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Marry a man you can respect........ Duncan-Williams tells singles


One of God's Generals - Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, the founder of the Action Chapel International, Ghana has said that  it is better for women to remain single than  to marry men that they will not respect.

The clergy said this while delivering a sermon on Palm Sunday, 25th March,.

The archbishop stressed that respect is very important in marriages, insisting no marriage will work when mutual respect is absent. “if you are a woman, you don’t respect the man, don’t marry him”, he said.

“Because if you marry him, it won’t work. You can quote all the scriptures in this world and say the two shall be one, it will not work. The need of every man is respect and adoration. You have to adore him: ‘mi wura’, ‘ntse’, my lord,” Archbishop Duncan-Williams said.

Speaking further, he said that if a woman cannot bestow kingly titles upon her husband-to-be, then she’s better off remaining single.

“If you can’t call him ‘mi wura’, ‘ntse’, my lord, don’t marry him, it’s not going to work because men are wired in that way to feel respected, to be adored and to be praised. So, if you are the type, you don’t respect a man and you bring the devil out of him and not the king out of him, don’t marry him,” he warned again.

“If you are dating a man, and you’re always fighting, anytime you talk, fight, anytime you talk, fight; it’s an indication it won’t work because you see, the woman that is your wife, will bring the king out of you, but the woman that is not your wife, will bring the devil out of you”, he added.

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