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I WAS BORN FOR REVIVAL..........And Soul Winning!



I was born into a large christian family, where soul winning was like a passion.  

I joined church group evangelism outreaches even before I knew the Lord and there was no fear of any evil. I remember being told by the leaders then that,  "As soon you leave the house with the bible and tracts in your hand, the Lord will assign angels to protect and guide you".

Many years down the line, that story remains true.  The soul winner is surrounded with protective angels of God as he/she go about preaching, teaching and sharing tracts.  That does not remove the wisdom and precaution that is required in today's complex and unbelieving world. 

Even in the safest of places, going out in twos or more is better than going to witness alone. Choosing people of your sex to speak to is more effective than the opposite sex and soul winners knows that every soul counts - so, please disregard appearance!

I grew up to know the Lord later in Life and surrendered my heart to Him in a Baptist church - Good News Baptist Church in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. I served the Lord in Baptist for many years, becoming the leader of Missions and Evangelism of the church.  This was also very memorable as I led several church planting missions leading to the establishment of Good Shepherd and Good Heritage Baptist Church branches in Lagos.

I left Baptist church for Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministry, where I spent many years praying for the Regional Overseer and church programmes as a member of the "Storm Breaker" Prayer Team.

Academic and Career life

I studied Economics in the University and with time qualified as a chartered Accountant and chartered Banker, a CISA certified systems Auditor and financial Advisory expert trading on stock and shares, a skill that has taken me into trading on Cryptocurrencies.

Living God Charismatic Revival Ministry:

By 2011, the Lord asked me to evangelize a large area which led to the establishment of Living God Charismatic Revival Ministry.

While I was doing that, the Lord told me to stop praying for myself and begin to intercede for others.  It was in the process of time, while Living God started to grow that the Prophetic gifts began to manifest in my ministry, an Evangelist and man of faith.

The need to spread the knowledge of God and our Lord Jesus Christ to the multitude of people in the world today, who have bought wrong ideas about salvation is a major motivation for us.  

We have a duty to tell the world the good News of Jesus Christ, why He came and what He did for all of us and how to serve the Lord acceptably.

Praying and spiritual warfare is an area each christian should know what to do.  Believers need to have spiritual authority to be able to stand against the devil.  Whether you desire church growth, healing or holiness among church members, it is settled on the alter of prayers.  Infact, you can single handedly win a city to Christ on your knees. I pray and I teach people how to pray effectively.

The outpouring of the Spirit of God has continued to encourage me. I have witnessed and heard awesome testimonies of God's doing in the area of healing, deliverance, salvation etc and I am thankful. 


I am married with three young children, two boys and a girl.  I and my family, Fireinthebone and Living God Charismatic Revival Ministry have decided to commit ourselves to the cause of reaching a generation of people with the sweet story of our Lord Jesus Christ and empower them to live a holy and faith filled life in Christ.

Support us today and together our names will make the Lamb's Book of Life.


You can contact Evangelist Chinedu O. Agorson for speaking engagements, revival, crusades and church planting activities on the following address.
1. cagorson@yahoo.com
2. fireintheboneng@gmail.com

Sow your seed of any amount into the following bank Accounts:

Bank Information:                               

1. Guaranty Trust Bank, Abuja - Nigeria
Account Name:  Living God Charismatic Revival Ministry
Account No:       0111133261

2. Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria
Account Number:   0000359922

Beneficiary Bank a/c 3582088704001

3. Zenith Bank Nigeria Plc
    Account No. 2000252670
Contact us at Fireinthebone.com

Email:  -  fireintheboneng@gmail.com


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