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Daystar......Begins Saturday worship services


In what many will consider innovative, Daystar Christian Centre Lagos has commenced worship services on Saturdays.

Most churches, except the Sabbath-inclined ones, in the nation hold services on Sundays.

Daystar Christian Centre currently holds four worship services on Sundays.

The church headed by Sam & Nike Adeyemi said its Saturday worship service would hold from 6pm-7:30pm.

The inaugural service is slated for Saturday, April 7 at the church’s ultra-modern auditorium on PLOT A3C Ikosi Road, Oregun Ikeja Lagos.

Explaining the rationale behind the additional service schedule, the Chief Operating Officer of the church, Pastor Kenny Folarin, said it was to offer those who cannot make Sunday service owing to work or other demands.

Folarin, in a statement, said: “In a mega-city like Lagos, where many people would love to be in church on Sundays but for unusual schedules and work demands, our Saturday worship service offers that unique privilege to worship God while you attend to work or other things on Sunday.

“For our regular and prospective members, this also presents the opportunity for easy parking space which may be an issue on an average Sunday worship service.”

He added that there would be no issues with meeting on Saturdays because “In God’s presence all days are the same with His favours and blessings.

“Worshippers can now have options of attending based on their schedules and preferences.

FIRE:   Champion Royal Assembly in Abuja also, moved their mid-week service from Wednesday to Saturday since last year.  

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