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Catholic Bishops of Nigeria (CBCN), lampoons Gov. Bello....For Insulting them!

yahaya bello - What we will do to Bello for insulting us - Catholic Bishops

The Catholic Bishops of Nigeria (CBCN), on Sunday, lampooned the governor of Kogi state for attacking the organization after its visit to President Buhari.

The Bishops expressed their displeasure with the state of the nation to Buhari at the meeting, citing Bad governance and imbalance in the system.

Bello, on the other hand, after a juma’at service on Friday in Aso rock, spoke to state house correspondents about the bishops, saying that they were angry because sources of free money had been blocked by the government.

Reacting to Bello’s comments, the CBCN President and Archbishop of Jos, Ignatius Kaigama, said millions of Catholic members would deal with Bello.

“I don’t even want to dignify that reckless accusation with an answer. If the president met us, understood us and was courteous to us, why will a governor come up with such generalisation, a very wild generalisation, and rubbished everyone?

Let our people deal with him, and we have millions of our people to tackle the governor. I don’t think any bishop will comment on such statement that has no prudence.”

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