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WOMEN............Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy

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Eating healthy foods is only part of pregnancy nutrition and diet. 

It’s equally important to avoid harmful foods and remove them from the diet plan. Understanding what foods to stay away from, during pregnancy can help you make the healthiest selections for you and your baby. Here is the list of foods, which should be avoided during pregnancy.

Daughters of Zion especially are encouraged to avoid alcohol of all kinds, Cigarettes, Cocaine and other hard drugs from Marijuana to other harmful substances classified as drugs.  It is for both mental, physical and spiritual health of your child.  From the bible, women that gave birth to children of destiny were always advised to avoid alcohol and anything that is unclean.

1) Avoid Certain Seafood: Seafood can be a great source of protein and iron and the omega-3 fatty acids present  in many fishes can help to enhance your baby’s brain development. Whereas some sea fishes including shellfish, lobster contain higher levels of mercury that may harm the unborn baby in mother’s womb .The risks from mercury in fish and shellfish depend on the amount of fish and shellfish eaten during the pregnancy period. Mercury is found in abundant quantity in sea water and is turned into methyl mercury in the water. Fishes absorb this methyl mercury as they feed in these waters and thus they become highly toxic. So, pregnant women should always avoid eating certain types of sea fishes, due to their high mercury content.

2) Ensure your Meat and Poultry are fully cooked: During the phase of pregnancy, the drastic changes in your digestion and circulation may often lead to cause bacterial food poisoning. In such circumstances, the baby has a great risk of getting prone to such harmful infections. To prevent such food poisoning, you need to eat fully cooked meats and poultry items. You need to make sure that the meat is cooked at a high temperature of 160 F and kills the harmful bacteria and thus reduce the risk of food poisoning.

3) Avoid Raw or Partially Cooked Eggs: You need to make sure that the eggs are cooked perfectly at a high temperature unless the yolks are solid to prevent the risk of food poisoning or any other harmful diseases. The harmful virus Salmonella causes an infectious food poisoning that is probable to harm your baby and can produce a severe risk of diarrhea and vomiting.Avoid foods that contain raw and undercooked eggs, such as homemade mayonnaise or half boiled eggs.

4) Avoid Coffee and Caffeine Products: Excessive intake of coffee during pregnancy may lead to birth defects of the child. Consuming over 600 mg caffeine per day (over 7 cups coffee) may result in spontaneous abortion, complexity in births and premature birth of the baby.

5) Avoid Alcohol and Liquors: Pregnant mothers who drink alcohol have greater risk of abortion and stillbirth complexity. Excessive alcohol consumption may lead to fetal alcohol syndrome, which can thereby cause facial deformities of the fetus, heart problems and mental retardation of the new born child. Even small intake of alcohol can have a negative effect on your baby’s brain development.

6) Avoid Unwashed Fruits: Pregnant mothers must stay away from unwashed fruits and vegetables. To eliminate any harmful bacteria or viruses, thoroughly wash all raw fruits and vegetables and cut away damaged portions carefully.

7) Avoid Herbal Tea: There are certain ill effects of specific herbs on developing babies. Henceforth, it is advisable to avoid herbal tea during your pregnancy period and stay away from its harmful effects.

8) Avoid Sweets:  Has science found a way to make chocolate better for us?
Consuming artificially sweetened drinks daily while pregnant can lead to an increase in a baby’s weight and a greater chance of early childhood obesity, according to a University of Manitoba study this past May.

Another study from 2013 found that giving into junk food binges during pregnancy could have a lasting impact on developing babies.

Australian researchers said that pregnant moms who feast on meals packed with fat, salt and sugar give birth to babies with an innate craving for junk food.

The reasoning is that because they’re desensitized to the chemical reactions of fat, sugar and salt, they eat more of it to reap the “feel good” response.

Moms-to-be are better off reaching for the naturally sweet stuff  — like fruits, which a recent University of Alberta study claims might even make babies smarter.


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