughter of Zion should imitate Sarah...and there will be peace and so much love at home, and your children will call you blessed.

Sunday relaxation for you!


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