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SINGLE MOMS.......PANDEMIC WITHOUT VACCINE - Pornography debasing humanity!

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Pornography is by far the most sought after materials on the internet today. It has become so rampant in the world today more than any other time in history. The devil has succeed in perverting sex, a good and desirable thing created by God for the enjoyment of the man and woman in marriage and turn it to a show of mockery. 

Sex has become an open show in the clubs. Parties, among strangers in open air. Satan has released wicked spirit of lust to possess people and push them to question why they cannot make love in public places.

The devil has also possessed millions of men and women worldwide who do not care about the damage to the society of their pornographic activities. All that matters to them is the money that flow into their accounts. The actors themselves are busy advertising their body and asking their victim to book for their services, so you have men and women of all age bracket from the teens to Grannies who have covenanted with Satan and pay allegiance to the Queen of the Coast to debase and destroy mankind and sent millions to hell fire.

Because of the sinful nature of man, the addictive nature of pornography cannot be underestimated. Man is naturally drawn to the opposite sex. the eyes delights in seeing whatever the mind thinks is not right and the flesh inside us (the old man) loves to see and enjoy pleasure.

A pornographic clip therefore becomes the kicker to the enjoyment the flesh wants to see. Naked pictures and video clips of beautiful women and handsome men are too difficult a temptation for a canal person to resist if the Word of God is not dwelling inside of him or her.

For the men, the lust starts from the eyes, which sees the naked pictures and clips. This picture is then "cultured" in the laboratory of the heart through meditation until the heart begins to see mental pictures of sex movies you can ever imagine. Sometimes the devil will show you strange pictures in order to retain that evil thought in your mind.. You will begin to lust after beautiful women you see in the street, wishing they could be yours - terrible hmnnn. 

After lusting for these women in your heart for long (the devil sustaining it), the flesh or your body begin to seek action. You have transited to lust of the flesh. The flesh will convince you that the excitement is worth seeing and that having real fun will do you good. After all, you have been without a woman for months. This is the devil speaking to you!

If you are not careful to command that 'demon' out of your life before this point, you heading for a 'fall'.  This has caused many single ladies to fall cheap to men. A woman confesed she almost fell to a 'bad' boy, who observed she was lonely and then kept complimenting her and coming closer and closer to her.  This sister of zion was weak to rebuke him until God I hope helped here to ask the guy to keep off her.  When you allow lustful thoughts and imaginations to stay in your heart for long, it becomes a challenge.

Mr  flesh will then push you to go and see the picture again and what really happened in that picture, or video clip or CD you sighted in the beginning.  Once you succumb to that evil voice of Lucifer, your behaviour towards the opposite sex may be difficult to determine.  

You must gather courage to repent of your sin of lust of the heart, and say NO to every evil thought that comes into your heart thereafter.  Know that you must command the demon of lust tormenting you with useless thoughts to get out of your life and enter the abysee.  Bind the demon in the name of Jesus and command it to enter the bottomless pit and be chained there and you make sure you don't go back to the picture again - Such a picture or CD is an instrument of the devil and it is demon possessed.

If this simple advice is ignored, then 'Mr' flesh will succeed in stretching you to the full and during this time, the devil will make sure the Word of God will not enter your spirit to interrupt you. That person finds it difficult to study the word of God during this time of demonic seige and so if you are not lucky as a single man you may fall into sin...all these trouble is due to evil picture your eyes saw!

This process is played back to the mind to keep the person addicted and unstable spiritually. Pornography is lusting after the opposite sex in the heart, a sinful act mentioned in Matt 5:28. In 1John 2:16, the bible says the motion and tension pornography bring to bear on people are not of the Father, but of the world, so you have the right and authority to resist it with the Word of God and prayer.

The good news is that not everyone that sees porn will become addicted to it. Some will get away with shock and unbelief; others will have strange ideas about women and sex. For instance some people after seeing it thinks women are worthless, only good when a man want to "do spot". Others will think that marriage is not worth it if a woman can dehumanize themselves as they do in pornographic clips. These are altogether unhealthy thoughts for a godly society.

Those who become addicted have some existing emotional challenges that will allow the demon of lust to take root.  The bible said if you sow unto the flesh, you reap corruption. if you acquire naked picture if women and hang in your room, you welcome the demon of lust and soon, you will start lusting after women, masturbating and watching porn. If as a lady, you're greedy for money, you will end up in prostitution and you will be forced to do  things that are not convenient. If you notice unusually urge for sex or evil voice telling you to misbehave, you should urgently seek help from genuine men of God, close confidants, else the devil can easily put you in bondage.

The spirit of lust is a difficult spirit to cast away in deliverance. You can cast it away, but if the Word of God is not living in that life, and if such a person is not ready to live a holy life, merely seeing a seductively dressed woman  or a naked picture can trigger up lust again. This is why believers must flee nakedness in all its form. The enemy is releasing naked pictures and clips of people... as though to suggest that nakedness is normal. NO. Its a trap of the enemy. Hear me beloved; until you overcome lust and its motions, you can hardly be pure in heart. And you know also that the pure in heart shall see God, so try your best to avoid naked pictures and associated exposures.

Child of God, flee from anything naked for heaven sake.  I was in a religious camp many years ago, when all of a sudden; the devil took hold of a woman early in the morning when we were hurrying to bath. She took a bucket of water and came to the centre of the bathing area, removed her wrapper and started bathing naked right there before our very eyes. That misconduct caused ripples in the heart of men that day in the camp. Nakedness has an arresting power on even the elect, avoid it.

Pornography is today the number 1 addiction in the USA and indeed the world. This pandemic tears people and relationships apart.  Many have died watching porn, others have crashed their cars while watching porno while driving. With sophistication in communication and with internet on the phones, it is now readily available for free, accessible and still anonymous. People in high and low places assess the illicit sexual materials in the confined of their cars, houses, and during night hours without being discovered, but with great consequences of being addicted to watching pornography and loosing their salvation and heaven.

Many people are today suffering the emotional shame of being a child of God in the church and being a porn addict at home. Many cannot bear it and so they are withdrawing from church activities because of guilty conscience.

Some people reading this piece will wonder why it is a Prophet of God that is writing about pornography. Why should we not find the way out of this deadly trap of Satan, which nobody is ready to address. Secret sins are difficult to uproot, once they have taken root, but God will help any of you suffering this problem in Jesus name. Many have given their heart to Jesus, yet  this lustful habits refuse to go because it is a sin of the heart.

This is the terrible worldwide pandemic that has no vaccine, the world Health Organization, USAIDS etc are not even interested in handling it to help humanity. In fact, it could even be going on right in their offices around the world and destroying marriages, children and the women folk. Meanwhile, check out the social problems this pandemic is causing worldwide. The pandemic called pornography is responsible for:

1. Rise in rape cases around the world.
2. Rise in cases of sexually transmitted diseases, rise in.
3. Rise in prostitution and all manner of illicit behaviour
4. Rise in child pornography
5. Rise in office romance
6. Rise in cases of infidelity which is ravaging homes.
7. Rise in separation and divorce cases in marriage

As Christians, the danger of pornography is grave.  It is capable of making millions finish their race in hell fire. It is one of the traps of Satan to hinder spiritual growth and progress of a child of God. It makes their victim spiritually unstable as they continue to repent everyday of the same sin. over time, it becomes difficult for them  to pray to God and exercise spiritual authority over the devil as a child of God.

It brings the feeling of guilt on the child of God, who is born again and probably speaking in tongues, yet the problem persists. Let me assure people passing through this problem that there is solution in Christ Jesus.

Pornography cast aspersions on the kingdom services of a child of God. They are seen as being committed to the work of God, but in the realm of the spirit, their work is not accepted. Once our services are not accepted, our prayers would also not be accepted for the prayer of a sinner is an abomination before God. The brother or sister in question becomes vulnerable to attack and affliction from the pit of hell. Secret sins like masturbation, watching pornography, lusting for the opposite sex  are traps of the enemy to nullify the services of careless children of the kingdom. 

It is also used in putting such believers in bondage.  A story is told of a committed lady in the choir of a church who died in her sleep and when her room was broken into, it was found out that she was masturbating with a vibrator and the vibrating machine was still working, while she had passed on. The enemy wasted her service in the house of God through masturbation.

We are in the era of seduction mentioned in the bible. It will be so strong that even the very elect will struggle to escape, we are approaching that period. The elect and the church of Christ must stand up against act or behaviour that pollutes the environment and the church. All seductive appearance must be openly rebuked; compromising positions in and outside the church should be rebuked. All forms of naked appearances to please self and "belong" to the happening babes class should be rebuked openly in the church of God.


1. Acknowledge you have a problem and ask for God's help. Don't justify yourself on any ground.
2. Recognize it for what it is  - a sin
3. Accept your self-will cannot deliver you.
4. Repent and ask God to forgive you
5. Destroy every naked pictures and materials around you
6. Guide your eyes and your heart. Do not meditate on evil thwings, only meditate on good and pure things.
7. Bind and cast out every evil thought that comes into your mind. Know that such thoughts come to all men, so it is your duty to cast it out. 
8. Avoid browsing the internet when you are alone or at night when all are sleeping
9. Take your eyes off the opposite sex except your own wife. Don't meditate on the beauty of any woman in your heart.
10. Take your mind and thought away from sex. Avoid corrupt jokes and worldly song. Pursue the Word of God, to study and meditate on it daily.
11. Get actively involved in church group activities to utilize your spare times/hours.
12. Pursue after righteousness and meditate on God's love and purpose for your life.
13. After repentance, plan to do something big for God.


If you have not given your heart to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ before, remember JESUS CHRIST is coming back again, and very soon, so permit me to lead you to Christ through this simple prayer:



If you are sick or afflicted in any way, feel free to email your prayer request to us and you be glad you did.

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