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FIREINTHEBONE Anointing Oil - Living God Charismatic Revival Ministry


Brief History of

Fireinthebone Anointing Oil has been prayed upon by God's servant Prophet Chinedu Agorson, an Evangelist according to divine direction and it is hereby released as a YOKE BREAKER - For Jesus Christ is the healer, deliverer, restorer and yoke breaker. Here's the history of the anointing oil for you!

Several years ago I was climbing the stare-case to go up to a prayer room, when the Lord spoke to me and said “Are you still praying for yourself? -  I have already taken care of your needs, start praying for others".

Initially, I was honestly confused because I had a lot of burden in my heart that day to pray to God about and there was no visible signs then that God had taken care of my own needs. But few years down the road, I can confirm the word of God I heard that day to be true for my life – For everything I have need of, the Lord has always provided them.

That instruction from the Almighty God enrolled me into the intercessory ministry and I have been praying for souls and for the sick, people oppressed, people in trouble, people suffering injustice, those in Prison, people battling with poverty and profitless hardwork etc

I have continued to interceed for people in diverse challenges with success, as the Healer Jesus Christ has been faithful and through prayers, many baren women have conceived their babies and deliver them safely, many pregnant women with abridged baby condition have delivered without CS.

Through prayer many people kidnapped for ritual and ransom purposes has been released with paying anything.


Recently, this 2018 to be precise, many times when I get to the mountain for prayers, the Lord will ask me “where is your oil” and also at home when I kneel to pray, sometimes the Lord will also ask me “Where is your oil”…then I inquired to know what God was telling me about the anointing oil. 

That was when I knew that it is for grace transfer, so that Partners of Fireinthebone and others who are passing challenging situation can have sweatless breakthrough.

I have continued to pray because the devil is not slowing down. He fought Jesus from his birth till He left the earth to heaven and Jesus, our Lord and Saviour did not stop praying till He left the earth. So this Oil is here for you, who need divine intervention, you that need God's mercy that triumph over the judgement of the enemy. You that need the grace of God, Know that God is faithful!

The Prophetic Oil of Healing and deliverance is for people facing spiritual attacks, spiritual hinderance, foundational problem and those being tormented by the strongmen or women who have stopped the progress of many in the spirit, leaving them to suffer in the physical.

The Good Success Oil is for favour, great blessings, financial favour and breakthrough, open doors in business, employment, marriage and every other area of life where you need divine intervention.  Financial and material favour, Contract and Employment breakthrough will be the lot of people that will use this Prophetic Oil.

The Oil is for Partners and others for a love seed of $15 or more…

                                                                 USD               NAIRA
Healing and Deliverance prophetic  Oil         $15              N3,000  

Good Success Prophetic Oil                          $15              N3,000

Bank Details:

1. Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria
Beneficiary Bank a/c 3582088704001
Swift Address SCBLNGLAPYT  

Customer Details:

Account Number:   0000359922
Beneficiary: Chinedu O. Agorson               USD             NAIRA             

2. Zenith Bank Nigeria Plc
    Account No. 2000252670
    Beneficiary:  Chinedu O. Agorson        N/A                   Naira 

3. Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, Abuja

    Account Name:  Living God Charismatic Revival Ministry
    Account No:       0111133261                 N/A              Naira

Please email your payment details to us with your mailing address, where the Prophetic oil will be sent to.


Email us at:  Fireintheboneng@gmail.com or cagorson@yahoo.com



Be Blessed

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