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Trust God

Worshipping Him........Wearing this to Church - NO, Not so please!

Image result for tight and skimpy attires not good for church

Image result for skimpy attires not good for church

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Related image

Image result for thight and skimpy attires not good for church
No, Don't come to church like this!

Brethren, the times are evil.  Dresses like these are not ideal for any outing at all, talk less of going to Church, the house of God.

I want you to remember that evil will increase and it will not stop till Christ comes. The End-Time spirit of seduction and lust is leading many astray already and watering the fire of God in the lives of children of God.

The fire of God in you will not go down.  I pray that your faith will not fail also.

Let nothing take you out of faith - No, Not poverty, barrenness, joblessness, sickness, spiritual attacks, fear and any other arrow of the enemy.  Please increase your prayer and hardworking, knowing that God will sure help you.

All of you reading this piece and every fireinthebone writeup, God will increase His grace upon your lives.  Your fire will not go down.  If you are unable to pray these days and you need your prayer fire to be restored, we  are standing together with you and God will revive you. 

Please remain connected to Fireinthebone.


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